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Dec 2020 · 213
An evening not felt enough
Sourodeep Dec 2020
I have grown to be unknown
invisible like the dew
hiding behind buildings
and gliding through passages.
My charm is as un-noticed
as the workshop apprentice,
my words unheard, voice absurd
to the premeditated busy man
briskly moving through the crowd.
I myself collate my actions,
but for anyone to give a deeper glance
well I just leave that upto chance.
Jun 2020 · 196
The small space of mine
Sourodeep Jun 2020
A small space of mine,
a sweet four square feet,
I fold a chair just fine.
My mind flies over the lake,
which reflects the morning rays
I hear the calls of cranes,
adding tranquility for calmness sake.

In my balcony ,
three pots of plants
with colorful smiles,
give me silent company,
gentle fragrance of love,
spreading freshness for happiness' sake.

I sip my coffee,
the green, blue and orange,
help gulp down my bitterness
and let out a breath of hope,
subduing pain for today's sake.

no words uttered, no song sung,
just a dose of nature,
through the small space of mine,
helps restore my love so amateur,
and for my days to shine.
May 2020 · 145
The professional devil
Sourodeep May 2020
A suit behind the door
a mask in front of the mirror
turns frowns into smile's galore
sweet smell of the devil's horror

A tight buttoned cuff
a neat knotted tie
polished words are so tough
that truth is worse than the lie

A pair of shiny boots
a clean shaven face
civilization cut off from its roots
devils are now applauded with grace.
Professionalism is the necessary evil
its protagonists turned into devils.

Laugh you idiot !
May 2020 · 150
Grilling Chicken
Sourodeep May 2020
The necessary evil,
like the brakes on my bike
this lockdown is now what
I hate to dislike.

Though life is a stanstill
lockdown roasts me slowly
I try to take things easy
and prefer the chicken to grill.
Tried the slow grilled chicken today !
Little happiness in these gloomy times.
Apr 2020 · 208
Dream to sleep
Sourodeep Apr 2020
I lied down last night
closed my eyes
it was a terrible sight
snakes flying high
and clouds sinking deep
I could not
understand why
my world seemed upside down
though I knew
it was the same
for someone else.

why me, why me
why she could not see

In bed I turned on both sides
but my dreams could not fit
though the mattress was wide.

Some love not given, some shown too soon
can I get back there and amend,
at least in my head I will be clear,
for when I made lunch for that special friend,
it was already dark before noon.

If only, I could catch the bus again
get down at that stop, pass that very lane
below the tank we could meet,
see you once more,
and then,
fall back to my eternal sleep.
Apr 2020 · 648
Musings of a lonely soul
Sourodeep Apr 2020
Above this cloud of madness
flows a gentle cool breeze
drifting  away all the sadness
striped butterflies flapping at ease

sound of the waves are heard
once suppressed by the chaos
rhythmic crashing no longer weird
silent therapy broken by the gentle dose

If only one drowns deep can one taste
the salt can be the much needed sweet
where there is no emotion to waste
and only generous soul to greet.
More lonely writing sitting by the window.
Apr 2020 · 126
Focussed Falcon
Sourodeep Apr 2020
Poised in his eager stance
he eyes his scared prey
undergo a jittery dance
Apr 2020 · 152
Love at the time of Corona
Sourodeep Apr 2020
She pinged him in the morning,
excited to relay her dream
they had met last night
over coffee and whipped cream
His smile could not be contained
within the mobile screen
while just twelve hours had passed
he texted her how long it had been
The couch looks so depressed
pillow flatter than ever before,
empty bowls of food lined up in front
late night love talks keep eyes sore
She did not care about her top and hair,
wearing a smile was just enough
the excitement of a video call
made both look lovely, although rough.
They chatted and took it slow
having all the time to let love grow
and just keep going with the flow.
Sourodeep Mar 2020
The alarm wakes me up at seven,
I get ready to face another day,
with nowhere to go even
the whole day at first seems grey

But birds peep through the windows,
worried about the change in norm,
as the world goes through it's lows
I stay indoors during the invisible storm.

A sweet boredom clouds my mind
to maintain my sanity
I travel to any tranquil place I find
in my head and away from earth's gravity

I write, I paint, to go out I refrain
I hear the birds chirp, from my window ajar
I count the twinkles of that lonely star
I observe things I earlier looked in disdain

I try to pluck words from the new garden
where plants imbibe love of the sun
undisturbed, attended only by its own brethren
and my scattered thoughts do not cast shadows
while I watch another sunset at the horizon.
Penning some thoughts after a long time now that my mind needs some exercise more than anything else.
Nov 2019 · 289
At the beach today
Sourodeep Nov 2019
The clouds seem distraught
torn apart by sunbeams
scattered all over my world
with happiness
only peeking from cracks
as the sour sun sets
on the blurred horizon
abstract cloud patterns
gives me laughs
at some corners
mixed with sweet satire
and a friendly whack
on my lazy ***.
Oct 2019 · 289
Sourodeep Oct 2019
Why the frown,

wearing the angry grown

what goes around comes around

with deepened scars

and hatred more profound
Oct 2019 · 200
Shining hope
Sourodeep Oct 2019
Hope made her eyes glistening
like behind clouds silver lining.
Oct 2019 · 186
Wild pets in my den
Sourodeep Oct 2019
I moved here
found a place to stay
no ground here
just a view over
lofty terrace.
I can see the filthy
lake behind from
my window, filled
by stinky drains
But I got some green in me
bought some plants,
placed them in
colorful pots.
Some are on the floor
some sit on my centre table
A couple just beside the door
now the weather seems bearable.

The wild has become pets in my den
but I wonder when I can set them free
back to their home in the open.
What a reversal of natural beings we humans have caused now. We need to plant more trees in our cities for a better future
Oct 2019 · 241
Hope remains
Sourodeep Oct 2019
Rhythms and beats touch our hearts,
music turns us into believers
as it helps us bear the everyday pain,
In the song we find our prayers,
and the hope remains...
The festival of Durga Puja in India, where we worship the goddess Durga as embodiment of power destroying evil. Hope we are also able to overcome all evil from our world too.
Sep 2019 · 266
Things we do to live on.
Sourodeep Sep 2019
I jumped a foot high
but did not like
what caught my eye.
There were two poles
a thick rope tied,
an uncanny beat being played
by a skinny man on the left side.

I jumped again,
this time I looked right
and sunk low by the sight
A pretty young girl
tying her hope tight,
getting ready to walk
on that thick rope.

Now I needed no jumping
the act was already up high
as the crowd let out a sigh
as the girl did all balancing.

The bread hard earned,
life is always on the edge
silently I have learned
deep inside we might all be
just on the same page.
Walking on my way back home after a tough day I saw this performance in the street, kept pondering whole night about what life means to different people
Aug 2019 · 488
The Trapped cloud
Sourodeep Aug 2019
Can you move
make them appear
and disappear
Out of my sight

Can you push
the trapped cloud
between the hills
and make it rain
to ease my pain

Alas !
things that you could do
are now out of my view
remains of what matter
are only random chatter !

but still in my lonely heart.
you seem to fit all right

but still through my teary eyes
the trapped cloud looks all right.
Aug 2019 · 384
For our little earth
Sourodeep Aug 2019
For the purity to blow
For the neatness to flow
For all the clarity to glow,

Lets sow more love
Lets pour more kindness
Lets wipe out all tears.

        All the beauty is here
         it is in our hands
        we can creat smiles
        we can bring near
        the better tomorrow
               for all of us !
Jan 2019 · 276
Sourodeep Jan 2019
Bang on the wall
thoughts got stuck
after another painful fall,
she just ran out of luck.
Dec 2018 · 395
To make love. . .
Sourodeep Dec 2018
Let the light shine above,
let it foray its way in the dark.
For you and me to make love
trees have to grow in the park...

Let the water flow through
let it find its way out of trouble
For us to remain true,
the flowing water has to burble...
Sourodeep Dec 2018
Build my dreams,
    soak my fear,
drift away to the unknown
far, yet so near.

Naive thoughts gather,
  above the mountains,
and shower down with vigor,
melting all our hard pains.

Giving shape to my emotions
making the world appear bright,
a trip to the heaven and back,
my imaginations taking flight.

            Captured by the mystery
            of its unknown sources.
           Mesmerized by the beauty,
            of its short-lived form.
         I try to follow its path,
           of which there is no norm.
         Only randomness everywhere,
           nature's order in the chaos below.
#clouds #flyaway #unknown
Oct 2018 · 139
The Vase . . .
Sourodeep Oct 2018
The sense of it,
falling leaves on bare shoulders
while on the bench I sit, and see,
through leaves sunlight creates wonders.
Nothing seems to pass
time, wind, momentary stillness,
******* out life, creating
emptiness inside a beautiful vase.
The splendid vase reminds me
the life that could have been,
not the hollowness which I now see
its been a long while
since the time when I was not greedy,
changing the water and trimming
orchid sticks made me ... smile
Glad I have resumed writing again. Feels like ages have past since feelings were penned.
Oct 2018 · 234
A song once sung
Sourodeep Oct 2018
A surreal landscape,
A elegant bend of the river,
A small pebble taking shape
For us its now or never.

A song once sung
By the chirpy sparrow,
The grass where we belong
Now captured by the hollow.

Somewhere far away
Few words get scribbled
Few tunes get murmured,
Wrinkled faces prayed
But on the yellow sky,
The sun faded and faded...
Feb 2018 · 536
All over again...
Sourodeep Feb 2018
Up for grabs, a shattered heart
after each time tells with a sigh
pain lies in that crucial part
when eyes meet and says *"hi"
Hi everyone :)
Jan 2018 · 420
Sourodeep Jan 2018
Bending roads beckons me
through trees' trepid shadows
Beyond the clouds, heaven calls me
while the sky swallows my sorrows.
I just love hitting the road again and again, get a strong feeling of belonging
Jan 2018 · 947
The perplexed traveler
Sourodeep Jan 2018
Trying to look beyond the horizon
I ended up in maze,
unable to find my way
though amazed
by the way the earth and sky
keeps to unfold, revealing
new clouds, trees and mountains.

Mystery beckons the curious soul,
as the story gradually unfolds,
instances weave to build a tale
quenches as well as increases the thirst,
and new realizations turn me pale.

So many people, so many words
So much music so many chords
but it is still one me
and one life to see.
How can we soak in everything we experience in our lifetime.
Jan 2018 · 547
The tree still stands tall
Sourodeep Jan 2018
Wrapped in white heavy snow
the tree still stands tall
bearing the weight of the season
it will endure and not fall.

The wind freezes the soul
sun shies away below the horizon
all animals gone, hidden in some hole
green becomes a shade only in a dream.

The day will come when once again
the squirrel will chase up the bark
leaves will rustle in gentle breeze
and kids will fill up the park.

Once again a tired traveler
will find shelter in it's shadow
the tree will again rise and glow
and reward the hungry for their endeavor.

The snow has stopped us all,
but the warmth is close by
when the world will be in motion
and for that fine day
the tree still stands tall
*it will endure and not fall
For a special someone who has to endure a season :)
Jan 2018 · 260
Colors of uncertainty
Sourodeep Jan 2018
Play of colors
by nature
seldom happens in transition
of one hue to another.
Every feature
has a distinct shade
from the brown soil
the clear blue river
to grass's green shiny blade.
The chaos of colors
amalgamate into a tune
forming a melody
a raga of fortune.
Wind blows away
the sand that never settled
new paths made and broken
where the sky meets the sand dune.
When the leaf loses its charm,
and falls on the earthy ground
creates ways for travelers to follow
a path filled with uncertainty
with an attitude never so yellow.
Nov 2017 · 910
Of Rain and Love...
Sourodeep Nov 2017
A glimpse of you
in the shadow of light,
muddy soaked up leaves
becoming the road's delight.

The softened soil
reminds your touch,
your slow grip
soothing as such.

In the surrounding mist
my eyes search for you,
the heart beats love
dreaming of us
warm in this rain...
painting a lovely view.

The clouds bring to me
your love from far away,
all I feel and see,
your presence near me
*entire night and day !
Sep 2017 · 589
Sourodeep Sep 2017
Head* turning back away,
a bird flies past the last ray,
But when I wake up beside you
all my worries gets washed away.
Over a lake filled with tranquility
Wings glide glorifying the sanctity,
Like I have held you close
Trapped in your face’s bright ubiquity.
Heels just touching the floor,
On top of hill, it silently soars
Like when we kiss, my love,
My heart keeps craving for more.

For the lush green to grow,
a healthy seed we hopefully sow,
as your smile when you look at me
always lifts my mood when I am low.
You hold my hand to ease my pain
Giving me a lifetime of gain,
All I can say while I hug you tight
Our deeds will never go in vain.
After a long time writing a few lines for my love...
Jun 2017 · 559
Nature's ploy
Sourodeep Jun 2017
Rustled leaves,
swaying flowers
spreading fragrance
of melancholy lovers.

Gleaming sunshine,
illuminating minds
evaporating sorrows
of ignorant mankind.

The ups and downs,
scintillating snares
fueling the soul
of frantic prayers.
A long long time since I wrote, seems I am losing my mind.
Pursuing a hectic post graduation has its trade offs. Hope to read all the amazing stuff posted by all of you here slowly.
Nov 2016 · 881
Sourodeep Nov 2016
Mind has grown
facing challenges
of others and my own.
Happiness diffuses
through the smoke
and peace refuses to
reside within me.
I have lived less, to
others it may seem
but my body is tired
by just the mid day
sun's scorching beam.
Where is the cool evening
I scream and scream
for I want this body
to take rest and breath.
Waiting for my lovely night
when I can smile and
be lost in sweet dreams.
Oct 2016 · 1.2k
Sourodeep Oct 2016
Imaginations clouding my mind
with what beauty lies inside
only a glimpse I can see
through the window by the tree

The size and scale I cannot determine
shadows from lamps dance in line
between the broken wooden frame
from my side each shadow looks the same

Story concealed by a wavy curtain
about the truth I cannot be so certain
In my mind images shape up and grow
while my heart lies in just the beautiful shadow
Every story we hear might not be true, a curtain might be shaping the shadow for us.
Oct 2016 · 762
Sourodeep Oct 2016
Away, I am
from this blank page.
filled with an unknown
undefined rage.
Hatred inside grown
against whom
I cannot comprehend.

Looking for excuses,
drawing away from reality
spitting out curses
on the face of fake charity.

With love for green
I have traveled to places,
upon meeting people
I have not seen
happiness in their faces.

The tune still rings
inside my ***** head.
When will my dreams
grow the wings
needed to fly before
these eyes become dead.
Poems have become a satire to my own self.
Oct 2016 · 625
Sunday Evening...
Sourodeep Oct 2016
A lovely breeze flows
through my half open windows.
I stand by the grill,
pretend to have strong will,
to stay in my senses,
to stay alive in coming darkness

It has been long,
I hear echo of that dull song
while I still stand by the grill
and let time fill
the emptiness within me.

Walking on the roads,
I pass shops and bill boards
selling happiness in everything
as though items can bring
back contentment to you,
replace the warmth of a lost soul
with an object cold and new.

I have failed over a hundred times
took the wrong turn after a long mile,
tried to make way after dead ends,
always trying for that smooth bend.

I feel today,
I need to make a new way.
I am that same soul
with an old habit of setting new goal,
with a heavy heart,
with an anxious mind
plan a new beginning
on this lonely Sunday evening.
Some random directionless thoughts, never know what to get out of these.
Sep 2016 · 773
Muddled up
Sourodeep Sep 2016
Up from the sky you fell
which made me happy or sad
the truth is what no one can tell

I wanted diamonds from a well
upon digging did I get a better life
the truth is what no one can tell

Expectations as bait rings a bell
is my deed indeed the hidden treasure
the truth is what no one can tell.
Just a thought ... cheers !
Sep 2016 · 7.7k
Sourodeep Sep 2016
Scratching for quite some time
on this blank white page,
my emotions flow
shine and glow
till the emptiness
imbibes my thoughts
like raindrops after a **drought.
I love fountain ink pens :)
Sep 2016 · 354
Sourodeep Sep 2016
Hope never dies
in this land of chaos
truth floats over lies
all you need is a stir
and a heart that's wise

A jolly smile and beady eyes,
pitcher and crunchy fries,
in this tipsy walk of life
with friends it is always cheers
down to the last mug of beer.
I am sorry I was not active here. Missed reading wonderful poems you all wrote, I hope I can catch up now :) :)
Cheers my friends !!
Jun 2016 · 965
Though my eyes burn...
Sourodeep Jun 2016
Up and down the road again,
following the twists and turns
in hope to achieve and gain
I ride on though my eyes burn

My hopes painted inside my mind
where in loops past and future runs
behind the clouds my star shines
I look through it though my eyes burn

I had held too many I could pocket,
now tell less tales, became a taciturn,
hanged those round my neck in a small locket,
I keep quite though my eyes burn

The storm has done damages enough
from the winds and waves I learned
even small ships can deal with the rough
I clean the deck *though my eyes burn
we have got enough inside us to deal with our troubles,
we can build our road, breaking rocks into pebbles.

Haha .... cheers !
May 2016 · 522
Untitled rage.
Sourodeep May 2016
The hot air blows me dry
even the sweat disappears,
to be cool how hard I try
but the fire seems to reappear
When nature is throwing heat waves like tantrums,

Is it cool to be hot-headed in this blazing summer ?
May 2016 · 555
Youth for tomorrow.
Sourodeep May 2016
In the rise and fall of concrete
where air and water depletes,
emotions grow strong
surrounded by walls, they belong
to a few beating hearts
with love and compassion
to help they proceed forward.

Focused on prosperity,
they now also feel for sanity.
Often setting aside egos
they create this era's new ethos
and through this dry jungle
build green splendid boulevard.
Young people like us today have a good awareness of things going around and seem to understand what is right and what is wrong. Feels great to meet new people in new cities with a common thought of making the world a better place to live.
May 2016 · 1.5k
Where the music flows
Sourodeep May 2016
Till waist deep I stand
in the middle of the river
where the eloquent music flows.
I scoop some of its melody
with my bare soft hands,
its clarity makes me shiver
like dancing notes sun glows
and nature sings a brilliant parody
for me to smile and understand.
May 2016 · 2.3k
Constructive destruction
Sourodeep May 2016
The rock that once balanced on the mountain
has now tumbled down and blocked the only pass,
the valley remains cut-off, unable to sustain
even prayers could not move the big stubborn mass.

When great minds converge, they carry burden of hopes,
when creativity has to come out of neccessity,
esoteric ideas amalgamate with ladders and ropes.

Sheer force was unable to move the heavy bull
the ram was dropped and chisel was chosen,
it was time to think whether destruction can be beautiful

That which cannot be moved, can be carved to perfection
suited to your need, can bloom with painstaking nurture.
The valley now has become a source of attraction
with a tall structure on pass, called a gateway to the future.
We often get bogged down by our fears... with intelligence and effort we can shape them in our favour and extract positivity.

I got busy with work and travel so could not read and write many of the poems here, I am trying to catch up now ! :P
Apr 2016 · 1.5k
Essence of patience.
Sourodeep Apr 2016
All the damages done
which are  huge in magnitude,
constant repairs need to be run
by efforts taken with right attitude

The impact an event has on us
takes time to settle the dust
Like after being run over by a bus
months of treatment becomes a must

It takes a day to plough the field
for a healthy plant to sow a seed.
Plenty of water for a fulfilling yield
and a season of patience brings what you need.
Time is the best healer
for the patient believer
Apr 2016 · 774
Soaked in memory
Sourodeep Apr 2016
The painful tears
erases the lovely smile,
after all these years
my attempts proved futile.

some part of you
some act of yours
some madness of me
some scribbled lines for you

All these I fear
will engulf me one day.
I may disappear,
but the memories will stay.

how the rain poured over us
how the wind whispered through leaves
how in love our swing singed
with the bells going ding ding

The moon will shine clear
on the waves of the sea
like the froth on my beer
bringing out the sadness within me.

My mind is now fogged but light,
stopped searching for you in the village.
I now lie down at peace each night,
work on what is remaining in me with courage.
I wanted to write something like this since past few days, so this is my attempt.
Apr 2016 · 1.6k
The art of chilling(10W)
Sourodeep Apr 2016
To beat this summer heat
Put the beer on repeat
Apr 2016 · 603
The days of this summer
Sourodeep Apr 2016
The sun spits angry flares
when even stones turn to ashes
I stay inside and do not dare.

Mother earth soaks up every drop
dries up the river and tree's bark
will the next rain help growing crops

Of things I did not worry before
have evolved now, taken ugly shapes
and now I face problems turned sore

Its for water we run around these days
store for adversity, prepare for the worst
this summer will change us in so many ways.
This year the heat is terrific, highest in this city since many years. Drought has been declared, there is very less water. It is just beginning of summer and I am afraid what will happen in the month of may.
Apr 2016 · 878
Music of green and yellow
Sourodeep Apr 2016
While down the narrow path
in the morning at the park,
I found a leaf enjoying sunbath
on the tree beside the bush.

The leaf looked so fresh
while enjoying the food from sun,
stood out in this wide green mesh
and directed some food towards me.

There was a rock with a humble greet
I stumbled on it, bruised my feet
I had ignored the cuckoo on that tree
it did give me a warning tweet.

In this play of green and yellow shower
life thrives in trees and birds.
I fathom all these, and here I hover
I learn music , for it aligns my chords.
I do not know what is the feeling and how to describe it, but something strikes me deeply...
Mar 2016 · 7.5k
Fresh charm
Sourodeep Mar 2016
I sit by the lake,
                                 on the lush green grass,
gently try to break
                                  my inner thoughts,
and silently assimilate
                                 chirping of birds,
rhythmic swaying of trees
                                 by the sweet breeze,
stare at the white cotton clouds
                                 spread on the chimerical blue
and try to soak the pure dew
                    till the morning remains new.
I love the morning sunshine in a pure blue sky after rains :) :)
Mar 2016 · 698
A train of happiness
Sourodeep Mar 2016
Happy days come pass my station,
I am here, standing with my arms spread
holding up the green flag,
for you to race past me, so that
I can stare at you in admiration.
I will be happy by just a glimpse of you
and devour the splendid view
I will be content with the momentary relish
because I do not want to be selfish
I always admired the station guard waving the flag :)

       Happy ! :) :)
Feb 2016 · 864
Sharks in the ocean
Sourodeep Feb 2016
Though a splendid sight
comes stealthily close
and tears off the flesh
in a sharp bite.
Slimy skin and the deadly fin
makes the calm ocean,
place for a deadly scene.
I dare not dive
I dare not swim
I dare not hunt with
a spear so blunt.

But I wonder, if I ever
see a shark once inside the sea
coming close towards me
will I get a rope to pull me
up to the boat ?

In this sea of serenity
there is no clarity, that
when there is trouble in sight
what is wrong and what is *right.
There is danger and trouble everywhere and once we face it the main fear becomes how to tackle the situation and get out of it.
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