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As beautiful as a rose is,
it has lots of thorns
So is life,
Very beautiful but it also gets rough
Annie Jul 26
Dear person
That stinging feeling in your chest
That overwhelming fear of death
That demon in your head
Let's put it all to rest

If you ask me
I can tell you stories with no end
And just before "hate" was about to bend
They tell you heart is not to mend
Seal your lips —let's pretend

You and me, us
We're the tribe here to suffer
It gets lonely, but you're tougher
Speak the truth, why you muffle?
"Always happy" is for the bluffer

Hear me out here today
When you lose and there's nothing to say
Raise you head, life's a play
You need to fight for it to pay
Be prepared —because it may..

You're the ashes but in a golden tray
Feel the difference, feel it here
You're not deep
Oh but –you're oceans away

Far from reach because you fly
Your conscience will remain
Out of dozens, because you were sane
Always picked on, felt the pain
Stand high, don't be tamed
Enjoy the storm —let it rain
Sana Qaiser May 24
I think of the time
When my world was at peace
The unconditional love from others
The unwavering support pushing me
But like a drop of water
That makes its way from a cloud and onto a leaf
Life shows us that not everything in life can be so easy
Gangsta Rap Only Aug 2015
***'s always begging for more;
Spoiled lil *****, ****** me dry, what a *****.
I got ******* and hoes to "feed";
My big *** **** is all they need.

— The End —