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Sourodeep Apr 2016
The sun spits angry flares
when even stones turn to ashes
I stay inside and do not dare.

Mother earth soaks up every drop
dries up the river and tree's bark
will the next rain help growing crops

Of things I did not worry before
have evolved now, taken ugly shapes
and now I face problems turned sore

Its for water we run around these days
store for adversity, prepare for the worst
this summer will change us in so many ways.
This year the heat is terrific, highest in this city since many years. Drought has been declared, there is very less water. It is just beginning of summer and I am afraid what will happen in the month of may.
Janine Sleiman Apr 2015
They claim its impossible to love so young,
but I did
i fell in love with a boy
he opened me up
from my fears
he opened my eyes
the thought of him
had me daydreaming 24/7
his perfect mysterious eyes
the smile that drew so perfectly across his face
the way he looked at me
i dont usually fall in love,
but i did,
this one had me drowning in my thoughts

— The End —