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Sourodeep Dec 2020
I have grown to be unknown
invisible like the dew
hiding behind buildings
and gliding through passages.
My charm is as un-noticed
as the workshop apprentice,
my words unheard, voice absurd
to the premeditated busy man
briskly moving through the crowd.
I myself collate my actions,
but for anyone to give a deeper glance
well I just leave that upto chance.
Sourodeep Jun 2020
A small space of mine,
a sweet four square feet,
I fold a chair just fine.
My mind flies over the lake,
which reflects the morning rays
I hear the calls of cranes,
adding tranquility for calmness sake.

In my balcony ,
three pots of plants
with colorful smiles,
give me silent company,
gentle fragrance of love,
spreading freshness for happiness' sake.

I sip my coffee,
the green, blue and orange,
help gulp down my bitterness
and let out a breath of hope,
subduing pain for today's sake.

no words uttered, no song sung,
just a dose of nature,
through the small space of mine,
helps restore my love so amateur,
and for my days to shine.
Sourodeep May 2020
A suit behind the door
a mask in front of the mirror
turns frowns into smile's galore
sweet smell of the devil's horror

A tight buttoned cuff
a neat knotted tie
polished words are so tough
that truth is worse than the lie

A pair of shiny boots
a clean shaven face
civilization cut off from its roots
devils are now applauded with grace.
Professionalism is the necessary evil
its protagonists turned into devils.

Laugh you idiot !
Sourodeep May 2020
The necessary evil,
like the brakes on my bike
this lockdown is now what
I hate to dislike.

Though life is a stanstill
lockdown roasts me slowly
I try to take things easy
and prefer the chicken to grill.
Tried the slow grilled chicken today !
Little happiness in these gloomy times.
Sourodeep Apr 2020
I lied down last night
closed my eyes
it was a terrible sight
snakes flying high
and clouds sinking deep
I could not
understand why
my world seemed upside down
though I knew
it was the same
for someone else.

why me, why me
why she could not see

In bed I turned on both sides
but my dreams could not fit
though the mattress was wide.

Some love not given, some shown too soon
can I get back there and amend,
at least in my head I will be clear,
for when I made lunch for that special friend,
it was already dark before noon.

If only, I could catch the bus again
get down at that stop, pass that very lane
below the tank we could meet,
see you once more,
and then,
fall back to my eternal sleep.
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