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Sourodeep Jan 14
Bang on the wall
thoughts got stuck
after another painful fall,
she just ran out of luck.
Sourodeep Dec 2018
Let the light shine above,
let it foray its way in the dark.
For you and me to make love
trees have to grow in the park...

Let the water flow through
let it find its way out of trouble
For us to remain true,
the flowing water has to burble...
  Dec 2018 Sourodeep
a pretty face won't make him stay,
only words can,
but you write them all down on paper
instead of telling him anyway.
if you spoke up sooner,
if you didn't let your words strangle
themselves in your vocal chords,
maybe love would be a roar,
maybe it would be louder than the sound
of your neighbors fist hitting his wife.
maybe your love wouldn't be so silent,
as his footsteps late at night,
when he comes back stinking of anothers perfume.
you'd turn your body to face the wall,
you'd be a body of bricks,
you'd be the wall.
maybe if both your bodies entwined,
you could form fossils in bed.
and later, archaeologists could marvel
at the beauty of human heartache,
how the heart turns to dust,
and the love decays with us.
© copyright
  Dec 2018 Sourodeep
Brianna Love
There are no promises
      for tomorrow,
   it may never come
say I love you today
to those special ones.

Set goals
       dream your dreams
but, live within today
       for right now
          this moment
             is truly everything.

Stop wasting time
      on what was before
the past,
lessons learned,
      now it’s time
          to close those doors.

Comes a time in life
   when one must grow,
      the saying is true
you reap what you sow….

Give your heart
to the one you love
         make it a point
to show them
          No One Else
   could ever rise above.

Live in the here and now
   give a smile
          to all you meet
walk every day in love
make your
            life complete.
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