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Ken Pepiton Mar 2023
A bit of another story
for someday when we can
make the time,

to think how old river tales are,
those ones when a river is bent,
to the will of empires, using tiny
autonomic nanobots, scene human scale.

Here your mind crossed mine in all probability
exactly once, just
right, it all was just fine, grinding
to a halt,

frictional tension, old blisters recollected
as reminders, what the science misthought right,
and sold mysteriously, for the promise to pay
all the taxes you manage to squeeze,
from the cash cows digital representation,

brass bull, where once stood a golden calf,
in the blood of a red heifer and a white buffalo.
Closing shot. Chasing a pack of plain old lies. Most I told.
Thomas Steyer Jul 2021
I had an electrician come last week
to fit a light above the back door.
when I got the bill today
my jaw dropped well-nigh to the floor.

I rang up his boss to clarify
why on earth the huge amount?
He promptly explained to me
what I must take into account:

There're expenses to consider
not to mention social security and health
operational overheads and holidays
last not least a plan of accumulating wealth.

It's a free world and up to you, he said
when in need of a professional again,
try find someone cheaper or else
risk your life DIY-ing it. Amen.
I am a professional liar
It pays to learn deceit
Only the naïve believe in honesty

I am a professional actress
I've perfected every line
I've mastered every mask
You think you've got the answer
I've made you drop your guard

I am a professional liar
My name is whatever you call yourself
Honesty is naïveté
Naïveté is hell
naïveté  is hell
Eli May 2020
My mind is a minor flutter;
Looping movies within ultimate stutters.
I'd tell you I'm feeling better,
But I am a stick of butter.

I look into gaze of grateful maze,
Only to pop amongst unholy haze.
My mind is beautiful,
But what is the craze?
My ego deserves to jump into my idiot blaze.
I hope this is a phase.

Little do I know that I am an end;
Whether I am today or tomorrow, it depends,
Though it will come soon.
The red blends with my toothpaste.
I am falling apart
I can feel it
How long will I last?
Let my stamina tell you when the time comes
Thando Masekela Jan 2020
You keep me coming back
You keep giving
You keep staying
You keep saying

Come back
Here's my heart
I'm not going anywhere
I love you

I keep leaving
I keep taking
I keep chasing you away
I love you

I'm good at this you know
Back and forth
Back and fro
Hill and valley
******, coming down
You and I
So I've heard
From you before
From the you before

You're good at this, you know?
Making people love you.

I'm a professional
This is how I
Make a living
This is how I live

I feed off your love
I've been doing this a while
I'm a professional.
Toxic relationships are formed by toxic people. Hurt people.
Robby Dec 2019
Person 1:
So how was your long weekend?
Uhmmm great

Person 2:
Did you have a great holiday?
Yeah of course

Why do I lie to everyone?
It’s what we do so they don’t know we’re miserable just like everyone else is

nightdew Jan 2019
she laughs, she smiles, she pretends.
but if you look a little closer,
stare a little intently,
you can see the cracks on her features,
the upward grin,
is really just upside down.

if you listen a little closer,
hear the soft gasps of murmurs,
you can hear her soft cries that echoes,
into the relentless sea,
put your ears on her chest,
and listen to her heart cracking,
piece by piece.

if you ask her what's wrong,
she'll shrug her shoulders,
a ghost of a smile displayed before you,
and she'll let out a hollow chuckle,
and ask you if you're crazy,
then reassure you that she's fine.

if she catches you peeking at her,
she'd offer you a shy grin,
just to make you
believe that

but don't fall for it,
for a professional
is always good at
their profession.
and hers is mere
i fell for it.
Emily Nov 2018
ShFR Oct 2018
8 fifteen in the morning,
huddled around a wooden framed door,
awaiting today’s moderator,
another professional development,
Restorative Practices,
the art of inclusion,
the art of accountability;
Skill building,
The mutual hate among us as we stare into a dark room,
Awaiting another 7 hour day of ice breakers,
We clutch our coffees and populate the lone corner —
— 12 capacity room in the basement,
All 15 of us,
Good morning: let’s begin
© 2018 by S Fraz All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of S Fraz
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