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Diksha Dhiman Jan 2021
Sometimes don't give someone talks about struggles of life, that how much their life is messy now and they have to clean it. Sometimes just be a place where they can hide and be safe until they gain strength and conquer all the chaos.
                                 -diksha dhiman
Anushia Oct 2020
he infused blood into my vein
so i could
i exchanged ring with him
so we could
Aliza Jennifer Aug 2020
I don't know why but parents always worry about 'how our child  is going to make his living'
But not 'how can he treat others to make his living'
~Aliza Jennifer~
Arsala Jul 2020
That changed the world
It made the sunshine
It dried up tears
It destroyed darkness
and destroyed fear
It brought joy and laughter
Mankind's antidote
It brought back peace thereafter
A thoughtful anecdote
Teeth came out of hiding
Reflecting light once more
A light too bright for fighting
The light opened a door
To your mind and to your heart
The light opened a door
To a new chance and a new start
All emanating from..
A smile
A smile you kept to yourself
SheWritesForYou Apr 2020
Hey dear women
Don’t you believe?
You’re not less than anyone
Because you bleed!
You are an epitome of abstract
With the universe in your body
And you’re the soul of the earth
Because you bring lives to feet
So never consider yourself any less
Than the men you see
You can also accomplish anything
That you desire to be
Keep your head high
And do what you need
Because we women are the entity
That this world will always need.
Sourodeep Aug 2019
For the purity to blow
For the neatness to flow
For all the clarity to glow,

Lets sow more love
Lets pour more kindness
Lets wipe out all tears.

        All the beauty is here
         it is in our hands
        we can creat smiles
        we can bring near
        the better tomorrow
               for all of us !
neha yamba May 2019
Old lady cradling a baby
make it home
"where did you get this baby " granny
"nursery " the old lady note
Solicitous for baby
she hassle alot .
Her senility got her sick
She was frail as lamp for epoch
Through the window , solos tot
watched her fade away
Fine morning she laid lifeless ,
leaving a note which elucidate
"Care and water this little tree , it will bear my blessings for gen z "
It’s just a word, but we give it so much power. It isn’t thrown around lightly.

It is also a feeling. It can somehow tear us apart from the inside out, or it can put us back together.

We need it in our lives and in our hearts. It makes us human.

But lately, I haven’t seen much of it.

This world needs more love. Throw it around like your life depends on it.

In a way, it does.
Yes, I do converse with all the crawling wishes that keep slamming me for never letting them stand and chase the dreams.
Yes, I do converse with all the broken dreams that linger on their shape they thought my deeds would provide.
Yes, I do converse with all the uncovered routes my feet still long to kiss.
Yes, I do converse with all the tough decisions I escaped that considered me gritty enough to not give in.
Yes, I do converse with all the choices I avoided where my soul found solace in.
Yes, I do converse with all the smiles I faked that had the elements of happiness a morsel or two.
Yes, I do converse with all the let go's that I could have stopped, grabbed, hugged and preserved, but I did not.
Yes, I do converse, and it keeps me going and it keeps me growing.
  -Aparajita Tripathi
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