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Nalinee Aug 2020
Freedom was never an issue
No one had ever thought
Of existence of another world
Sometimes, We don't  think we could have a better world to live and we never try. This is a Haiku poem.
Sourodeep Oct 2019
Rhythms and beats touch our hearts,
music turns us into believers
as it helps us bear the everyday pain,
In the song we find our prayers,
and the hope remains...
The festival of Durga Puja in India, where we worship the goddess Durga as embodiment of power destroying evil. Hope we are also able to overcome all evil from our world too.
Zywa Jun 2019
I could not stay, without an escort
we traveled under the seven heavens
and only later did I realize that
up there are the souls

of Adam – expelled just like us
John and Jesus – the messengers
Joseph – rejected by his family
and Enoch – the living teacher

Aaron – still loved
Moses – the patient
in the desert of unbelief
and Abraham – the first to surrender

With borrowed eyes I see
under the heavenly light the radiant
new Jerusalem, the city
that we are going to build here
Sawda **** Zam'a (in year 622)

Collection “PumicePieces”
April Aug 2018
Put guns into the hands of children
Put bullets through their hearts
Soldiers killed before the war’s begun
those who were to carry tomorrow’s flag
Lie buried beneath their elder’s feet
How many lives in the name
Of justice,
Or greed?

The future dies with each of them.
Chetan Bhati Apr 2015
Sitting in this dark room, with my eyes closed
I feel a world,
the feeling is so lively, so beguiling, as this world slowly unfolds

Its a world where people don’t talk, but sing
Where people don’t walk but hop
Where people don’t fight for the spotlight
Where people greet each other with ringa-ringa-roses

Where bruises are cured by gentle fondles,
Where people cry laughing,
Where everybody is a proven man,
Where everybody is a lovely woman,
Where nobody fights with his own friend trying to win over him in his fight for the first
Where ego is only as real as satan,
Where god is seen and felt in every human being
Where money is just a piece of paper
Where religion is music and dance
Where peace is filled in air and is felt in every breath
Where strangers dance and sing together,
Where heart breaks are as sinful as ******
Where school is a place to learn what is life about
Where the teacher teaches how to live it fully
Where we are one with the universe and universe is one with us
Where one is no different from two and two is no different from three
And zero is as high as one-not-four
Rahul Luthra Feb 2015
My mission in life is not too complex
It isn't to cause hate, nor is it to impress
It's quite simple, but only if you see it the right way
I try achieving this goal every single day
It's right when they say this world's too small for hate
It saddens me when peace is disrupted among a country or a state
So I try to start small but make an impact big
To get a smile on that face; Oink Oink I'm a pig
A smile on that face is the prettiest thing in this world
It will handle any object your life has hurled
Happiness is contagious; it gives everyone a reason to smile
It speaks volumes about you; way more than your resume file
To make someone smile or get someone's heart burst with joy
Is something I'd do in a jiffy without being joy
So get ready for this ball of happiness, it's coming to you
Together lets change this world and give it something new
So put a smile on someone's face and just see the satisfaction you get
It's like freeing an animal from a cage or a net
It loosens your burdens and makes you feel lighter
How do you think some are cured of cancer? Medicines? No no...Their smiles are the real fighter
So get rid of this negativity cavity
And spread around the positivity
So heal the world and make it a better place
Life is a group activity, not an individual race...
Thanks saachi

— The End —