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Sourodeep Jun 2020
A small space of mine,
a sweet four square feet,
I fold a chair just fine.
My mind flies over the lake,
which reflects the morning rays
I hear the calls of cranes,
adding tranquility for calmness sake.

In my balcony ,
three pots of plants
with colorful smiles,
give me silent company,
gentle fragrance of love,
spreading freshness for happiness' sake.

I sip my coffee,
the green, blue and orange,
help gulp down my bitterness
and let out a breath of hope,
subduing pain for today's sake.

no words uttered, no song sung,
just a dose of nature,
through the small space of mine,
helps restore my love so amateur,
and for my days to shine.
Brandon Conway Jul 2018
I wish I could speak words that assuage
But I’m nothing but an introvert
I’ve accepted this and that’s ok
I’ll type the words out in hopes of an alert
That you have read and agreed
At least that’s something I want to believe
But who am I kidding you don’t follow me
So I will admire from afar and dream
Of you
My sweet
Justin G Feb 2016
Most people live for love
But some of us live because of it

Such unforgivable forgetfulness
Lost within potential photos
Preoccupied and overly abrasive
Harmless yet persuasively implicit
These eyes are speechless
But explicitly dying to speak
A picture so perfect for lust
A thousand words
Just isn't enough
Deeply indebted
With every glance
  Too perplexed by color  
  How none of it belongs  
  Another illustrated nightmare   
Where sleep is prolonged
Where the sick plans
To escape with the thought
Trapped inside the mind
So adolescent
Oh picture the heartache
Rejoicing over a carcass
Still standing
And rapturing moments
We all long to feel
This winter shiver
So sicken from cold feet
An undying hunger
For butterfly soup
What worthy time to be alive
Clearly sold on the vision
Never too hasty to cover
This lover isn't blind  
But envisioned
May we all fall victim
To the photos
We aren't viable to find
Justin S Wampler Mar 2015
I smoke because I'm careless
about what's important to me.
Listerine burns my eyes
just realized
all my old content


*******, myspace.
so i just logged into myspace after a bajillion years and it's just a music dashboard now. my old profile, with all my blog posts, pictures, playlists, and other crafts have disappeared from the face of the earth. what a bunch of money-hungry, corporate son of a ******* to not be able to maintain those old profiles. tom didn't seem like a very cool friend anyway. i'm glad i have most of that stuff backed up.

— The End —