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Mar 2021 · 1.0k
rom Mar 2021
our eyes closed at the same moment
where we were greeted by azure skies humming to the ocean's hymn
soft streaks of sunlight kissing our skin gently
and the warmth of sand seeping into our bodies

i open my eyes
but instead of the ocean's melody,
or the tender touch of sunlight on a beach long forgotten,
we sit in a drab, grey room
hands held tightly in seance

your eyes remained closed
the hint of a smile touching your lips
and when i closed my eyes again
i was greeted by a black screen
and the whispers of a soul long forgotten
my heart goes out to all those still suffering in this pandemic. we got this.
Dec 2019 · 834
sa pagsindi ng ilaw
rom Dec 2019
susunugin ko ito sa aking ala-ala —
hindi ang tangkang pag-abot ng mga kuwitis sa mga tala
o ang pagpinta nito sa langit ng bughaw, lungti, at mabaya
ngunit ang ating kinatatayuan kung saan walang mga braso o daliring nagdidikit
walang mga sulyap na nagtatago't nag-aasaran
ngunit ito kung saan tayo'y parehas na nakatingin sa langit
hinahangaan ang pulburang makukulay
sa kanilang dahan-dahan na paghulog
sapagkat sumabay na rito ang aking damdamin
at sa'yo lamang ito nais ipagkaloob.
Mar 2019 · 5.7k
rom Mar 2019
sa loob ng isang bilyong magkakaibang sansinukob
kung saan nasa kalagitnaan pa rin natin ang poot ng langit
hahanapin ko ang kaisa-isang sansinukob
na tayo'y magkalapit
kahit na sa nalalabing mga mundo
ang aking pagsinta'y mananatili sa dilim

at kapag sa dinatnang sansinukob
ay tila hindi pa rin pinagtagpo
kakapit na lamang sa paniniwala na
may pinagbigyan ang langit na isang mundo
(kung saan ang puso mo ay kaya kong abutin)
at ipauubaya na lamang
ang aking mataimtim na panalangin
sa bulalakaw na darating
Jan 2019 · 1.1k
rom Jan 2019
death awaits last of the embers
and the hearth is numbed by sleet
barren by midwinter's breath
leaving only the stubs underneath
the smoke that is reaching out to the clouds
in hopes of Sol's fiery wreath

yet He remains hidden
and the smoke begins to fade
the hearth completely freezes over
while the stubs continue to withstand
cruel Winter's escapade
Jan 2019 · 368
rom Jan 2019
perhaps it is similar to the kinship of the moon to the wolf
a coincidental narrative that most would rather acknowledge as a frolic of fate
where they add tenor to what does not exist at all –
continuing to thrive on speculation and fatal assumption
that hastens rather than quells the fall
Dec 2018 · 257
down that road
rom Dec 2018
in this sunlit afternoon
i sit still as i watch everything pass by
as i watch the smoke cloud the road that – if taken – will bring me home
as i stay here, anchored, even though my heart is already far ahead
far down the road you always take where it is the only thing that can follow you
wondering if you are okay
(please be okay)
wondering if you have eaten
(please don't starve yourself)
wondering... wondering... always wondering...
– only wondering.

the sun has already set
and i remain here, anchored, as i let my heart continue down that road
while you remain blissfully unaware
that you're guiding it home.
Nov 2018 · 3.7k
rom Nov 2018
patawad sa mahal kong akala ko'y lumisan na
sa paggunaw ng kaisipan sa mga bagay na pinipilit nitong takbuhan
ngunit bumubulong ang puso gamit ang lirikong tayo lang ang nakaiintindi –
mababalikan pa ba ang ritmong ito
o mananatili na lamang sa kasalukuyang pintig?
Jun 2018 · 383
rom Jun 2018
we are not so different –
the sky and i
with tears we replenish what is most fundamental
for her, the earth
for me, my soul
but its abundance may **** what it's trying to revive
inspired by the heavy rain as of late.
rom Apr 2018
i fear the Summer
for Dawn arrives early and her touch that rouses the sky
sends you promptly to sleep
while i am left alone in this blinding light

i fear the Autumn
for when she approaches,
the leaves that conceal my longing for your embrace
gently fall to the terrain underneath

i fear the Winter
for she strips me naked
and destroys the guise i made from the canopy of my brethren –
the canopy that shielded my grotesque body and gnarled veins from your gaze

and i mostly fear the Spring
for when the evening comes and the Wind sings her tune,
sweeping my leaves into her trail,
i wish for her to carry them to you
where i am reminded once more that nothing on this land can reach you
during the night
(since this burning desire that shall remain as it is will never curtail our distance)
and moreso during the day
(when you slowly fade from my sight)
wew first piece for 2018 ! inspired while I was in the campus of ADMU
Dec 2017 · 554
rom Dec 2017
sing me a song of your city
tell me a tale of the lands you sought
patch this splintered heart of mine
with whispers of the Wind's unhindered thoughts
guide it down this gentle Stream
let it ruffle her currents born of grief
while i wait by the edge of these beguiling waters
hoping for a traveler, like you, to pass by
while i wait, chilled and drenched in the cold
wondering if you'll find this lonely crook
and hear our anguished cries.
Dec 2017 · 5.3k
Hindi Ako
rom Dec 2017
Hindi ako mahal.
Hindi ako ang mahal.

Isang salita lang ang dumagdag ngunit parang isang katutak na patalim ang pinukol sa aking puso
Pigang piga sa paulit-ulit na pananaksak, pagsasawalang bahala
Hanggang sa maging abo nalang ang dating apoy na nagbabaga
at ang mga dating "Tama na," "Ilan pa ba," ay nagiging "Sino ba siya?"

Sa paulit-ulit na pagwasak sa puso kong dati nang durog,
at sa ating mga pagsasama kung saan ang kanyang pangalan ang tanging tunog
Walang tigil ang hangin sa pag-duyan ng isang paumanhin
sa pag-ihip papunta sa puso kong kapos ng iyong pag-tingin —

Mahal, huwag kang humingi ng tawad
dahil hindi lang ikaw ang nagwasak sa akin
Huwag na huwag kang humingi ng tawad
dahil lang siya ang iyong iniibig
Huwag ka nang humingi ng tawad
dahil lang hindi mo ako kayang mahalin.
Originally written last November 27, 2017 for a visual poem.
rom Oct 2017
today, the clouds are crying in rage
i observe the embankment where grey water is flowing over
consuming the city with its anger
and i watch this all unfold (water begins to touch my feet)
but i do not worry about you:
i have no need to do so.

your clouds never seethe
the endless stretch of land and sky between us agree
you exist in a place where Babylon never existed –
but instead of seeking the heavens
i remember beating the earth until the soil bathed in blood;
i begged for it to let you go
(who enjoys a place free of sores?)
but as water seeps through the cracks of my home
touching the furniture you once touched
destroying my abode like you did with your absence
and people fleeing, leaving houses;
i am in awe of you:
how does one retain their wit even in death?

you escaped the worst.
part 1/? of A Tribute Series
Oct 2017 · 474
only this and nothing more
rom Oct 2017
i'm surrounded by air but i still can't breathe
i'm laughing but all i hear is its faint echo
i'm with people but i've never felt so alone
i'm holding a smile but i've already stopped smiling long ago

a choked sob threatens to escape me
but i hold it down; i swallow it whole
only this good side of me should they see
this good side of me that's slowly slipping from my grasp –
this side of me that's nothing but a trap.
Sep 2017 · 536
if & then
rom Sep 2017
if i said i love you
would it fall again on ears that pretend not to hear
if i said i love you
would it have been better for me not to have said it at all
if i said i love you
would you sigh again and think, "i know."
if i said i love you
would you wish for me to stop saying it
so you can stop pretending you don't hear it anymore?

but if i add another letter
which we both know would make it a lie
would that have been better for you,
for me,
for us;
would you finally hear
what i've been trying to tell you all these years?

then, i say: i loved you.
Sep 2017 · 514
flashing screen
rom Sep 2017
a warning comes from the flashing screen
and the window shakes as the lightning crashes
it remains intact.
the hurricane continues to whip up debris
now tearing down homes
tearing my home
tearing you down –
the wind is screaming.

you should have listened to the flashing screen.
how we never listen until it finally happens and it's too late (drabble lol)
Sep 2017 · 8.1k
rom Sep 2017
heto nanaman ako,
iniisip ka, sinta.
heto nanaman ako,
iniisip kung bakit hindi maaring maging tayo
iniisip kung hanggang kailan ako masasaktan,
hanggang kailan ko mararamdaman
ang makapinsalang tatak ng pagiging isang matalik na kaibigan (lamang).

**** sabi nga sa akin, sinta:
ilang luha pa ba ang aking iaalay
ilang malulumbay na kanta pa ba ang aking pakikinggan
ilang tula pa ba ang aking isusulat
bago kita makalimutan nang tuluyan
bago kita mamahal sa paraan ng pagmamahal nila sa isang kaibigan
bago kita tuluyang mapakawalan?

heto nanaman ako, sinta:
iniisip ka
at naghihintay na iyong sabihin,
"biro lang, sinta."
Sep 2017 · 242
for you
rom Sep 2017
only when the rivers stop flowing,
the arctic winter bears a sapling,
and the earth becomes a constellation in the sky,
only then will you be erased from my memory;
only then will i forget my home.
i can never love you the way one loves a friend, but i will never stop trying to – for your sake and mine.
Aug 2017 · 633
Untitled 12
rom Aug 2017
you made falling in love so easy that i felt like a fool
looking for love in places where i thought i'd find it –
forcing myself to be in love for the sake of feeling it
and not once did i realize it was beside me all along:
hidden in the guise of friendship.

why did i need to have my heart broken many times,
have tear stains dry on my pillow,
and have an emptiness in my chest that felt so hollow,
before realizing that i've fallen for you;
that i've fallen in love with my best friend?
Aug 2017 · 397
false prophet
rom Aug 2017
residing in all of us is a false prophet
whispering words that bleed the heart of torment
leaching the mind of rationality and grit
tainting the soul with an ashen sky that is
hovering over a lagoon where the most beautiful of souls have gone astray;
leaving what was once iridescent bleak and grey.
becoming a false prophet – alas! the mind is;
following it is the gullible heart's murmurings
taking the soul to a continent far away,
seeking isolation in the crowd of new endings.

rejoicing, the false prophet is.
Aug 2017 · 6.8k
limampung pulgada
rom Aug 2017
limampung pulgada ang pagitan ng ating upuan
limampung pulgada na tila parang isang kilometro ang distansyang kinakailangang tahakin
upang maipatong ang braso sa pahirabang nakaumbok sa gitna ng ating luklukan,
kung saan ang iyong braso'y nakapatong rin.

apatnapung pulgada nang sumara ang ilaw kasabay ng aking mga mata
kung saan sinakop tayo ng karimlang mas madilim pa sa kalagitnaan ng takipsilim
ngunit ako'y nakatayo, naglalakad na patungo sa'yo –
mga kamay na kinakapkap ang malalambot na pulang ulo
sakaling ako'y mahulog dahil ang ninanais kong sumalo sa akin
ay apatnapung pulgada pa ang layo.

(tatlumpu, dalawampu, sampu)
bawat tapak na nanatiling tahimik, maingat.
(siyam, walo, pito)
natatanaw kita sa halip ng dilim kung saan wala talagang makita, makilala.
(anim, lima, apat)
para bang lahat ng puso sa silid ay nagsabayan sa pag sigaw.
(tatlo, dalawa, isa)
nasa tabi na ki–

bumukas ang mga ilaw, kasabay ng aking mga mata;
pumalakpak ang lahat.

Limampung pulgada pa rin ang pagitan ng ating upuan.
pulgada means inches.
Aug 2017 · 273
de novo
rom Aug 2017
you know it's happening again
when sad songs form their own memories
when paper and pen create revered pieces from shattered ones;
tears fusing with words,
letting you break free from tight bounded ropes masked as euphoria;
the dark recesses overflowing with raw melancholy, tearstained shirts, and forlorn tunes.

you know it's happening again
when your chest feels like an empty cavern
stretching upward, beyond –
reaching the darkest pits of the cave
with the single noise a sigh resounding
from its lips high above and far away,
reminding me of yours
where it can't be reached, can't be touched
with my fingers,
with my own.

many a time it has happened before
but my dear, my sweet,
how many times have you heard this yet still remains unheard:
you must get used to it.
Aug 2017 · 14.0k
sapagka't mahal kita.
rom Aug 2017
Minamahal kita
subalit hindi ko ito ikukumpara
sa mga tala, sa alon;
Hindi ko ito ikukumpara
sa mga bagay na karaniwang ginagamit sa tula
sa bango ng bagong pitas na rosas
sa apoy na walang tigil sa pag alab.
Minamahal kita
nang hindi ko ito ikukumpara sa mga iyon
o sa kahit ano.

Minamahal kita dahil sadyang mahal kita —
sa katwirang hindi maikukumpara ang aking nararamdaman
sa mga bagay na natatanaw, nahahawakan.
Minamahal kita dahil sadyang mahal kita
walang tulad-tulad
walang mga talang kumikinang at along humahaplos
walang rosas na kasing bango ng kawalan ng alinlangan
walang apoy kung saan ang usok ay kumakaway sa mga ulap
at hindi na matanaw.

Minamahal kita
at hindi ko ito ikukumpara sa kahit ano.  

Minamahal kita
Original poem written August 9, 2017
Aug 2017 · 475
Wake Up
rom Aug 2017
My back on the ground, I wonder if they are jealous of us
With our limbs, we can move around
With statures fated into static, they can only watch

To stand still and tall – to exhale the air we breathe;
Helpless when cut down,
Screams silent when we take their homes, when we trample their kind –
Are they jealous of us,
that we can speak and walk and protect our own?

Yet is there really something to be jealous of
When voices are used to injure –
to implant thoughts in minds that can spur deadly actions;
When the ability to protect is used only for our own skin –
to turn a blind eye to things that don't affect us directly (and seek comfort in its blissful ignorance);
When havoc is wreaked with every step we take – and be so unaware of it?

Have we gone tired of killing those who are sessile – of those who don't fight back that we have turned to each other?
Are we living in a world where those who aren't human are more humanlike?
Is this what humanity is all reduced to now – so preoccupied with trying to **** one another that we fail to notice the larger picture –
that we don't have to **** him, her, or them,
because when we cut them down all those years ago,
we have already killed ourselves?

In the background, they are silent but laughing. Fools, they think as we swing our swords around like toothpicks — oblivious to the groans the ground is letting.

I think so too.
Original draft written last May 27, 2017

— The End —