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Peter Rogers Jan 31
His name was Jack
He had a heart attack
He wore black on black
Like a wreck he fled fast
Local smoke crawled out as he cracked horseback
Stick your neck out ******

Her terms were fruitless
Features like a feathered headdress
She’d stay out late with guests
That’d forget to give a goodnight kiss
Poor apropos poised prose postponed
Kept on like she wasn’t

His job was harmless
Pistol wept out its harness
Had an itch for revenge
Best friends were his targets
A fellow feared forced his progress
Whatsoever revolves up

She soared by sordid sonnets
Anchored down inside a hornet’s nest
Dove off the pale precipice to
Set sale in an orifice
Not novice now nor never was
Could it cost a couple coffins?

His time soon forgotten
Stood on watch but later lost it
Lately he’s either bothered
By foreigners or who he fathered
So solo songs soon sound so long
Let nay look lost no longer

His girl’s name was April
She had a pierced naval
Asked for some greenbacks
She needed for a pill
Lo and behold a couple down the road
An angel ends up in jail
wrote in a mc flurry
Tooba Dec 2020
you got a girlfriend
but you say you love me
you got a girlfriend
but you say you need me

what is this behavior?

you always talk to me
whenever you are free
but you yourself
want to be
my topmost priority
now darling tell me

what is this behavior?
a week has passed and since then,
my love for you found refuge in my close friend's list
-settled for knowing that you saw it,
saw me, perhaps, even through me.
-settled for knowing that you,
are there for me.

-settled, for knowing you.
romantic innuendo part 2//
and on my IG stories shall i send my indirect messages to you, for you.
Ms Anjaan May 2020
I never wanted you as a friend,
but you never left my hand.

why did you take me your lover,
This your craze, is decaying my cover.
this your love contained lot of pain,,
makes me cry again and again.

No one escaped from you hide,
but your love is just from one side.

                                                   Left you,I feel so fine,
                                            because, you spoiled years of mine.

Oh! FEAR , listen to me going on-
salutes your one sided love , no one want,,
everyone want to be exert, but they can't........
FEAR, just like a one sided lover. no one want it ,but after all it is in exist.....think........
Fuad Hassan Apr 2020
If love is a canvas, emotions would be the colors. So if it was only one sided the the artwork is merely half complete.
neha yamba Mar 2020
you took away all  that i had
you knocked my heart down
sharp arrow of destitution pierced through my chest
slashing my heart into two pieces of junk
which meant absolutely nothing to you
for this very end .
neha yamba Mar 2020
You should've taught me how to LET GO ,
I stood dumb frozen without a clue, on
how to tackle your practical overlook .
You kept explaining that we weren't meant to be .
How could i grasp ,without bursting into tears.
You felt fine after you emptied your heart,
you played my emotions and conveniently left .
And i stayed back not knowing how to move ahead .
You should've taught me how to LET GO , beforehand .
I can't let you go,
Like the sun following the moon,
In circles we go,
Me chasing you,
You don't even know the extent of what I feel,
Leaving me alone,
Always without you.
-Jasmaan Singh Kamra
Time Jul 2019
They called my love for you
one-sided love
like the dot on an empty canvas
like a single flower petal on concrete ground
like the nameless atlas
like the moon at the crescent
like the one unused colour
like the one unopened Christmas present

If only you gave your hand in mine,
I would have promised to place the world in yours.
Kelsey Jun 2019
They say i'm crazy
They say i'm dangerous

They might be right

They say He's lying
They say He's dangerous

They might be right

I say We're dying
I say we're nothing anymore

I think I might be right...
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