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I can't let you go,
Like the sun following the moon,
In circles we go,
Me chasing you,
You don't even know the extent of what I feel,
Leaving me alone,
Always without you.
-Jasmaan Singh Kamra
Time Jul 13
They called my love for you
one-sided love
like the dot on an empty canvas
like a single flower petal on concrete ground
like the nameless atlas
like the moon at the crescent
like the one unused colour
like the one unopened Christmas present

If only you gave your hand in mine,
I would have promised to place the world in yours.
They say i'm crazy
They say i'm dangerous

They might be right

They say He's lying
They say He's dangerous

They might be right

I say We're dying
I say we're nothing anymore

I think I might be right...
What a two faced
World we live in
Too short for some things
But too long for most
Too competitive to be humble
But too sensitive to boast
So bright during the day
And night too
We help the world, or so we say
But I really ask: who?
There is love and hate
Over the same thing
From the same person
In the same spring
But never once
Can something have it all
That would go against nature
But it would be quite a ball
Is there anything in life without two sides.
arvy lee Sep 2018
"When you are loved by an artist, you are immortal," I paint the tips of your fingers with deep blue, and the ocean forms with a movement of your hand. Pretty, so very endlessly pretty. You make the elements of earth become even more endearing.

"You live in their every masterpiece, live in their every breath," I draw finishing touches on the edges of your mouth - that I want to kiss every moment - and shadows of despair form in the words that you let out. But they sound pretty, so very endlessly pretty. You make every word in the dictionary become even more meaningful.

"And when you hurt them, you live in their memories forever." I sew words into your skin and you wince in pain but you don't stop me.
Thank you for making this easier for me.
Alyssa Brianne Sep 2018
Tonight I’ll dream of lavender
Of fields filled with flowers
And a boy with ocean blue eyes
Who keeps his promise when he says he’ll never hurt me

It’s only at night that I allow myself to think of you
You are my filthiest thoughts
Of nights filled with laughter
Stolen kisses and sideways glances
I think about how badly I want you to touch me

Touch my hand in a dark room
Squeeze my knee in the car
Brush your fingers against my spine when we’re shopping
I don’t care what you do as long as you mean it

Tonight you’ll tell me that you love me
I’ll wake up before I get to answer
The sun shining through my blinds,
a reminder of what will never be

In my dreams you ask to kiss me
Your voice thick like honey
I say yes, sweet as sugar
I wake up and still feel the ghost of your lips on mine

Tonight I’ll beg for a nightmare
Anything to keep you off of my mind
I can’t keep loving you deeply
Breaking my own heart is a daily occurrence
I don’t have enough in me to keep from falling apart
Manda Kolav Aug 2018
We were lovers before we were friends
In the sun that wore your skin
Like a summer dress
you didn’t hesitate to climb into my treehouse
And decorate it with sparkly things
You never bothered to ask
If the trees limbs could hold us both
Instead you acquainted me with your smile
Pearly teeth, empty eyes
Cross legged on the wooden floor
Adorned in the oncoming light
Your ringlets caught every ray that day
When winter came
I found you again
Instead this time I was a coat rack
And you filled my hands with blankets
As we sat together watching the wind
Talking about tomorrow.
But your smile couldn’t hold the sun
Instead your eyes met mine
And I saw the cold outside
I saw in you all the pretty things you liked
Unfortunately I didn’t shine like them
I couldn’t catch your eye
So when you told me you loved me

I let you
Quansome Jul 2018
When I met you every thing went quiet. I mean really quiet. So quiet my ears literally began to burn and buzz, and I didn’t know weather I should put my hands on the sides of my head or use them to clench my chest and mouth to keep myself from throwing up. When I saw you everything in my body began to separate. It was chaos....all the organs in my skin running bullet train style away from each other. My brain hit the top my skull my heart melted in to my shoes and my stomach well I think it went to a kegger and drank the whole thing itself in a corner! Oh my lord I was confused and it hurt, it hurt bad! We were at a baseball game, it was your girlfriends baseball game... your girlfriend who was also my (at the time but no longer not because of this but for different reasons)best friends playoff baseball game. Yep that’s the day you came in to my life full force like a flash ******* hurricane flinging glorious tiny white rectangles in to my soul with every uninterested grin and indifferent chunk of banter you tossed my way...I was absolutely enthralled!!! Utterly and disgustingly captivated by the magnitude of your glow. Did you even understand?! Do you even understand what you did that day?! I remember tracing the outline of your jawbone with my finger as I quietly sung songed your name from a few seats up and slightly to the left of where you and my bestie were sitting, when she, the girl we both loved for different reasons looked back and smiled at me through squinting eyes because I strategically placed myself in the direction of the sun, I sweetly smiled back at her through clenched teeth holding back anger and tears because someone who was not me was holding your hand.....why was she so lucky?! Why was I so unlucky?! Why?! I couldn’t understand the feelings I had. I mean I have never in my life ever wanted someone’s something more than I wanted you. I’ve never been jealous like ever and I’ve certainly never wished ill on one I cared for but right then at that moment I found myself cursing and spitting on the name of every woman who had ever had the audacity to let their skin meet with yours. Now I have always taken pride in my unshakable zest for all things flaky and fleeting ie my feelings towards everyone and everything. But you ruined me that day you broke my perfectly contented bland existence. I was fine some would say even happy being alone never knowing you existed! But from the moment I saw your wonderfully stupid adorable face I wanted to be with you to be by you to live laugh eat sleep dance bathe breathe grow old die with you. I wanted to know and be about everything about you.... I was obsessed! I am obsessed. So me being the logical and completely sane person that I am. I did what any logical and sane person would do.... I friend zoned myself, HARD. But not just that, I began to make myself like all the things you liked so I was someone you wanted around and I began to do things for you so you needed me around and carried myself in a way that was so non threatening so non ****** that I was totally excepted and loved by every not better than me girl that youve dated and even your current girlfriend who if I have to say I guess is pretty freaking dope and subsequently has become my friend as well through all fault of my own. And all this simply because I wanted, no I needed to stay by your side. And that folks is where I am today me yep awesome fantastic intelligent beautiful witty wonderful idiotic me, single and tortured, maybe forever because I’m in unrequited love with my totally oblivious now bestfriend. And because this is supposed to be a poem.... boy dear boy the only one who holds my heart closed eyes closed fist never to be mine not even from the start So terrified that I’ll lose you somewhere over time never saying what I want to cause my love and your rejection they just never seem to rhyme.
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