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rom 6d
death awaits last of the embers
and the hearth is numbed by sleet
barren by midwinter's breath
leaving only the stubs underneath
the smoke that is reaching out to the clouds
in hopes of Sol's fiery wreath

yet He remains hidden
and the smoke begins to fade
the hearth completely freezes over
while the stubs continue to withstand
cruel Winter's escapade
rom Jan 12
perhaps it is similar to the kinship of the moon to the wolf
a coincidental narrative that most would rather acknowledge as a frolic of fate
where they add tenor to what does not exist at all –
continuing to thrive on speculation and fatal assumption
that hastens rather than quells the fall
rom Dec 2018
in this sunlit afternoon
i sit still as i watch everything pass by
as i watch the smoke cloud the road that – if taken – will bring me home
as i stay here, anchored, even though my heart is already far ahead
far down the road you always take where it is the only thing that can follow you
wondering if you are okay
(please be okay)
wondering if you have eaten
(please don't starve yourself)
wondering... wondering... always wondering...
– only wondering.

the sun has already set
and i remain here, anchored, as i let my heart continue down that road
while you remain blissfully unaware
that you're guiding it home.
rom Nov 2018
patawad sa mahal kong akala ko'y lumisan na
sa paggunaw ng kaisipan sa mga bagay na pinipilit nitong takbuhan
ngunit bumubulong ang puso gamit ang lirikong tayo lang ang nakaiintindi –
mababalikan pa ba ang ritmong ito
o mananatili na lamang sa kasalukuyang pintig?
rom Jun 2018
we are not so different –
the sky and i
with tears we replenish what is most fundamental
for her, the earth
for me, my soul
but its abundance may **** what it's trying to revive
inspired by the heavy rain as of late.
rom Apr 2018
i fear the Summer
for Dawn arrives early and her touch that rouses the sky
sends you promptly to sleep
while i am left alone in this blinding light

i fear the Autumn
for when she approaches,
the leaves that conceal my longing for your embrace
gently fall to the terrain underneath

i fear the Winter
for she strips me *****
and destroys the guise i made from the canopy of my brethren –
the canopy that shielded my grotesque body and gnarled veins from your gaze

and i mostly fear the Spring
for when the evening comes and the Wind sings her tune,
sweeping my leaves into her trail,
i wish for her to carry them to you
where i am reminded once more that nothing on this land can reach you
during the night
(since this burning desire that shall remain as it is will never curtail our distance)
and moreso during the day
(when you slowly fade from my sight)
wew first piece for 2018 ! inspired while I was in the campus of ADMU
rom Dec 2017
sing me a song of your city
tell me a tale of the lands you sought
patch this splintered heart of mine
with whispers of the Wind's unhindered thoughts
guide it down this gentle Stream
let it ruffle her currents born of grief
while i wait by the edge of these beguiling waters
hoping for a traveler, like you, to pass by
while i wait, chilled and drenched in the cold
wondering if you'll find this lonely crook
and hear our anguished cries.
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