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1d · 91
A soft heart💓
Being soft heart is not my weakness
But i found that,
Your hard heart makes you emotionless.

Today you are far away for me,
By your hard heart.
I know you may be restless,
Without you me too soulless,
By my soft heart.

I want to forgot you nd move forward
But your beautiful memories pushes me backward

what will i do with a soft heart
That makes me soulless without you.
What will you do with your hard heart
That makes you restless without me.

This poetry is based on my experience about love ,nd also based on Imagination.
Thanks for reading.💓
Oct 4 · 286

My shayari....
Thanks for reading.
I know
I'm not a poet like You.

You know
Tie words in pearl of beads
But can't.

You know
chosen heart from your heart warming words
But i can't.

You have an art
But i haven't

O know
I'm not a poet like you

Its just few line about a poet,
Poetry is not about words...its all about feel,think,and mostly by touches someones herts by your beautiful words.
Sep 24 · 111
Nidhi Jaiswal Sep 24
Miss him like raindrops dripping on me
Talk series
Thanks for reading.
Sep 23 · 148
Nidhi Jaiswal Sep 23
I want to find you, so I am willing to lose everything.
talk series..
Thanks for reading.
Sep 23 · 138
Nidhi Jaiswal Sep 23
I think too much to move forward on forgetting you,Even if you go ahead with me.
Talk series
Thanks  for reading.
Sep 2 · 165
I hate myself,
I want to self love myself,
but why i  can't.

I have inadvertently changed,
The girl who was sea in herself,
Has become puddle today,
Why am i so changed.

I want to take a step forward,
But my broken heart push me backward.
Why i feel so

i want to do self love again
but  i haven't courage

This situation of someones life when they feel that they can't move ahead in their life.
sometimes a regret break us in the same way..we wan't to ans the self qs but we feel we can't.
Thanks for reading.
Sep 2 · 195
Sweet Poison
Sweet Poison
I had have so many sweet person
In my life.
Who later turned into sweet poison.

Sweet Poison
I had ave so many sweet person
In my life.
Who later turned into sweet poison.
Just a thought come on my mind.
Aug 19 · 179
Broken Memories🦋
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 19
i'm like a diver i went to deep sea
in search of memories pearl
I know that it is impossible to find pearls in the sea of memories.
Pain in heart
Restless soul
I was lost as a diver in search of pearls in the deep sea.
My hands were digging the ground
Heart was desperate for a pearl in the sea of memories
Broken memories took the shape of a pearl
And i search it like a diver in the deep sea

Again and Again
This poetry is based on my broken memories.
i remember it time to time..and I feel restless sometimes.
Thanks for reading
Aug 17 · 198
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 17
Freedom is not a name of flying bird
it is unit of every living being
And right of our soul
Every creature is independent and free in universe
This nature
The thought of others binds us in chains
We should break binding rule of cage
And makes whole world as free

Freedom is our right,And we should change out thoughts..before this freedom is not possible.On the occasion of independence day i would like to say all..please Change our thoughts..and make our and peaceful.
Thanks for reading.
Aug 14 · 311
Shadow Talk👀
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 14
Today i asked with my shadow
why you always walk with me
In smiling way,
my shadow said..No one is with you only i'm.

Just a though come on my mind...when i walk i see my shadow...who always with every moments.
Thanks for reading.
Aug 12 · 242
🤍Lost Love🤍
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 12
🤍I have nothing to lose🤍
🤍I lost everything I lost my love🤍
🤍My existence🤍
🤍Nothing i have to lost again🤍
🤍Lost love🤍
When you lost your love than you have nothing to love.I'm not explain about the love of relationship..anything which you love most,than when you feel like the same.
Thanks for reading.
Just a thought come on my mind an i write it on page.!!!
Aug 12 · 192
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 12
At the end nothing will permanent
except good wok

we should spread

Just a beautiful thought come on my mind and i write it on a page.
Thanks for reading
Aug 11 · 641
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 11
In rain
when i weep
who understand my tears on rainy water
The thought came on my mind,When i'm in rain and i wish..susshhh
someone in my life who understand when i weep ..they feel
Thanks for reading.
Aug 11 · 234
Oh Life❔
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 11
Oh life
You have given me so much happiness
And also same amount of troubles
Oh life
Everything was just balance
I was happy in my balance life
Oh life
You gave me good friends
You took it all away from me
Oh life
Is it the rule of balance

Where there is happy there must be sorrow
Where there is love there must be hate
Where there is pain there must gain

I have everything but i feel sometimes i have nothing
Please give your opinion..
Is it the rule of balance?
Aug 11 · 236
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 11
she said to him
Delete your emotions and move ahead in life

love is nothing
He said to her
This is my heart not an app to uninstall programme

if you want to forget its your choice
if i want to remember its my choice
Just a short line come on my mind.i write it on page.
That is based on true story.
Thanks for reading.
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 11
🍁When i left my eyes🍁
🍁Too see skies🍁
🍁I see moon and stars🍁
🍁Miles away from my heart🍁
🍁I found that🍁
🍁Stars peeping me like my mother🍁
And moon gaze me like my hero father
Just an art to write my Felling in such way..i'm glad after writing it i feel so much amazed.You also feel like the same...
But parents are like tree which give shade us..
Thanks for reading.
Aug 10 · 122
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 10
What's a beautiful name only to hear ''CURRENT''
But when we experienced it
We really understand how beautiful it is.

"CURRENT" describes "motion in the ocean"
Today i move in such ocean
I feel "OCEAN"is not made for me it is for diver..

In physics language
Current is rate of flow of charge through conductor
opposite to the flow of electron
In my language
current is rate of flow of charge through any object
may be humans too
and direction of our movement.

Just for fun i write few line based on my experience.
Thoughts comes on my mind an i write it on a page...
Thanks for reading.
Aug 10 · 171
🦋Pain & Pleasure🦋
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 10

"Both pain and pleasure in life must need
In certain cases pain make us strong...and pleasure is our happiness."
"Pain and Pleasure"
Just a thought come on my mind and i write it.
Aug 10 · 236
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 10
✨in face of✨


✨happine­ss ✨

Mother and father second god in face of humans worshiping them humans get all happiness of their life.

Thanks for reading.
Aug 10 · 157
His Name🎀
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 10
His name resides on my heart like "SAN"
''SAN'' sino-atrial node
That generate maximum no of action potential
On my heart...
By rhythmic contraction...
When other name i found like that
My heart rhythmic contraction increases...
''SAN'' moves up and down
Due to this i feel restless sometimes.
But after that his name resides on my heart like''SAN"
By din't of this i live today
My pacemaker
I write it when i study my biology book,i feel like the situation so i write it on like this manner.
Really i feel so much happiness with My"SAN''
Thanks for reading.
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 10
My life is like a frog of a well
For which his whole world is well

Difference is that,
Frog happy in the well..
But human's can't live like this...

I am talking about the society where i live
Here girls are considered as burden
They have no right in present time
Neither higher education nor good care.

I was born in that hollow society
Have been in conflicts since childhood
I was fond of reading
but after that i didn't get good education
Due to thinking of my villagers and society
They think what will the girls do by reading and writing
Due to this thinking no girl is given higher education.
They are married at a young age
But i thought i don't want to be like them
I used to speak to the housemates since childhood, I have to go out to study
But they are not ready...
I weep daily for this
why i'm a girl?
But then thought of wiping tears
I have to change the thinking of people who think that girls cannot do anything.

Everything was depend on my 10th exam
My father said,if you got good marks than i will send you out of village for higher education..
I was belong a poor family no more light
Without teacher i read
And i got the rank 1st on my district,
Than after,No one is ready to send me out of town for study...
I'm weeping loudly for 2 days..
I said,i will left house if you do not read...

Than in last time i take admission out of my village for higher education
We don't know about the institute where i take admission
There was no much good education
I was Hindi board student
But that was CBSE...English board
After that,
I study well on there but not get good marks...
My family thinks about me,
Went to go out,she changed..mean that they think i'm bad
Sometimes I think that everyone is misunderstanding me because of that mark, my own people don't believe me
It's been difficult for me to live in this environment
But what i will do if it is write in my destiny.

Sometimes i ask god,
Those who have nothing, are happy in their place because they believe in them.
But don't believe me on my own
But i know i have to come out of my life

I feel like my life is too difficult
I just wan't to out of such situation
And for this i am trying
I hope I succeed soon.

''My Struggle is my inspiration"
This story is based on my my situation in today's time. I felt anxiety i don't know what i will do..but after that..i 'm too strong..i will tried to give my full power to out it..
i think its a boring story for others..but its an inspiration for me...
Thanks for reading.
Mano to jeevan ek chah hai
Mritu ek kathor sach
Jo aaya hai so jayega
jise koi jhutla nahi sakta hai

koi hamare liye fool bo jata hai
Aur koi hamare liye kanta
par in ful bone walo ko hm marke bhi bhula nahi pate hai
Aur kanta bone walo ko yad karke bhula dete hai
hamme kya kami hai jo in fulo ki jagah kante bo jate hai
Aur ye kante aane wali pidhi ko bhi chubha de jate hai.

i had been written this poem when i 'm in class 6th.
Today i remember it,this is based on my own thoughts.
Jo bhi iss duniya me aaya hai usko kuch eaise kam karne chaiye jisse ye duniya unko marke bhi bhula nahi paye.
padhne ke liye sukriya.
Thanks for reading.
Aug 9 · 99
Today a friend of mine call me
she asked me about  preparation of exam...
I said her;
Not so good but i will tried to give my best.

After few seconds...

She asked;
why not so good?
I replied to her,
Poetry is my passion;after a long time i again write again it on hello poetry.
So i don't give my full concentration on study now.

few times later...

she asked me;
Is your heart not broken?
I replied to her;
Why you asked me like this question?
she replied;
"Often people become poets after breaking heart"


Today this question is on my mind...
peoples become poets after breaking heart?
Try to give your opinion....
Aug 9 · 179
Infamous streets🦋
"My heart is broken into pieces,
I wanna give piece of my broken hearts in the shape of a fist,
Because i read in books,
Heart shape is like a clenched fist."

"Every evening,
Going through those infamous streets,
I collected my heart pieces,
And i tried to give it the shape of clenched,
But i failed,
Every evening."

I cry on a deserted street in infamous streets,
It seems like it is raining without the weather,
Tears tear my broken heart pieces,
I want to add this,
But every evening remains in the grasp in fist,
And pieces of my heart get lost in infamous streets.
This poetry is based on the situation when we want to move on.
But we have no dare to do it,broken heart have no courage to add again.
Every evening when i sleep i lost in,This poetry is also based on my imagination.
Thanks for reading.
Aug 9 · 139
Good Bad👁
I know i 'm bad
but i want to be good one
and i will!

Than i'm not bad.
because i have desire to be good one
And good desires never think bad one
So i'm good.
No one is good or bad.
If a bad person thinks to be good one
Than he is good.
This is my opinion
Thanks for reading.
Aug 9 · 120
Force Of Fun👀😂
Due to force of gravity;
An apple fall down from tree;
And Newton's gave law of gravity.
In Today's time,
I feel situation like same.
Due to force of attraction;
Boy's falling behind girls;
And we gave the law of attraction.

This poem is for enjoyment...
I really felt like the situation so i write in like such manner
Thanks for reading.
Aug 9 · 190
Iron Magnet✨
"I made my heart like an iron
but he came like a  magnet to steal iron"

This few lines is based on my personal experience about life.
Someones make their heart is so strong. I think about myself,
i made it like an iron but still he came like magnet to steal iron.
Thanks for reading.
Aug 8 · 173

When you think deeply you feel that in this universe nothing is like praising.
"Kindness" is only the best verse of living organism,either it is plant ,animal,birds or etc.
Thanks for reading.
Aug 8 · 237
Cause of Weep👀
I weep daily............
After weeping i feel so much relief

I feel so much relief after weeping..Weeping is need to be strong one.
It's also an exercise to remove extra burden of mind,after weep we feel in relief.
Thanks for reading my opinion.
Aug 8 · 353
Roses 🌹My Pain :(
This rose color makes me sting,
Its petals bite my soul like a knife,
Thorns pierced my heart,
My grin is lost in the dense forest,
That rose reigns in that dense forest.

Blood tears coming out of my eyes,
just like,
dew drop of the rose petals seen,
My heart is thundering like a cloud,
Tears like raining in dense forest.

These rose colors are like my sorrow color,
Red color is like the blood of my loved ones who died,
White color is like shroud of my loved ones who died.

Rose makes my eyes restless,
My heart soulless,
I do not want to see them,
But in my dense forest, roses are roses.
This poetry is based on Imagination
in which i am the part of such dense forest where only roses and roses,every roses are cause of my pain..its make me restless.
But after i'm part of such forest.
where only pain resides.
Thanks for reading
Aug 7 · 176
Life Is Race
i feel
life is like a race
we are horse in face of humans.

but still,
horse have no self control,
humans have self control.
The winner is always horse.
This poetry is based on my opinion on today's time
We are humans but again we are part of this ride.
Everyone want's to reach at topmost position in today's time due to this they also do bad works.So the winner of ride is always horse.
Thanks for reading.
The cow is crying
In moaning tune
She cursing.

*Last few days
I was on a trip of village
When i was on the way
Lightning started flashing
Cloud thunder
The wind was so strong
Trees shaken up,
Hut started flying*

Our car stopped on the deserted road,
The sound started coming from the cloud,
You are not human, you have become crazy,
There were snowflakes in the raindrops,
Nature showing their havoc!
The spirit of revenge was taking the form of a spark,
Nature get disturbed by human work.

When i reached to village,
I saw an old cow crying,
There were clouds of sorrow on his face,
It seemed like she want's to asked question from everyone!

*I checked the goods
I found that cow shepherd did not let him eat
She was a pregnant cow
She went to graze in garden
The owner of the garden tortured him a lot
And she lost her child
Since then and crying.*

The spirit of revenge was taking the form of a spark,
Nature get disturbed by human work
"Nature showing their havoc"
This poetry is based on a true story,In today's time humanity get lost..due to this..Animals are tortured time to time,Rad data list is filled with extension of animals in today's time.we should control it.
The spirit of revenge was taking the form of a spark,
Nature get disturbed by human work
_**Nature showing their havoc!**_
Thanks for reading.
Aug 7 · 159
"Poet and Poems"
Poet and poems
The relation is like undefined
"Mother for child"
"Heartbeat for heart"
"Oxygen for breathe"
without a poem poets feel soulless
Their heart cry when they loose their poems
Everything is poem for a poet
"Money and Health"
prosperity is poem for a great poet
Writing is their passion
Reading is their hobby.

i feel that
No one can define
relation undefined relation filled with all happiness.
i loose my poems,i Feel like loose of everything
Thanks for reading.
Aug 6 · 219
I don't want,
to be someones,
I just want,
to be good protector,
of humanity

Protector of humanity is my 1st aim.
i want to serve Nation...and whole world..Humanity is the best way to serve nation.
Thanks for reading.
Aug 6 · 355
every night he come like an UNKNOWN,
an go on morning like an UNKNOWN,
what will i do with this dream EVERY NIGHT,
you were not mine!
why do you come like this FALSE DREAM,
sneak trough the DARKNESS of NIGHT,
touching my skin!
rubbing me!
kissing me!
what should i do about this dream,
that never happened!
EVERY NIGHT it come to my dream and leave in MORNING!

This poetry is based on imagination,
Of someones life in the way to express their love.
Thanks for reading.


When someone touches and you feel that Blossom and wither
That moment you feel like
A beautiful flower filled with wonderful beauty.
Thanks for reading.
Ram Mandir"Ayodhya"
after 500 years a golden moment in indian history of india💖
Ram Mandir to be built in "Ayodhya"
I feel so proud to be country like in India.
There are many conflicts between communities here but the love and respect for other is always greater.
I have no words to describe my "INDIA"
"diverse country where peoples of many religions live together peacefully with their on separate cultures!"
Oldest culture of world around 5000 years...
narendra modi.

Ram Mandir"Ayodhya"
Again a proudful moment in Indian culture.
Aug 6 · 228
Ever since we meet
my laugh and his cry started.

This poetry is based on reality of my imagination in which when we meet together one cried and other laughs.
Laugh is due to the kindness of love...and cried is due to fear of lose.
Thank you for reading.
Aug 6 · 167
Hate v/s Love
I hate you
just another way to say
I love you.

I have seen that whom we love and we speak to them, we hate them
So about my opinion,
I hate you
just another way to say
I love you.
Thanks for reading.
Love with wrong person breaks a man,
His heart pain,
Unbearable;No one can explain.

He wants to forget it,
But he doesn't,
Broken heart has no courage for it.

His blind love binned him in a rattrap,
He knows stuck like rat in rattrap,
But he wants to spend his life in rattrap,
He truly lovely with wrong person.

This poetry is based on my experience about love.
LOVE may be makes a man when true love with true person,but it breaks a man too when true love with wrong person.
Thanks for reading!!
Aug 5 · 222
Her Eyes👁‍🗨
Her eyes were deep like sea
and i was thirsty like diver
when we saw each other
it seemed like
moment just stopped
our one min is equal to thousand year
in which all the happiness of life was.

love is the biggest force than gravity,
when we are in love.
we find moment is just stopped and we move whole world!!
Aug 5 · 156
Don't Give UP!
Don't give up!
Today is bad day for you,
Tomorrow may be the best day for you,
Wake up Wake up....
Work hard till the last breath,
Set your goal complete it with your last breath,
Wake up Wake up...
Be a gold fish everyday tomorrow will be golden,
Handle your self and don't look down,
Wake up Wake up...
Don't give up!

WE should always try at the last moment.
Don't give up!
Wake up Wake up...
Aug 5 · 155
There is no doubt
No violence
I have surrendered
My life
In the feet of god.
God resides in my soul.

In the whole world if you will search happiness that's found in feet of god.
One and only god can hear you,
Aug 5 · 62
My Own Thought✨
I left to walk on the road
where there is cloud of sorrow
and rain of pain.

This write is based on my present condition,which is filled with lots of hope,and i left to regret that's make me sorrowful!
In few words a new life is waiting ,that would be filled of sweet hopes.
My opinion.
Aug 5 · 267
When i see mirror
I feel that
No one understand me
Except my image on the mirror.

The short line is filled with a great message of my heart,i never think to be good one in front of others. but i'm like that who wants understands everyone but me not by and only my image understands me.
Thanks for reading.
Aug 5 · 141

Life is too light but burden of wishes and dreams make it heavier than mountain so we committed suicide.
Aug 5 · 167
Is like an eraser
It gets smaller
Every mistakes

Trust is like an eraser its gets smaller after every mistake.
i post it on my back account,again i repost it.....
Thanks for reading.
Aug 5 · 394

Life is like a candle.
It gets smaller and more delicate day by day
In an open hut
There was a hole in the roof
from which sunlight comes on hut.

In every evening
sitting on the wooden chair in front of hole
i thought my past and future
i cried loudly
My soul was dead for two moments of happiness
My tears was red like blood
Who started falling on the ground every evening
By din't of this
Earth crust is like red.

One evening
Again i sit on my wooden chair
Clouds started thundering ...
lightning started shining...
Hut started moving...
Cloud started like raining...
i was lost in my memories
i cried,and tears like blood.

But that evening,
my tears become colorless due to rain drop
Red "danger color" disappeared
for few moments
I feel past sorrowful memories
Are flow like water
A new thought come on my mind,
that is filled with my sweet memories,
Of past and future which gives me happiness.

This poem is based on sorrow and past moment of our life,
That is based on imagination.
The title"wooden chair in the hut"
filled with deep sorrow and great happiness.
I just share my ideas with everyone.
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