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Radhika Ghimire Dec 2020
I am sending a parcel on its wings,
Be careful when you open it.
It has full of beautiful things inside,  
108 of waves, you are searching for.
The true colours you love, wrapped up in a blissful layer by layer,  our doorway to knowledge path,
Expounding the absolute power,
As committed and receptive naturally.

The parcel I am sending you, to say how much I miss you.
Holding the heart- " the mystical heart",
Where you always remain, beautifully inside it.

I am sending a parcel on its wings,
Be careful when you open it.
The remaining just flower for you, the way the potters wheel is,
Opens up various levels of perception,  
Everytimes puts out, when it silence, gets hurts.
I am trying to be flower for you to your potential,  external  and largely fortunately internal.

I am sending a parcel  on its wings,   be careful when you open it.
Better to maintain conducive atmosphere
Is called KAVACH, create a cocoon energy inside,
That simply transmit that you wish.

The parcel , it has , things inside,  full of beautiness
That you had initiated into meditativeness,  
generating receptivity , you transmitted into me,
In a short time,
as a doorway to knowledge.

I am sending a parcel on its wings,
Trying to  praise your emotional integrity,
Whatever i send, be careful when you open it.
The beautiful things inside it,  The thought
Quiet powerful transforms spiritual process.
Starting the aware of kundalini with the help of ganapati.

I am sending a parcel on its red wings.
Grounded bases of balance emotional issues.
For reduction of anxiety to energize your powerful spirituality.
With another parts of parcel  on its orange wings.
Which help you to open up for the feeling of
Maintaining harmoneous relationship together.
Because of human beings being empowered with this.

To promote your beautifully things,  self confedence and
To be continued effective manner in which you are travelling miles and miles,
See in this parcel.

I am sending a power with  its yellow wings,
Be careful when you open it.

It has full of beautiful heart , the mystical heart..
On its green wings
Having full of love , kindness,  experiencing compassion which you opened a balance of sympathetic love.
During our conversations.

I am sending a parcel on its blue wings .
When you open it carefully,  you will find positivity,
Singing a song that you most love.
It has also contain a indigo one called 3rd eye
Helps you to visualize inside
And connected the way the path of spiritual heaven.

I am sending a parcel on its violet wings
The crown you will find,
When you open it carefully.
Enjoying with spiritual connections.
Creation of emotion, bonding meditative path.
Melt completely wisdom.
Leaving probably me alone
In the world a path spiritual
Where we will be reunions
Our soul again and again.
Meaningful parcel
tabitha Apr 2017
a boy staggers to our side of the street
something was different, but he seemed sweet
drunkenly, i asked him if he was trippin'
she reprimands me for pointing it out
he looks scared, we tell him he's ok
he pulls her in, desperately
she holds him, possessively
bile from his belly escapes, stealthily, from his lips
it drips it drips it drips
onto her head
"It's ok it's ok it's ok"
she holds my joint to his mouth to settle his stomach
i don't want her to because i can see the gloss of bile still on his lips
he told us his name was Savannah, it wasn't
he staggered away from us to the other side of the street
to his car
his car
"you forgot your jacket, please don't drive"
i approach, i hold his hand
he mistakes that as an invitation to kiss me
i ask him if it was his first night with Lucy
where are his friends?
"i don't know"
he cranks his key into the ignition in all the wrong ways
windshield wipers start going off, blinkers, headlights, the horn
i have the thought that maybe he thinks his car is a Bop-It
"walk with us, don't drive, ok?"
he steps out of the car
i lean into the car, finagling his keys out of the ignition
his face changes
he grabs every follicle of hair inhabiting the back of my scalp and throws me into the middle of Haight
"who the **** are you who the **** are you"
my body bag of bones smacks down on the pavement
i've never been assaulted by a stranger, only by people close to me
i want to hurt him before he could hurt me again
there's no one around to stop him from doing more
only her, but she doesn't see
and she couldn't, even if she wanted to
and neither could i

"i'm trying to help you, Savannah"
his eyes? black
mind? crowded
chest? heaves like a rabid dog
heart? frightened beyond measure

he is strong and he is paranoid
his fear magnifies mine  
i, in yet another encounter with a raging young white male...
in situations like this, what have other womxn done?


but i can't leave her
she's on the curb, talking about nothing
with some other random *******
she's testing out her drunk love eyes
they stand so close to each other
i tug her sleeve, begging to go
she's not hearing me
"please, let's go"
she waves me off

Savannah stares at me from across the street like a confused ape
giant eyes, easily threatened, could rip you apart at any second
i have the keys to my car, i can just go
i don't want him to hurt me again
i want to go, i want to go, but i can't leave her

"if you love me, come with me NOW, please"
that line always works in the movies, but life is not a movie
to my dismay
this catches her attention, but not in the way i want
she hunches and steps toward me,
"how dare you say i don't love you?"
"i'm scared, we need to go"
"do you know what i've done for you?"
she's still stepping towards me, i'm tripping backwards
"that's not what i meant, please let's go"
it's 2am in San Francisco
we're yelling, in front of a bar called Zem Zem
"he threw me into the street"
she's tripping on her own feet

i, in yet another encounter with a raging alcoholic that i love
what's to be done when they're in this state?


we woke up in my car where i'd parked it the night before
the side i'd landed on when Savannah threw me was a bit sore

she said we were both in the wrong
an act of violence is committed against me, and i'm wrong
what am i to you? i wonder
i could have left her
but that's against my programming
you know, the software some parents install
to ensure co-dependency and lack of individuality
i didn't have the strength to argue
that falls in line with my programming
sometimes our oppressors are the people we love most

if i believed in anything like spirits or supernatural beings,
this memory would be one of my beautiful little ghosts
life is so messy.
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 2020
His name resides on my heart like "SAN"
''SAN'' sino-atrial node
That generate maximum no of action potential
On my heart...
By rhythmic contraction...
When other name i found like that
My heart rhythmic contraction increases...
''SAN'' moves up and down
Due to this i feel restless sometimes.
But after that his name resides on my heart like''SAN"
By din't of this i live today
My pacemaker
I write it when i study my biology book,i feel like the situation so i write it on like this manner.
Really i feel so much happiness with My"SAN''
Thanks for reading.
Behold San Gabriel!
the far mountain is
stunningly ascendent
the city's smog
dissipates into a
a welcomed hiatus
white glaciated peaks
bespeak nature’s regency
a City of Angels’ crowned
in a mystic halo once again

Thunderous roads are silent
highway death tolls nose dive
life expectancy for the driven grows
Mother’s cry a million less tears
Tollkeepers palms are left wanting

For the uberites
the celestial scales
of supply and demand
have tipped gas prices in our favor
A litre of petrol costs but a few pesos

cars roaring down side streets
coating curbs with
noxious exhaust has stopped
Street running stick ballers eye
2nd base manhole covers
as safe to steal again

Some have been granted
A reprieve from a harried life
vexations of frenetic ways dwindle
The welcomed respite of downtime
Salves a bruised and battered soul

We’re invited  to dip our toes
Into small pools of leisure time
Escape to a hobby’s fascination
luxuriate in childlike frivolity

Time has opened for families
An evening’s repast
is holy communion
The wholesomeness
of a home cooked meal
Manna from heaven our daily bread
We share a sip from a cup of salvation

Climb up slide down
some shoots and ladders
Gingerly remove a funny bone
Without the red nose buzzing
Spend time in Abuela’s old kitchen
Learn her secrets of family recipes
Passed down from ancient
Borinquen forebears

Challenge creative sensibilities
Let the muse whisper a song
Into your willowy ear
Draw a portrait of a loved one
wash a buena vista watercolor
Compose a poem of perfect simplicity
record the glorious fictions of family history
Place yourself at the center of its epic struggle
Go noodle a tune on the old upright
Dust off that old guitar and flash some new hot licks
Take out the bongos and bang away
The blues are routed for another day

Sing a family circle song
where Daddy sings bass
Take an afternoon nap,
let the cat purr you to sleep
Enjoy the escape
of an afternoon delight
Than walk the dog afterward
in warm eventide twilite

The skies are resoundingly silent
Gushing engines contrail plumes gone
Jets blessedly overthrown by
silhouettes of crows on the wing
Listen to a new meditative lullaby, the
splendid symphony of avian adagios

Plug in to your body electric
Learn to breathe as deeply as you love
Listen to the rhythms of your heartbeat
And fine tune the condition of your soul

Eschew usurpations of politics
And tyrants that cajole to oppress
Seek solidarity in common citizenship
Take refuge in the courage of integrity
And dwell in the unity of the holy spirit

May a pandemic of love consume you
May your crisis open a portal of grace
May the closeness of friends and family
Restore you to a much better place

San Gabriel Mountains beckon
His halo crowns us all
stirred by the trilling trumpet
Wholly affirmed and filled
We answer his call

Bob Dylan: Thunder on the Mountain

Puyallup WA
pandemic downtime affords some time to reflect and open portals to new places....
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
If You Come to San Miguel
by Michael R. Burch

If you come to San Miguel
before the orchids fall,
we might stroll through lengthening shadows
those deserted streets
where love first bloomed ...

You might buy the same cheap musk
from that mud-spattered stall
where with furtive eyes the vendor
watched his fragrant wares
perfume your ******* ...

Where lean men mend tattered nets,
disgruntled sea gulls chide;
we might find that cafetucho
where through grimy panes
sunset implodes ...

Where tall cranes spin canvassed loads,
the strange anhingas glide.
Green brine laps splintered moorings,
rusted iron chains grind,
weighed and anchored in the past,

held fast by luminescent tides ...
Should you come to San Miguel?
Let love decide.

Published by Romantics Quarterly, Poetry Life & Times and Muddy River Poetry Review. Keywords/Tags: San Miguel, vacation, summer, love, affair, cafe, cafetucho, anhingas, cranes, sea, tides, bay, moorings, green, brine
Terry Collett Oct 2019
I surveyed the scene
about me

it was our first camp base
and out tents
were in a field
a guide pointed out

It was raining heavy
and I and this ex-army guy
ran towards our tent
and once there
we clambered inside
and zipped up

They say the rain in Spain
he said
but didn't finish

we could hear the rain
hit the canvas
above our heads

there was little room
in the tent to do much
so we lay on our sleeping bags
our cases unopened
by our sides

I mused on Miriam
and wondered who
she was shacked up with

ex-army spoke about
his time in the army
and his mother's new boyfriend
whom he loathed

and I hoped the rain
would soon stop
so I could get
a beer and burger
with fries from the cafe
in the main building
and find Miriam

but it rained still
and I listened half-heartedly
as Ex-army got on
with his dismal speech

and I wanted Miriam
but she
was far from reach.
Radhika Ghimire May 2019
From the entire peace can see a power
Brings out a beauty would stock the soul
Highlights the strength with your smiles
sun is spreading lights Seeing your smile
warming the soul to open life enough.
When you have peace from entire enough
Opens the smile for beat of next breath.

When you smile, power me my power smiles
Shows a glimpse into you from entire peace

When your smiles comes from entire
Saves my day, breaks my peace
Nothing is powerful as moon shines
When you smile the stars blink
Unbelievable turns me to your presence
When your smile in your inner express
Speaks me your perfection of peace
Saves my day, tells me to be alive with
Every times smells staring entire
Encourages the sense to beat my breath
shows the beauty of peace in that smile
Wish to lost melting soul within you within this piece

The clicks of your smile makes my night
Gives me the light even in dark night
I can feel the vibrate of your smile
Makes me deeper and deeper and deeper
Closure and closure every time you see
Inspiring to be deep into this smile
Vibrate the heart , paint into spirit
As to make you Murali Madhuri in your smile
Makes me to be a poem watering
The beautiful words to experience perfection from your image
Feels as painter painting your picture In my heart in my soul
When you smile my world regains Its peace and happy I realize why I exist
To remember the happiest of happy.
The peace of entire peace with your beautiful smile.
Radhika Ghimire Jan 2019
a lovely person , caring; and sensitive...
I don't even think , wonderful things,
To your eyes blow warm moist.
The tension almost, draw attention,
Drop of eyes with full of tears,
Conveyed the message,
Telling me you are sensitive..

Waiting a way up and down
Flaming lips inside out
Taking long breath with a hope
Used to say, am i good?
Inspire me easing warmth,
Used to say to my soul onto you
I look deeply into your eyes,
into depths, you were unknown,
Taking you, into a knot.
Wish never loose the notion,
Knowingly unknowingly
You consumed me slowly,
With a breath, telling me,
You are sensitive!!

Never break, a slice made,
I am consumed inside you ,
feeling warmth setting me,
ease the length tightening the knot,
Telling me never break ,
Eyes out, tongue sleeps,
you are sensitive!!!!!
You are sensitive!!!!!
NewCaleBoy Aug 2018
the extermination of the straight white male

soon we will be gone and the remainder carried over into zoos for
“safekeeping,” our DNA and ***** harvested for science purposes

you will be pitched advertisements

send $ to San Diego Zoo so they can save the few remaining
white rhinos (which they neglect to mention are in preserves in Kenya and the Sudan, but send $$ a way)
and the last three straight white guys
(surfer, techie, and an aborigine)
to preserve the species so the world can modify their cells
to stop sexism, racism and other male diseases
gonna maybe mate them with the rhinos,
which will be expensive cause of all the rhinoplasty,

so send me some
money, money, money

Emily Miller Jun 2018
Shadows move with my feet on the cobblestone
from the sunlight dancing on the picado banners
that stretch between buildings
And offer some reprieve
From the Texas sun.

The mouth-watering scent of pan dulce
Draws children to the glass fronts of the old bakery,
And they flit between sweet breads
And figurines of brilliant colors
Crowding stands run by elderly craftsmen and women with big smiles-

San Antonio,
There’s something in your streets.
Something binds me to your old, leaning buildings,
And the murals that decorate them,
San Antonio,

My first memories of reading
Reside on 600 Soledad Street
between the shelves of the Big Enchilada,
And dapple down through the glossy, colorful limbs
of its Chihuly spine.

You exist in the border between coastal plains and the hill country,
Mesquite trees and palm trees living side by side
Just as the German and Spanish settlements do,
The missions becoming as much a part of the land
As the Guadelupe.

With tequila on my tongue,
And boots on my feet,
I’m prepared to bask in the warmth absorbed by sandy loam
And breathe in the smell of elotas on a Sunday afternoon
To the sound of San Fernando’s bells,

Oh, San Antonio…
I’ve never wished for a better dwelling,
Even one with cooler summers
And smoother streets,
Oh, San Antonio…

I’d be a fool to leave you,
To call another home,
And I’ve never found myself foolish before,
So my dearest, sweetest, most proud San Antonio,
I am here to stay.
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