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Traci Sims May 2017
We were scaling Mount Si
when a cloud rolled in so thick
we had to wipe the mist from our faces.
Our shadows, already growing longer,
disappeared entirely
and the time we measured
by the burning in our legs
and the shortness of our breath
seemed to go with them.
Light no longer came just from above,
it was all around us, equally,
and it was then that I thought part of us
would never return and that moment
would never end, when you gasped
and whispered, LOOK,
your arm outstretched,
and there floating out of the fog
was a ghost, and then a shadow,
and finally stepping onto the rocks
as new as creation itself,
a beautiful, white ram.

From "Bird's Nest In Your Hair" by Brian Jobe
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 2020
Ram Mandir"Ayodhya"
after 500 years a golden moment in indian history of india💖
Ram Mandir to be built in "Ayodhya"
I feel so proud to be country like in India.
There are many conflicts between communities here but the love and respect for other is always greater.
I have no words to describe my "INDIA"
"diverse country where peoples of many religions live together peacefully with their on separate cultures!"
Oldest culture of world around 5000 years...
narendra modi.

Ram Mandir"Ayodhya"
Again a proudful moment in Indian culture.
Äŧül Jul 2020
1857 was some years older,
Bhaaratvarsh was still a slave.

No Hïnđū king after Śïvājī had been bolder,
None dared guerrilla attacks from a mountain cave.

No Hïnđū queen after Läkšmībāī was braver,
None consumed the patriotism wine agave.

Mughal or howsoever other tyrannical kings were,
The Colonial Age was worse and it was a blur.

Bhāräŧ knows how to make things better,
And I am sure about this administrator.

Mōđī Jī is as focused as a recluse,
And Yōgī Jī tolerates not a traitor.

Shāh Jī is the best strategist,
And the team is just perfect.

Smřŧï auntie is the best counsellor,
An example she is of the pink power.

Rājnāŧh Jī is the best caretaker,
Wise old man for the nation.

Doctor Härśvärđhän is now elevated,
He heads the World Health Organization.

Coronavirus and its disease, COVID19,
Originated in MainlandChina.

Extinction, it is threatening,
Now we all turn to Hïnđū values.

Sänāŧän Đhärmä is very scientific,
The blind faith belongs to aggressors.

The oldest **** sapiens sapiens,
In Jharkhand state, you will find its remains.

They say that history repeats itself,
Rām Rājyä beckons once again.
A tribute to the great Government of India.
We elected a good set of administrators.
Now have faith in Narendra Modi Ji and his handling of the COVID19 pandemic crisis.

My HP Poem #1867
©Atul Kaushal
“Call on Rama! call to Rama!
Oh, my brothers, call on Rama!
For this Dead
Whom we bring,
Call aloud to mighty Rama.
As we bear him, oh, my brothers,
Call together, very loudly,
That the Bhûts
May be scared;
That his spirit pass in comfort.
Turn his feet now, calling "Rama,"
Calling "Rama," who shall take him”
“When the flames
Make an end:
Ram! Ram!—oh, call to Rama.”

-Edwin Arnold.
I am a 16RAM program of a telegram whose programmer programmed to deprogram all pogrom to the last gram by the use of an epigram.

In simpler terms, I am a poet.
The full poem is on my page make sure to check it out, it's under the name: "A Toxic Love".
Here is an explication for those who haven't understood: I am the program of a telegram (I write the message ) My programmer (who is god) has programmed me (A debate of determinism and free will) to fight all pogrom (meaning an organized massacre of a particular ethnic group, but here it just stands for HATE)by the use of an epigram which means a short poem ;)

As for why I said a "16RAM" and not 8 or 32 or more or less...Is because I believe that I am mediocre, there are those who OH GOD write waaaay better than me...and those who were not meant for poetry. Anyways thank you for reading :)
Äŧül Nov 2019
Rallying in hordes of horses,
Assassins from malsI pillaged us,
Maraud they did our temples.

Merely by converting out from Đhärm,
And reading the Satanic Verses,
Never you do forget your roots,
Demolish the original temple they did,
India is Bhāräŧ and will always be,
Right now the Hïnđū people celebrate.
My HP Poem #1806
©Atul Kaushal
Karijinbba May 2019
All my seasons condensed
are here
and all of writers have passed
Winter Springs Fall Summer
all welcome to my shore
Watch out pounding waves old
like to splash as all of life is play this is my free will on stage
I am an actress you my audience
Entrance is free of charge
donations not required
Beware then
the sun here burns hot like me
no wonder everyone flies by
in their own orbit but few land.
My Aries fire must have some effect only cold bodies seek my heat as they pass careful not to land fearing to burn
The playful moon borrows light from sunny sign me tie in
and tie out
dancing round and about
glowing high all alone
shining best by days heat
waxing gibbous waning
first quarter last
like the pieces of me
mother Earth spins me
messangers notes uplift
or scorn me
beautiful in and out but many
Still fear the fire Ram me
alone but all seasons need me
only one twin celestial body
merged joyfully with mine heat
my once upon a life time partner
my old Irish cream!
I must be Mexican Irish
Perumpecha native
His Gin dubonnet
American with a hint of
Shamrock Trinity
By: Karijinbba
All rights reserved
Inspired my love life
by living and life's harships.
And by fly by's saying hello
Likes loves saving to collections
best of HP ...or not.:) It's all on free will.
Your Display Hues

Your Touch Cues

Caught me,

In Loop



© Feelings Coated
From the book Feelings Coated
Rui Rosa Jan 2019
We meet at "discord"
over an IPv4 connection
Talking for hours through microphone
Your electronic smile has awakened,
a feeling that the CPU does not process
You entered my HDD with your virtual love,
which filled so much space of illusions in RAM,
So much that it gave Blue Screen
A love story with some tech knowledge
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