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em Jun 6
the moon is 238,900 miles away
yet it still controls the tides
you are 783 miles away
and yet you still control my heart
I know how a magnet works
But never before
Have I seen such a pull
To find out where love lurks

I took a blind fall
Into the unknown
And there I saw her
And I knew I had a new call

It seemed like I forgot
About everything before
And didn't care about after
I wanted to stay and give it a shot

We all learn in different ways
I learned how magnets work
By having a sense of belonging
To be with someone to the end of my days
Star BG May 3
I am a magnet of my story.
A vibration,
moving in dancing steps.
A being in human form sacred.

I am a song scribing my journey.
A poet,
moving with golden pen
and dreams.

I am a magnet in my story.
A soul attracting abundance,
and light.

Magnet is activated
every morning with sun
each breath of light
by intention
and love the fuel of the universe.

What is your magnet attracted to?
We are the authors of our own stories.
Fill thy ink with intentions to love and miracles are born
Star BG Jan 26
I am like magnet
drawing in joy to release love
Cells expand
dancing in the moment.
Steps move gracefully inside light

I am like lodestone
trading negativity for the positive
Heart feels energized
from cosmos.
Tornado of breath moves
with wisdom,
abundance and freedom.

I am like solenoid
drifting inside peace
within the
dawn of new moments.
Eyes see beauty everywhere.
Mind is aligned with The Universe
as crown widens .
Age of Aquarius hello
Thought of a magnet and thus it was born
Jubail Aquino Oct 2018
Mga paningin nating laging nagkaka-bunggo,
pilit man itong pigilin kusa pa ring nag-tatagpo
ginagala ang mata sa bawat sulok ng kwadro,
upang ito ay itago ngunit sayo pa rin sa huli dumadapo.

Bilanggo ang aking mga salita
gawa ng paralisado kong dila
tuwing ikaw ay malapitan kong nakikita.

Bibig ko ay mga matang malaya
upang mangusap at mag-pahayag ng mga
salitang di ko kayang masambitla
sa tuwing mata nati'y nag-kakabangga,
nag-hihimutok ang damdamin kong nag-babaga.
Savy Sep 2018
I will escape from this world,
see the hero enter
imagine it is some beautiful mystery.
Whisper the truth about why
you ask this of me.
Can I haunt you in that life?
Imagine you in a different dream
create a new character,
give it all a new description,
answer all of your questions -
some of ours.
Fight against another chapter,
make you my favourite ending.
K Balachandran Jul 2018
dreamy blue mountains,
soaked in rained millenniums;
mystery’s magnet!
Keira May 2018
the ocean waves crash in and out
          in and out
on a loop
repeat after repeat repeat repeat
         again and again and again and again
a force pushes them
            a force pulls them
                                     push                  pull
                                          push          pull
                                             push     pull
like clockwork
like a magnet
-you & i
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2018
On friendship’s day
I bought 2 bar Magnets
Highly Polarized

Like minded on opposite polarity
N-S, then NS
So close, so connected
With “We” feeling.

Egoist on like polarity
N<>N, S<>S
Self centered, individualist
With “I/Me/Mine” feeling.

They possess
the same strength of
Connecting or repelling force
Either in one end, or

Just the polarity matters
How we keep them.
Theme: Human Relationship
Haruharu Feb 2018
We need each other.

The mess and I.

We're like magnets.

In the moments of silence, one of us calls.

The calm and peace kills us both.

Without chaos we wouldn't exist.

I no longer know who created who.

But I do know,

we're like yin and yang, the mess and I.
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