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Orakhal Oct 2020
once you've thought about it

catch it in the feeling below the kneck
before it reaches into your minds eye
your mood is the magnet to all thought realised
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 2020
"I made my heart like an iron
but he came like a  magnet to steal iron"

This few lines is based on my personal experience about life.
Someones make their heart is so strong. I think about myself,
i made it like an iron but still he came like magnet to steal iron.
Thanks for reading.
Strawberry Apr 2020
I'm tired of thinking of you
You and beauty are twins
Glory to my mind
Diving into the depths of my eyes

Oh my kingdom, how can I get to you?
No distance there is
between you and my heart
If you are away, you are my feelings and sences

Whenever I try to get away from you
My awareness rises my longing and longing for you

You are like a magnet
The farther I step away, it brings me back to you

Come and fill my heart with vigor
You are my ultimate joy and pleasure

Come and spread my wings on your wings
And let's be a bird where
all other birds draw love from

Let's fly far and fancy
As love has been created for me and you only

If we and love burn together,
we barley care
I am magnetic, and I am alive
I attract what I need in order to thrive
My mind is a magnet - an incredible power
And creates my desires hour by hour

My focus is sharp, strong as fine steel
I know my emotions, what I want to feel
My end result I can clearly see
Which is drawn magnetically right to me
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Elna Nov 2019
something is draging me
it's so magnetic
my hands are falling
from the heaven to the hell
scissors and knifes are my
best friends
perfectly made by your hands
em Jun 2019
the moon is 238,900 miles away
yet it still controls the tides
you are 783 miles away
and yet you still control my heart
Star BG May 2019
I am a magnet of my story.
A vibration,
moving in dancing steps.
A being in human form sacred.

I am a song scribing my journey.
A poet,
moving with golden pen
and dreams.

I am a magnet in my story.
A soul attracting abundance,
and light.

Magnet is activated
every morning with sun
each breath of light
by intention
and love the fuel of the universe.

What is your magnet attracted to?
We are the authors of our own stories.
Fill thy ink with intentions to love and miracles are born
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