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Oct 2020 · 207
But, And
MissPine Oct 2020
by: MissPine

But he was there looking
Another man standing in frozen
I was astound in frighten
Whether be loved or be forgotten

A step and another got me awaken
Will I wait or will I go?
God forbid me to stay and grow
That all but's will be my only and.
Change and be good
Aug 2020 · 91
Self Love
MissPine Aug 2020
Ambition, I need to embrace.
Perplexed by the facts of bountiful banes.
Remember to love myself first and foremost.
I shouldn't have to accept but must have.
Love, will you still feel though ain't alright?
Be true to myself 🙂
May 2020 · 355
MissPine May 2020
May Her strength be always within me.
Ambiance of Motherly Love is what I need.
Yellow is Her — my joy and my greed.
I love You 😘
May 2020 · 153
Love Month
MissPine May 2020
Firstly, it's the second month of the year.
Ends most on 28th, and some 29th on leap year.
Brings more love every fourteenth, too.
Restaurants are full with people of two.
Uber cabs hover here and beep over there.
A chaos of talks, no gossips to hear.
Right space, perfect time only for myself.
Yodeling beats which I see to bluff.
All for love 💕
May 2020 · 142
MissPine May 2020
by: MissPine

My love story won't be of stone.
Abandoning realities just skip to the next page.
Right! I am keeping my heart as cold as ice.
Change is absolute even heart's broken.
Humbly asking the Divinity to shower me with pure love.
For the month of March :)
Aug 2019 · 2.2k
MissPine Aug 2019
by: MissPine

You touch my hand
It feels like heaven so insane
I hold them tight
Could be forbidden; No, it shan't

How wonderful it will be
Just right now you and me
Let us make this world
A constant place of love being unfold
Jun 2019 · 241
Once is Enough
MissPine Jun 2019
by: MissPine

One look, one stare
One Hello, one smile
You look, I stare
Say Hello and smile in awhile
Mar 2019 · 254
MissPine Mar 2019
by: MissPine

Baby kiss me good night,
And say 'I love you' to me,
Then hug me so tight,
'Cause it makes me feel free.
Mar 2019 · 324
MissPine Mar 2019
I love you —
Like nobody else could.
I love you —
'Cause nobody else would.
Feb 2019 · 256
MissPine Feb 2019
by: MissPine

Happy is the man who gives love,
Even the moon and stars can't have.
At the beginning of every journey,
Rise thy spirit of love until eternity.
Thou shall not doubt nor ponder,
Since love is from now and forever.
Jan 2019 · 457
MissPine Jan 2019
by: MissPine

Just as I thought in this time of year,
Astonished by the new day, I fear.
Nothing I could do, smile nor cry.
Unusual it is, seems that smile I'll try.
An endless vast scenery is where I am at.
Rigidly I calm as I cover my face with a hat.
Yearn for joy, I desire, for one day, I will be.
Dec 2018 · 303
MissPine Dec 2018
by: MissPine

The city at night;
All lights so bright.
It always stay & I might.
The beauty of it is a sight.
Dec 2018 · 548
Time With Her
MissPine Dec 2018
by: MissPine

The farthest moment I could remember
is when she and I rode out of town.
She, sitting on my lap or right beside me,
either way, still glad ‘cause we were together.

Until we got to the island where she grew up,
two of us watching the places we passed by.
It was always when the sun nearly sets,
the bangka finally reached its stop.

As far as my mind can flash different memories,
little did I know how a loving person she is.
Always she tells me how tasty a steamed fish is,
how healthy it is, and I thought definitely it is.

She never skips a single compliment,
which I receive from her every time I smile.
“I smile because you smile”, that's what she ever says.
“You are my eternal love”, that’s what she meant.

Her guitar, her favourite song in mind, and her voice,
three things I surely linger, always will remain in my heart.
No fairytale could exactly explain the moment she and I have.
We know ours is as best as a child holds his toys.

The time when I am with her is my everlasting happiness.
The kind of bliss I will truly keep for the rest of my life.
Now that she is walking towards the road of immortality,
indeed, loving someone - loving her is timeless.
This is for my great grandmother. I decided to make this into a boy-girl 'sort of' relationship. By  the way, the word 'bangka' means boat.
Nov 2018 · 216
A Reason To Smile
MissPine Nov 2018
by: MissPine

‪Despite the struggles, I smile.‬
I smile because I always care.
I care for I have a humbling heart.
This heart of mine always gives love.
It gives love to this world full of hate.
It's the only reason for me to do so —
A definite reason for me to smile.
If others cannot do this humbling act,
Then I must, for smiling is a gift of love.
It should be shown and be shared.
Nov 2018 · 268
MissPine Nov 2018
by: MissPine

I loved you without even knowing
who you really are.

How could I even not love you
once I know who you are?

And now would I want to stop loving you
even though we're apart?

I love you, beautiful thing. I always do, and you will stay here in my heart.
Nov 2018 · 288
MissPine Nov 2018
by: MissPine

Once touched by a fairytale's immense,
But rather be hostile and the truth I sense.
Things happened, both fun and intense,
Yet I stayed low for life has always a hence.
Nov 2018 · 391
MissPine Nov 2018
by: MissPine

As I walk straight along the path
A road with problems and I feel wrath
Whenever happy thoughts linger
Sadness vanish forever

Smile, wear this cutest smile
A smile ever could melts ones heart
Loss my mind I stand in the aisle
Oh my world dreams a work of art
Nov 2018 · 237
MissPine Nov 2018
by: MissPine

A year has just gone.
A year full of struggles yet so fun.
On this day, trials are not done
'Cause another year has begun.

You may collapse, shed tears
Due to more downfalls and fears.
But my foe don't be
For this too will flee.

Yes, one candle is added.
It could be a boon or a bane.
Please take this as a note
For this isn't a joke.

I, who writes this poem of hope.
A poem, which takes you to aloft.
It's a cotton-like feeling so soft.
Might be too far, at least you cope.
Nov 2018 · 253
MissPine Nov 2018
by: MissPine

The night two weeks ago was first.
One light flickered, 'twas third post.
Footsteps running from me, I stuttered.
As I turn my head, the dogs barked.

Again it happens two weeks after.
Same thing, third light post flickers.
All I hear is a cricket – louder, nearer.
Abruptly, tell the dogs to stay on guard.
Nov 2018 · 245
Little Wings
MissPine Nov 2018
by: MissPine

August was the month you were born,
Though we all know how you'd been thru.
Mama's cries are always smiles' shed,
And Papa will surely be on her side I bet.

How unfortunate it is for you especially.
'Twas for everyone to take whole heartedly.
The first breath you took most vividly
Is the last breath swept by God Almighty.

Our dearest angel now spread your wings.
Please do fly, our love, as high as you can.
We may not see how fast it might become,
Happy we are to see you flap them little wings.
I wrote this piece Nov. 22, 2018 and finished at 1:04 dawn. I suddenly thought and felt to write for our little angel.
Nov 2018 · 3.3k
Color-coded Crush
MissPine Nov 2018
by: MissPine

Confidante — that's what I am seeking.
Over a thousand tears are still falling.
Longing for what they called love.
Only time could tell how it is tough.
Rollercoaster rides of painful stuff.

Come to me, Oh Clementine!
Omniscient I may be, but I am just a teen.
Dry my eyes as well as this heart of mine.
Empty my mind from thoughts once hide.
Dream about love is just like a tide.

Confident I am in this journey called life.
Rushed imaginations end not be by knife.
Unveiling on what I always been aiming.
Stop for seconds, guess I'm still dreaming.
Hope this be the last game I'm playing.

Who is that confidante I am looking?
The 'Color-coded Crush' who I'm loving.
Nov 2018 · 1.2k
A Letter For May
MissPine Nov 2018
by: MissPine

You were born on a warm day, yet so cold.
The breeze you've always wanted to feel once told.
You wondered why it seems too odd.
Life - its presence brings the deepest word.

You were proud until it was sixteenth.
The dream wished would come true then vanish.
You had kept the pain 'til nineteenth.
Faith loosened up, but your soul just hush.

It was twenty second - a decision stepped in.
You opened a new chapter of your book.
Smooth sailing, yes it was a perfect hook!
A year and a half after, fear then broke in.

What were you doing? Did it reached the core?
Took a year to rest, last quarter of twenty-four.
Time to bring back the person who once was lost.
Yet again failed 'cause your bravery is a frost.

What were you doing? Was it a valour?
The valour you ever needed the most.
The valour, which you probably once boast.
Truth be told, 'twas the valour must add the color.

The life you started was an ordinary one.
Dancing and singing made it full of fun.
You've reached your limit, now what?
How did you end up being like that?

Climbing up to twenty-eight, a few months more.
How will you hold your smile while on this tour?
Would you continue on this journey called life?
Or would you rather end it by using a knife?

Your courage at this moment is on a test.
The confidence, your heart desires, is bent.
I know you don't fear death to that extent.
You could have been better and be the best.

Smile, let the whole world know how you feel.
Happiness, it's either a lie or a truth, so be it.
As long as you know sadness is concealed.
At least you've got one person, who can't forget.

That person, whom you could rely on.
That person, who knows your hows and whys.
It is I, that someone who must not be gone.
You knew all along - who will never say goodbyes.

I will always remember you.
You are the only one I know.
I will always remember you.
You are the only May I know.

I love you!
These words I could only say.
Thru this letter, which I wrote for you,
I hope these words would stay.
I wrote this for myself. This is actually a summary on what was/am going thru. I hope this work would be an inspiration, if not to everyone, at least to someone.

— The End —