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Mariyam Ridha Dec 2020
My heart is beating rhythmically
 In resonance to the beat of 'End Of Time’.
My soul is breathing in tranquility,
In response to the gleaming full moon.
My body is surviving poetically
In reply to the poetries I write.
‘End Of Time’ is my most favourite song which is By Alan Walk
MissPine Oct 2020
by: MissPine

But he was there looking
Another man standing in frozen
I was astound in frighten
Whether be loved or be forgotten

A step and another got me awaken
Will I wait or will I go?
God forbid me to stay and grow
That all but's will be my only and.
Change and be good
Nylee Sep 2020
As I look through my past poetries
I've already felt the feelings I am feeling now
Like on repeat stream, I stream through it again
I will capture it once again,
Like a treasured entity.

The paper will be heavily inked
with an account of watery blotches
My eyes heavily rained
it makes an unforgettable picture,
the state of my heart,
the same as this half torn paper.
Spriha Kant Sep 2020
No regret , no descent of gloomy drop from eyes and no pain in heart for falling for a man dressed in courage.

No shivering in hands for emptying all those love poetries into trash which unknowingly embraced a spineless in the ****.

Flowers of love and trust , though , trampled but I am still a flower who is yet to be wilted !
MissPine Aug 2020
Ambition, I need to embrace.
Perplexed by the facts of bountiful banes.
Remember to love myself first and foremost.
I shouldn't have to accept but must have.
Love, will you still feel though ain't alright?
Be true to myself 🙂
MissPine May 2020
Firstly, it's the second month of the year.
Ends most on 28th, and some 29th on leap year.
Brings more love every fourteenth, too.
Restaurants are full with people of two.
Uber cabs hover here and beep over there.
A chaos of talks, no gossips to hear.
Right space, perfect time only for myself.
Yodeling beats which I see to bluff.
All for love 💕
MissPine May 2020
by: MissPine

My love story won't be of stone.
Abandoning realities just skip to the next page.
Right! I am keeping my heart as cold as ice.
Change is absolute even heart's broken.
Humbly asking the Divinity to shower me with pure love.
For the month of March :)
Loveeyta Feb 2020
Aku selalu suka caramu menceritakan dunia, dengan barisan kata yang asing, membuatku harus memutar otakku yang rendah kapasitasnya ini.

Aku selalu suka caramu bahagia, bahkan kamu tidak tersenyum ketika bahagia.
Hebatnya kamu, bahagiamu bisa sampai ku rasa tanpa senyumanmu yang hadir.

Aku selalu suka caramu bersedih, kamu selalu kehabisan kata. Melampiaskannya dengan hal yang bisa mematikanmu, namun pada akhirnya kamu juga butuh pelukanku.

Aku selalu suka caramu marah, kamu selalu terdiam. Sampai pada akhirnya kata maaf terucap, karena kamu takut aku akan terganggu dengan marahmu.

Aku selalu suka caramu optimis, membanggakan dirimu sendiri sampai lupa kalau di dunia ini ada orang sehebat Pak Habibie.

Aku selalu suka caramu pesimis, tidak henti menyalahkan diri sendiri, tapi tidak memakan waktu lama. Setelah itu kamu bangkit lagi.

Tapi satu yang tidak aku suka,
caramu yang selalu mematikan rasa.
Kamu tidak pernah membiarkan rasa-rasa dalam dirimu menyala. Kamu benci rasa. Sama seperti aku membenci diriku sendiri.

Tapi tidak apa,
Nanti kita sama-sama belajar untuk merasa lagi, ya?

Namun, akan lebih baik jika pada akhirnya kita yang bisa saling menumbuhkan rasa.
Amena Sep 2019
I am a poet they say
I write about the emotions and all the things I can’t say
I am a poet they say
When life gets hard I move my pen and free the pain away
I am a poet they say
A poet that writes about love and hate at the same day
I am a poet they say
And you are the curse that will never go anyway
I am a poet they say
I hate my love to you in every single way
I am a poet they say
I write things about you as if I’m writing about my enemy
I am a poet they say
I believe in you even though you’re the fakest fantasy
I wish you could just liberate me
Because in the end
I am just a poet
Yet to you
I am the lover who could not stay away
This kind of love is toxic
Get out of it while you still can
Sam Cecilio Aug 2019
I had fallen on a deep slumber,
I saw myself running on a wilderness.
I was surrounded by a lion and a tiger
By these fears I got so restless.

I panicked and ran away
But the wild animals were immobile.
I tripped on a stack of hay
I don't know of what to feel.

The lion steadily ran towards me
But my heart wasn't agitated.
I have never felt this wary
Although I know I wasn't dead.

There were no shivers on my spine
As these animals came near me.
All my dreams have to intertwine
As I bring back my soul to reality.

I ponder of not feeling anything
As I dreamt of the wilderness.
What message does it bring?
I presume it's never foolishness.
The poem may sound weird but this is based on a true story. This is based on the persona's dream and she's still puzzled with her dream because she doesn't have any idea on what message it wants to convey.
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