Nouva Tala Jul 6

it’s fine that you
decided to
remain as the moon
embraced by every creatures
and not to lose
for the time that has to be used
for you
to engrave the future
when you return

and don’t try to look
back on my unrevealed muse
tho’ I’m cursed
by the moon
that has chosen to
not to
be treasured

“for I am the one who in love with the first love of every creatures.”


Afiqah Feb 16

she was
a little flurried
when love decides to speak
without even trying to
that very same night
her scars fearlessly lay, unveiling itself
by the touch of another
warily wonders
why she can’t feel any less after
taking that sip
more than she should


Afiqah Feb 8

I pray that it was a lie
in the beginning
but certain things just can't be held down  
when feelings starts to travel
I hated that my throat felt thick
ever since
that night I sat in silence with the demon's
uprooted behaviour
and yet, there I was,
handing them all
with open palms and question marks
passing out hidden runes, resounding
your very name
in my head


Afiqah Feb 2

it was in that definite moment
when she said,
it's okay, I'm here'
that twisted all those hungry hearts
from the oversaturated options left unsettled
since love got a hold of her,
every other thing in her world shakes
when neither stay and don't go
seems not to work anymore
the calling of maybe's
starts to sneak in and vigorously travel
even on her strongest days


Afiqah Jan 31

I’ll remember that winning look of yours
that same familiar one which struck on you
before it shifted to another
whatever makes you happy now
I hope they stay
maybe my living now isn’t loud enough, after all
being untouched like any unloved thing
you see, sometimes
knowing we need to do something from there on
is never very fun
it’s genuinely hard not to stay cringed
and then,
settle for okay


Afiqah Jan 25

be dauntlessly bold
don't let those eyelids turn visibly cold
for them to see
let those chains down and fight them like hell
the next time they tell you
that when you get older
your heart dies,
pluck that little grit from your bones
and leaf out those wounds and say,

"I have stayed, thus far, to behold the pretty things
against all other
who made it grew unnoticed"


Afiqah Jan 15

the soft whisperings in between  
the shy little stares I'd seized before
you look the other way
clingy as it seems
but I hope
I didn't make you feel any less awkward
when we fueled our tummies at diners
and I asked you to sit by my side
I just liked it better that way
when our thighs kept playing tag under table wraps

it might
kinda seem a little pathetically cheerless now
when I come by and asked the same middle-aged waiter,
"table for one, please?"
while he rummaged through my eyes, seeking
like something's missing


Afiqah Jan 13

stay soft,
live brutally


| a little advice for my younger self |
Afiqah Jan 9

thank you
for dressing up my neck prettily
this poor, poor heart
has always needed a few of them
to beat synchronically
with the one
that's vitally throbbing inside
I know I always let you down
I'll forgive the wind if it rattles up the little chains
for I know,
even if
this is probably the last thing I would ever
feel anything new
they'd still stay collared together,


Afiqah Jan 5

I've heard way too many
bleeding hearts talk
within the noise of living
some people are living it out loud
escaping to halcyon days,
sluggishly unstirred
while others
solemnly, remained quiescent
as they listen
to the heavy footfalls and all of the wild things
that crippled their soul
before their desires becomes
their own suicide


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