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Amena Sep 17
I am a poet they say
I write about the emotions and all the things I can’t say
I am a poet they say
When life gets hard I move my pen and free the pain away
I am a poet they say
A poet that writes about love and hate at the same day
I am a poet they say
And you are the curse that will never go anyway
I am a poet they say
I hate my love to you in every single way
I am a poet they say
I write things about you as if I’m writing about my enemy
I am a poet they say
I believe in you even though you’re the fakest fantasy
I wish you could just liberate me
Because in the end
I am just a poet
Yet to you
I am the lover who could not stay away
This kind of love is toxic
Get out of it while you still can
Sam Cecilio Aug 31
I had fallen on a deep slumber,
I saw myself running on a wilderness.
I was surrounded by a lion and a tiger
By these fears I got so restless.

I panicked and ran away
But the wild animals were immobile.
I tripped on a stack of hay
I don't know of what to feel.

The lion steadily ran towards me
But my heart wasn't agitated.
I have never felt this wary
Although I know I wasn't dead.

There were no shivers on my spine
As these animals came near me.
All my dreams have to intertwine
As I bring back my soul to reality.

I ponder of not feeling anything
As I dreamt of the wilderness.
What message does it bring?
I presume it's never foolishness.
The poem may sound weird but this is based on a true story. This is based on the persona's dream and she's still puzzled with her dream because she doesn't have any idea on what message it wants to convey.
MissPine Aug 15
by: MissPine

You touch my hand
It feels like heaven so insane
I hold them tight
Could be forbidden; No, it shan't

How wonderful it will be
Just right now you and me
Let us make this world
A constant place of love being unfold
Sam Cecilio Jun 14
It was already 7 in the morning
And here I am, still contemplating.
I wonder what's about life
That I want to end it with a knife.

I had never been a pessimist
These voices that I can't resist.
Telling me to move on and die,
A wonderful life's nothing but a lie.

But the Voice clinging inside my head
Has never wanted me to be dead.
I looked upon this haze of illusion
And saw this Man full of salvation.

He told me that I'm never worthless,
"You are precious though priceless."
He told me good things that I've done
And told me to never be gone.

Alas, I thought. Who'd this Man be?
His words are leading me to curiosity.
Regardless, his words are pure and true
And He had come surely for my rescue.
I'm a girl, and im straight,
But fo'swear my mind isn't,
I fell for a girl, she lives in japan,
I'm in love, you wont understand.

Im breathlessly a little insecure,
Im nervous, but my mind is sure,
Let my sense leave and fade
Because honey, love is just faith,

I was trapped by her cherry eyes,
Her face, where my attention lies,
My glance asked for a kiss,
While she lent me a smile,
My cheeks turned red like her rosy ones,
She is all that I desperately want,

She smelt like Christmas morning,
She felt like tender touches storming,
No lust, yet my tongue craves to taste hers
The mark on her breast, matched mine,
We'd look perfect together, we'd be fine.

I'm a girl, and im straight,
But Perhaps my mind isn't,
I fell for a girl, she is from japan,
This is love, you wont understand.

Aoi Feb 13
Dear little scribbler,
This piece is for you
Always remember,
You are the best, that's true

You may have a hard time to compose,
Poetries or a prose
Relax and let your imagination wander,
Think, let your brain ponder

If you're not known, never relinquish
Your works will be distinguished
Allow your wings to spread,
Your ink, let it shed

Dear little scribbler,
Lift your dreams up high
Their judgements never matter,
Do not stop, always try.
she dances in moonlight
as she colors the crevices
of the clouds in the velvet sky
while the warm winds drift
along with the stars
she traces along with the
with the intention
to not be erased
her energy spreads
throughout the hidden oasis
among the secret gardens
as they all become one
she sings the song of eternity
as they recognize her every sound
the sway of the
burgundy tree branches
follow her every tune
drifting along with the
flowers that bloom
her cries shift the powers
of distant waters behind the moon
bringing the light of the sun
soon as the morning arises
she vanishes running
towards the sun
leaving her spirit untouched.
© rainbows and sunshine 2018
burnt wood fills the air
coasting along with the
scent of applewood smoke
with the lakes
that flows off with the stream
closer with the sun it seems
my mind ponders while
my imagination wanders
as I become in tune with
the sun and the moon
thoughts sprout like a rose
with the light it glows
leaving it time for it to grow
with the flowers below
© rainbows and sunshine 2018
show me the way to
the pain inside your truth
hidden behind the proof
why must you disguise yourself
leaving your pride on the line
withering in unreasonable doubt
while fearless and breathing
yet and still purposely smiling
hiding behind the brokenness
of your soul waiting for the
young sovereign to rise again
wondering where to begin
blinded by finding a way
only to get lost again
while fighting wars from within.
I didn't really know what to write today so I wrote this instead. Hopefully I can get back to writing again.
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