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Blessings fall
Snowflakes reflect your rise
as they mirror resilience dynamically
under the January moonlight
Now is your time
Welcome to your life
Open up
Allow love &

Feel alive. Feel alive. Feel alive.
You vacated our love holiday
We desired to vibrate as one forever
You abandoned my bruised heart

Winter 2021
Love Haiku
Brendan Roher Jan 16
o what limited time
the deluxe star, burning so bright
eventually retreating into itself

does a triangle truly three times wall itself in
if no one sees where it ends and
where it once began?

questioning an unquestionable truth
reality, pecking its little beak
straight through the thinest of sheets
the other side, so far away
not to diminish our own important drama
or the materials we wish to possess
they matter not in terms of
greater elemental distress-

shining so bright
expecting the expiration date,
round the corner, waxing and waning
weaving and rowing open distance
gusts of black and torment so deep
yet unknown, like a dark slated blue
somewhere underneath

perhaps night is not so bad
i cannot see what is two feet either way
yet in knowing, after all
there is space to catch my falls-

listen, listen and hear a howl
distant and encompassing
knowing there is something out there
deep below or up above
if not comforting, what then...

how to make out the abyss of nothingness, then
that the star, becoming so black and ominous
decides to eat everything
turning against seeds it nurtured
becoming gluttonous, by nature
so we might lose comfort in other others..
out there somewhere

yet, we will be alone then
in empty stomach...

but do as Daphne must,
across the vast stretch of years
yet spanning time relative to months-
dying like dreams in repetition, endless
like unrest and distrust
"no", she says, in noticing the unnoticeable
harmonization, off-the-beaten-path
somehow, she knows what comes next
the note that follows the
barren baritone

however dark the greatest lack of color turns
however loud the explosions and screams weave past winds and waters
it matters not the volume

beings, selfish from birth
learn to care for themselves and one-another
-or do not

but the emotions that exude
make their way to the head and
like the nothingness that is all-consuming,
allude senses and touch

all disappears in due time
seamlessly, hope still wanders closely
desperately trying its own persuading

look around as you must
and you might find
a hopeful way to delude yourself into false belief

touch the ground
or the water
either way, it does not matter
sapling, you are stuck
even now as you walk
imprisoned by gravity-

captive to the belly of a distant
horrific future
Eola Jan 13
From ditches, from rubble, from dungeons
From false memory’s catacombs
From barely legible signs of death
When a startled heart from the grave reforms

You will select a single date
With the wind, which approached underground
So you could plunge the freedom as a burning needle
To the glass square of the sky

“January 13th” by Leonardas Gutauskas (in english)

Iš griovių iš griuvėsių iš požemių
Iš klaidžios atminties katakombų
Iš žūties vos įskaitomų požymių
Kai širdis prisikėlus nustemba

Tu atrinksi vienintelę datą
Su tuo vėju kurs artinos pažeme
Kad į skliauto stiklinį kvadratą
Smeigtum laisvę lyg degančią adatą.  

„Sausio 13-oji“, Leonardas Gutauskas (in lithuanian, the original language)
By no means do I claim this poem. It's just that during one english lesson we had to translate it to english and I really wanted to post the english version here.  I would also like to add, that I wasn't the only one translating this: 2 other classmates did the bigger part of the poem....And yes, I got their approval :)
Penny Jan 3
Newborn January
Shrieking and wrinkled
A new chance
A first breath
All the possibilities
Held tight in a little shaking fist.
Arcassin B Dec 2020
By Arcassin Burnham

Girl what is your problem?
still sipping up out that bottle,
having fixations with darkskins for their
mythical ****** performance,
you still ignore who lays dormant,
stuck in your euphoria,
thinking you got the best of both worlds,
while our brown skin men are getting shot like a *******,
i'll back away from you if your skin isn't mine and
although some of y'all have a ****** likeness.
you think most of  us like this,
i was a slave at one point in time but you no different
from a white *****,
ever since i opened my mind i started looking at mixed and white like they
were the same, awareness to blame,
fitting seeing as how everytime you go on a dating
app they ask for **** or a plug, you dumb ***** give up,
of course as always this is simply my opinion,
whites and lightskins are the same ,  theres no difference,
i hope you get the message and the picture.

Glenn Tachera Dec 2020
Small talk, no conversation
That look makes me impatient
I can't tell what you’re thinking
Yes or no?
Last night we were more than fine
Just tell me if you changed your mind
At least show me a sign,
If you changed your mind
Cause I'm all in
I’m calling, no answer
But you text me when you feel like
When it feels right to you
When those feelings spike your heart of doubt
You know you got me in palm of your hand
And I love those hands
But you only let me hold you when he can’t
Wish you wouldn’t kiss me
Right now, on your lips just leave it
If you don’t mean it
Don’t build me up just to let me down
Don’t tell me you’re falling
With your feet still on the ledge
Leaving my heart on the edge

You picked me up
Put us down, and put me through this
Started off as a good thing, a sure thing
You held back but I know
Reminisce our time in spring
In that moment our lips touched the rush sent us straight to the moon
I should’ve known that we’d be coming down soon
Every time I think I love somebody
I always find a way to throw it away
Feel the air around us become soggy
I don’t wanna hurt anybody
I don’t wanna be the one to say
That we gotta have a conversation
And I thought you would stay forever where we lay
At the end, you watched the tears run down my face

To be young and in love in…
To know who I am but still know that I am good long as you’re here with me
Midnight sun into morning coffee
Burning through the hours talking
I knew from the first time, I’d stay for a long time
****, I liked me better when I was with you
Wish you would stay awhile
Stay here with me
My mind, whispers in the nighttime
That voice always keeping me up
Telling me that I shouldn’t give up
Lately, I’ve been stuck in the backseat to my own life
Tried to take control, but I don’t know how to
I don't wanna be sad forever
I’m calling to the other side
My sequin tears flood away my sorrow
Cause that’s all I can do today
But I’ll make it through tomorrow
After I am desolate from these feelings which betray…
Wrote this for a very special someone. Though we will never be the same ever again, I know she always got my back!
Kristin Nov 2020
January girl
eyes wide with hope

January girl
smile once wide with joy

January girl
where are you hiding
and why

January girl
will you tell me,
trust me

January girl
the winter will be over soon

January girl
I have a fire lit for you
come inside or let me in
mary liles Aug 2020
in november i stopped dancing
december, singing
january, laughing
february, smiling
and so i shall continue
for you left me in october
and i’ve never been the same
Felicity Paris Apr 2020
The most beautiful sight
Fresh snow laid on pavement
Delightfully pure
Sweeping your face and skin
A breath of fresh air
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