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MissPine Oct 2020
by: MissPine

But he was there looking
Another man standing in frozen
I was astound in frighten
Whether be loved or be forgotten

A step and another got me awaken
Will I wait or will I go?
God forbid me to stay and grow
That all but's will be my only and.
Change and be good
MissPine Aug 2020
Ambition, I need to embrace.
Perplexed by the facts of bountiful banes.
Remember to love myself first and foremost.
I shouldn't have to accept but must have.
Love, will you still feel though ain't alright?
Be true to myself 🙂
MissPine May 2020
May Her strength be always within me.
Ambiance of Motherly Love is what I need.
Yellow is Her — my joy and my greed.
I love You 😘
MissPine May 2020
Firstly, it's the second month of the year.
Ends most on 28th, and some 29th on leap year.
Brings more love every fourteenth, too.
Restaurants are full with people of two.
Uber cabs hover here and beep over there.
A chaos of talks, no gossips to hear.
Right space, perfect time only for myself.
Yodeling beats which I see to bluff.
All for love 💕
MissPine May 2020
by: MissPine

My love story won't be of stone.
Abandoning realities just skip to the next page.
Right! I am keeping my heart as cold as ice.
Change is absolute even heart's broken.
Humbly asking the Divinity to shower me with pure love.
For the month of March :)
MissPine Aug 2019
by: MissPine

You touch my hand
It feels like heaven so insane
I hold them tight
Could be forbidden; No, it shan't

How wonderful it will be
Just right now you and me
Let us make this world
A constant place of love being unfold
MissPine Jun 2019
by: MissPine

One look, one stare
One Hello, one smile
You look, I stare
Say Hello and smile in awhile
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