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Bonswan Jun 2016
Who is she?
I wonder at night,
made up of darkness and light.
A secret to hide and a purpose to fight

Who is she?
A siren or queen;
crow or a magpie?
A raging, yet serene

Who is she?
I asked once before,
and though my question she chose to ignore
a defense arose I had never seen before.
I guess I learned something.

Who is she?
The girl who likes to kiss -
never to touch.
To both love so little,
and love so much.

Who is she?
My soul seems to ask,
a riddle not written -
never quite sure if the answer is
face or mask.

Who is she?
I guess I'll never know
One thing's for certain -
she comes and she goes.
the muse
Bonswan Mar 2016
She was radiant- she still is.

She drew me in and captured me through surmise amiss.

Her intention not to seize me but through her remiss; I found a graceful figure.

*My madness said I loved her as I descended to abyss.
Bonswan May 2016
If I were a tree
then a poem, to me
would flow just like
my xylem and phloem
Bonswan Jan 2016
i wanted to dance
but my waltz is rotten
a pompous sway
and debonair grin

an ungainly twirl
which trips the rider
but my dance is with passion
ice and fire
Bonswan Jan 2016
Dear Flower

small and fragile
still and beautiful
do not let anyone down

you are not afraid
of the strong wind
or unfortunate accident

even when someone crushes you
you leave them with your colours
and with your scent

I would pick you
for me to see alone
but from where i am
you seem at home

dear flower,

*I would rather watch you be
than watch you die with me
Bonswan Jan 2016
If the trees can let go
and drop the dead weight
obviously there's virtue in it
that I can't seem to grasp
Bonswan Jan 2016
he still gives you butterflies
i just give you *******
he broke through to you
and got inside

he is all of my sighs
the ones
you didn't seem to realize
while I lay in bed beside you

**i promise that he doesn't see you
the way that i do
Bonswan Jan 2016
If you wait at the edge of the ocean
You give every bottle at sea a purpose
every message that was written
you are what they put hope in

*if you're feeling like nothing and want to be more
go to the water and wait by the shore
Bonswan Jan 2016
We're about to go for coffee
I'm dressed so you'll want me

But I know

You wont

Counting the red flags
Is harder than counting stars
Is harder than counting cards


I have to choose whats a flag
and what's a star

- at this rate -

You're still my sun

Why wont my heart keep up?

As my mind runs and races
My heart anxiously paces

Trying to figure out
What shirt I should wear

so that

You'll want me back
I wrote this poem before going to coffee with my ex girlfriend after we had just broken up. We decided we were going to go talk about things and I was having a lot of anxiety.
Bonswan Feb 2016
A man kills a man. A ****** blasphemes the resplendent soul of the angelic; ravaging the virtuous house by way of his wicked rapine. Yet the effulgent heart has relinquished the curse of enmity - the noble finds no solace amid the rancor of Hate. Hatred is naught but a vile curse, a bane which plagues the wielder with strife.

Truly I maintain, a condign response commands grace and repose. Do not tolerate the sedative pleasure Hatred bears, for alike an ****** the analgesic peculiarities will soon turn to misery -  unloosing the very wickedness the righteous heart held in such abhorrent contempt.

Only Love can oppose the venom of Hatred and lead the wicked to righteousness. Love will invariably triumph.
A little different from usual, I hope someone gets something out of it. Composed during meditation.
Bonswan Mar 2016
A hollow shout in a spirited charge that leads the small could defeat the large
This is a line of poetry from my recent meditation
"Procrastination- A Clearance of the Obstacle & How to Move Mountains."

Check it out maybe?
Bonswan Jan 2016
Who am I?
"I am!" the good boy proudly exclaims
Where am I?
"I am here!" the good boy sings
When did I get here?*
"You always were"* the universe hums
Bonswan Jan 2016
ridges from pulled skin
red marks from friction

pulled hair
body pins
gasping for air
the sound of it
mouths meet mouths
hands head south
the motion of
body on body
fabric sliding off skin

*the sweet taste of sin
love, *** and other addictions
Bonswan Jan 2016
she never hurt me
i dont think she could
i loved her then left her
she knew that i would
Bonswan May 2016
What words were spoken
when we lost _ and ?
My head and heart were broken,
and now _ am m
ssng yo.
Though it got harder, I can still get by without U and I.
Bonswan May 2016
I don't have money to spend
- but then again, I do.

*The credit people are wicked
and I am a fool.
Bonswan Jan 2016
I lay awake
thinking of happy things
gone sad
and the good
gone bad
Bonswan Jan 2016
love is peculiar
and lust sure is strange
but the oddest thing of all
is how quickly people change
Bonswan May 2016
I wonder if you look at the moon too,
I wonder if you ever do it when I do,
I wonder the last time I played in the rain,
I wonder, when was the last time you did the same?
I wonder if you wonder as much as I do,
and I wonder if you wonder what I wonder too.
Bonswan May 2016
Listen to the rain pour.
I mean- listen to the world's roar.
The wind; brash and arrogant.
Unseen forces leave strong trees bent.

*Lightening cracks open a blackened sky,
rolling thunder follows to say goodbye.
Bonswan May 2016
she was so

so *idiosyncratic

she couldn't help but realize
how idiosyncratic
everyone around her was

a bored misanthrope who couldn't stop thinking

the girl made from manic pixie dream dust
Bonswan Jan 2016
two gather
to gather
the light of a fulled soul
Bonswan May 2016
After awhile
things kick in
and it becomes pretty clear
its more fun to indulge in sin.
Bonswan Mar 2016
Who is this man? With hurt in his hands
Fallen on one knee; a vassal of Your command

“I’ve searched O’ Heart of Hearts! Yet still I found no Lord”
On a silent night
I shout in nullity
Perched fore Heav’nly Body
That makes me feel adored

In quiet genuflection
Near a Sea of Stars
I hear the waves thrashing

I listen to the Universe roar

Granted what light th’ occupied Galaxies could afford
Hark! I do declare, Serene Silence said,

“A faithful servant of Tranquility lives by his own accord”

With a new boldness and candor repose
I watched mediocrity shrink
and my love for life grow

I have heard a new Lord
The One left neglected
The One we ignored
We are One Body interconnected
Diffr’nt notes of the same chord

*The people long for heaven
but life is our reward
Bonswan Jan 2016
the earth got all dressed up over your horizon
and waited for your love*

the earth gave birth
to a blue baby bird
but you never heard it chirp
even though your stump is only 10 trees away

the earth gave birth to a little oak tree
that will one day block the sky
and hide all that you see

but you do not care or dare keep track of your forest

for what is it worth to you?
you have so much else to do
you miss the fox, the tree, the birds, and the bees
you walk with your head down
and watch the broken concrete
Bonswan Jan 2016
I miss her

I miss being overlooked
and under-appreciated
I miss the way she -


I miss not feeling alone

I miss the way that she caged me
Then demanded I let her be free

But still,

I miss the way she washed me
Her hands on my back

I miss the way we'd kiss our hands*
Before giving each other a smack

I guess with a love like that you have to remember
Every kiss will get you back

— The End —