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Joshua Feb 28
I'm Okay,
Even I'm so tired,
Living the same life I had a day ago.
I'm Okay,
Even the world had turned its back on me.
I'm Okay,
Even the problems I had been all stressing me up.
I'm Okay,
Not y'all knowing that I'm not.
I'm Okay,
Being sad and not seeing the reason to show
my slightest smile.
I'm Okay.
'cause I'm so good faking my own feelings.
How are you?
Luna Maria Jan 28
I know you think
I have the perfect life;
I have a lovely family
My grades in school are very good
I play sports and theater
I have a cute boyfriend
I go to parties and concerts
And I have many friends.
But how many of those people around me
Do know I cry myself to sleep so often?
Feel anxious a lot?
Is insecure about everything?
Suffer from strong perfectionism?
Writes depressed poems?
fake a smile everyday?
you might be jealous, but I'm faking smiles and pretend to be happy.
nightdew Jan 25
she laughs, she smiles, she pretends.
but if you look a little closer,
stare a little intently,
you can see the cracks on her features,
the upward grin,
is really just upside down.

if you listen a little closer,
hear the soft gasps of murmurs,
you can hear her soft cries that echoes,
into the relentless sea,
put your ears on her chest,
and listen to her heart cracking,
piece by piece.

if you ask her what's wrong,
she'll shrug her shoulders,
a ghost of a smile displayed before you,
and she'll let out a hollow chuckle,
and ask you if you're crazy,
then reassure you that she's fine.

if she catches you peeking at her,
she'd offer you a shy grin,
just to make you
believe that

but don't fall for it,
for a professional
is always good at
their profession.
and hers is mere
i fell for it.
Alle Jan 21
if i could go back to
when i was five
i would tell myself
be careful around sharp objects
(they’re easily misused)
don’t lie about who you are
(it takes such little effort to lose yourself)
be happy with you
(no one could ever take your place)
don’t be so ******* yourself
(you’re not perfect, but no one is)
i am better at pretending
than ever truly showing my feeling.

i'll pretend to be happy
i'll pretend to be content
i'll pretend i'm not filled with hate
and losing my head.

i'll keep quiet
slowly whither away
my true feelings dont really matter
i'll pretend to be okay.
Kate Pruneau Nov 2018
So that they aren't scared

So that they don't feel hurt

To give them a second chance

So that they're easier to use

So that they feel heard

So that I'm not alone
sage short Oct 2018
Taking a deep breath is hard when your neck is being squished. And your eyes are wet, painted with tears.
I hate holding them back. The “crying breath” I have is uneven. ‘I’m just sniffling!’ type of sniffles, as if there’s not snot running up and down my nostrils.
I get in a steaming hot shower; not wanting to bathe, but wanting to escape. Watching beads of water hit my raised skin calms my heartbeat, but also gives me a sense of sadness. When you’re sad, you start to notice little things like the pattern of your breath, the serious line spread upon your lips when someone tells a joke in hopes of cheering you up, the gulps you take, and your milky, glazed eyes staring blankly back at you in the mirror you haven’t cleaned in weeks because you didn’t have enough energy to walk up and down the stairs to get the cleaner and to put it back. You start to pretend. You pretend to love, and to hate. You hate the world and everyone so much, but only because you are hurting and you don’t want to hurt others by letting them in, or them to hurt you too.

Nonetheless, you hurt anyway.
Mei B Oct 2018
On the outside I'm happy, I look like I've got it all.
Most people don't know I'm nearing the end of my pitfall.
Trying to keep it together, almost as if I'm bulletproof.
The inconvenience was brought up because of you.
I'm overwhelmed and not as strong as people think I am.
Honestly, I'm beginning to think this is all a scam.
Doubting if you really are the man.
Leaving you is a task I just can't.
Not only this, everything in my life is too overwhelming I can't quite place my finger on what isn't right.
I know I have the strength in me to keep on fighting.
Putting my focus on unimportant things is something to stop trying.
For now, I need to stop lying to myself.
I still don't know all too well.
I'm just going leave the rest of this story for time to tell.
to the inner me, it's ok to be hurt and confused sometimes. allow yourself to feel and stop pushing the negativity away.
Poetic T Sep 2018
I jested,
           then you showed
           me your point.

Bleeding sarcasm,
               I died with a smile
on your face.
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