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Estel May 26
Seems like I’m back at square one
If not a little behind
What have I done?
It’s always 2 feet forward
And three back

I wish you cared how I was
And I could tell you
Without lying
That I’m fine

I’ve crossed the little red line
That I sketched into my mind
Now I feel lost
With no one to hold

I wish I could end it all
No one takes me seriously
I wish I could scream
“No I’m not fine!!”
But that would never do, no
Just hold it inside
Cut my woes away
And fake a smile.
Estel Mar 12
Denying, complying
Say they’re in love
Just to stop the crying
All just trying to find it
That one thing that’ll never leave
But you see it’s buried down so deep
The path that you take is always so steep
The future seems so meek
Nothing’s what it used to be
Why won’t you look at me
Tell me what you feel
You know I just wanna be real
But in the end
We’re all just faking it to make it.
Estel Jan 29
I won’t whisper a complaint
When someone asks forgiveness
I’ll give it
I won’t be fine
But don’t let it bother them
There’s nothing else to be done
Everyone has to deal with something
But sometimes I wonder if everyone thinks I’m fine
I’ve fallen so far below
From so high above
I’ve shattered so many times
My hands have scarred from picking up the pieces
My heart is missing parts I couldn’t find
And my soul is weary
I’ll close my eyes one last time
And pray for an end
Please forgive me.
Taylor Dec 2020
would you believe
i’ve been

that i haven’t
thought of

isn’t it great
to see

i’m happy so
full of

my heart throbs
a tune

life’s going great
i’m feeling

do you believe
please just

i’m really okay
i’m okay
If I keep smiling, everyone will believe it, even me.
Yara Nov 2020
Depression is cruel
One day you are okay
The next you are doomed

You built so much wreckage
How does that even work?
I dont know , but you are a pile of destruction
Looks so put together, more like groomed

It has been weeks for you
Months for someone else
Years for the most

You sleep so late
Wake up so tired
Its like a loop

You think its over
Its been a while now
I should feel okay !
But in reality , No ..
Sydney Jul 2020
Do you think I'm broken?
'Cause I can't tell anymore.
My smiles aren't mine;
And I can't tell anyone
Because they'll only pity me,
Or take it too personally.
But it's not about you
It's about me.
Maybe I am broken,
My mind,
My heart,
My head.
My happiness is a lie
Because I'm broken.
To my dear friend,

We go along with crazy ideas
And do mischief  with impish glee
Put up with worst moods
Do magics to make tears flee
You stayed as my 'mirror n shadow'
When others left me so easily
I would fear nothing
When you are with me
I promise to stay true
Till the bitter end of the sea(s)
when all leave,you fail ,totally broken and still if you have a soul to care about you motivate and put you together, YOU ARE THE MOST LUCKIEST .a true close friend does that.they stay with you.i'm lucky as i j=have got one
Passion May 2020
When you think on things
They become your feelings
And feelings are hard to shake
So now I have to ******* fake
I love you but I can't show it
because you love him and I just want you to be happy.
Monique Matheson Apr 2020
The perfect woman
looks like me and you
breath down her neck
hairs standing tall
unholy mistakes rewritten
on the bathroom wall
The sharp heel stabs to ****
her own heart with.

Mistakes, I'm guilty
of faking a smile with you.
The Vault Sep 2019
I must not be alone
In the struggle to say no
Catching on my lips
Stuck between my teeth
Which turns to a yes
Before I can think
To not disappoint
To please others
I say yes
Even though
Yes is a bother
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