J B Moore Jun 6
It has been said to me, "An act must thus ensue,
So that no one can ever see it's the world against you.
Yet that battle can only be fought behind the stage,
While everyone else sees you smile into your old age."

But they only love the mask, they only know the act,
They couldn't care any less for simple truth or facts.
By the end, perhaps, I'll finally believe,
And truly, completely, the world deceive.

I don't know where I'm going,
I scarce remember where I've been.
Still, blindly I am rowing until I reach that bitter end.

I'll be on that river by myself, all alone,
The truth is still unknown, the act all that remains,
For by now I am the mask of a man without a name.

(Revised 4/18/15)
Unknown May 24
I am active yes I am ,indeed active
Unlike the twisted picture you paint
I do say it on your face that I hate it
When I hate it, and I don't love it just because you love it.
But you urge me to love it,still I say no.
I say a no to every no of mine
A big yes to every yes of mine
I am active ,indeed active
unlike the twisted story you tell.
I don't cry because you hit me hard
Because you deserve not my tears
But my indifference and neglect
I am active because I am passive towards you,regard you and about you.
With you or without you I am still active
And of course am still the rider in this race.
May be my FB account does not green it
Sometimes whatsapp pic forget to celebrate it
Often the actions miss to notify it
Rarely silence doesn't loudly appreciate it
Still I am active.
People.think that being active is something rebellious. It is not always noisy.sometimes it can be a silent reaction.
Ana Butterfly May 17
How don't your parents know you dont eat?
Oh honey,
It's very easy
When no one really notices me.
1,000 calories
Mixed with "I loved last night's dinner"
Seems to make people blind of how much thinner
I've grown,
Even though my collarbones
Have ever so slowly peeked out of my skin.
Not to mention the fact
That I haven't shown
My whole body is months
And I hide the grunts
From the pain of 1,000 squats
And 800 lunges
In my room
It's really bad, im sorry
Jo Barber May 13
I'm tired.
Of faking it.
I want to love
who I love.
And hate
who I hate.
I want to fuck
who I want.
And ignore
who I choose.

Faking it.
Doesn't give me
or you
anything more
than my honesty will.
A reflection on why we move away from where we grew up!
Evelyn Mar 23
It really annoys me
(I see myself reflected in it)

Is not a big deal
(but it really annoys you)

And we can keep it this way
saying what is convenient
instead of what we feel
hiding our emotionts
in a corner of our heads

I could play the game for a little longer
pretend that nothing has changed
and try it again

but in the end
it would happen the same
'cause everything is different
even if we refuse to admit
the fact that it can't be
okay anymore
23-3, 18
The thirsty throat of my thought never lets me think
It swallows up each idea into the dead mass of depression
Selecting what joys to suck dry each day
Headaches and hangovers help me forget my forgetfulness
The remiss panic attacks assist my fugue state
Then my own failure and impending irrelevance does me the honor
Of piercing the center of my skull like a rhino's horn
Grateful I feed it my fears and futilely fake freedom for my family
They can’t know, they have problems I know, I wont let it show,
Friends, whether fake or “for real” worry for me,
Im not some sappy sonofabitch looking for sorrow
Just wake me when I’m already late and disappointing you tomorrow
Alex Dec 2017
it’s okay to not be okay.
you can say what you want.
But it’s just not your day.
You can say you fine,
but you know it’s fake
people ask what the want and you smile and wave,
but for their sake
you try to be positive.
Which sometimes hurts.
but sometimes there is the flicker
of happiness and laughter.
But when it’s over you realize.
you’re alone.
And you’re not okay.
And that’s okay.
Lila Timberwolf Oct 2017
I am always sleepy
Never really breathing
Freaking out
When I see other sides of me
No one knows who I am
Never really seeing
That fake smile
Set so easy
Trips you up
Into believing
My eyes way to heavy
Never wanting to wake me
My dreams full of make believe
Leave me wanting more than anything
You only see me
Never really believe me
But sometime soon
You will notice
I am not who you think is me
I have no clue
Temporal Fugue Sep 2017
Do you appreciate the power
do you comprehend, and understand
news that isn't real, but believed
by woman, child, and man

Gullible and easy marks, our media today
they'll swallow any crap they're fed
and don't check, or let facts, get in the way

Outrage and anger, rampant
our feelings, played and used
by monsters real, not perceived
and the news mongers, confused

I have no sympathy for those, so amused
every broadcast, text, and useless news
and in the end, everyone and thing, abused
How can we trust even the simplest story anymore? Answer is, ya can't :/

sommerlawrence Jul 2017
I lose myself in silence, well the self that everyone on the outside gets to see, when I'm alone I become nothing but an empty shell, time is going by but nothing is moving, I can feel my life staying the same though my skin feels rougher than it used to, I find myself in crowds, how can I portray an existence so far from the truth so well no one sees what's behind my eyes:
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