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Bonswan Jun 2016
Who is she?
I wonder at night,
made up of darkness and light.
A secret to hide and a purpose to fight

Who is she?
A siren or queen;
crow or a magpie?
A raging, yet serene

Who is she?
I asked once before,
and though my question she chose to ignore
a defense arose I had never seen before.
I guess I learned something.

Who is she?
The girl who likes to kiss -
never to touch.
To both love so little,
and love so much.

Who is she?
My soul seems to ask,
a riddle not written -
never quite sure if the answer is
face or mask.

Who is she?
I guess I'll never know
One thing's for certain -
she comes and she goes.
the muse
Bonswan May 2016
What words were spoken
when we lost _ and ?
My head and heart were broken,
and now _ am m
ssng yo.
Though it got harder, I can still get by without U and I.
  May 2016 Bonswan
the power of a woman
and she'll destroy you
not to say men aren't powerful as well, because believe me, i know that men are a force to be reckoned with. i'm just saying that it's almost expected of men to be that way, but women get underestimated frequently.
Bonswan May 2016
Listen to the rain pour.
I mean- listen to the world's roar.
The wind; brash and arrogant.
Unseen forces leave strong trees bent.

*Lightening cracks open a blackened sky,
rolling thunder follows to say goodbye.
Bonswan May 2016
If I were a tree
then a poem, to me
would flow just like
my xylem and phloem
Bonswan May 2016
I wonder if you look at the moon too,
I wonder if you ever do it when I do,
I wonder the last time I played in the rain,
I wonder, when was the last time you did the same?
I wonder if you wonder as much as I do,
and I wonder if you wonder what I wonder too.
Bonswan May 2016
After awhile
things kick in
and it becomes pretty clear
its more fun to indulge in sin.
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