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Carlo C Gomez Aug 2022
I work in the clouds
Building a world out of hype
I could be a beekeeper
A prison guard
Reverse pop idol
Extinguishers, all

Hackers ferry contemporaries
Around the diseased city
Merchants of transference
Paths and angles
Pieces of eight

They could be brutal war fantasies
White noise translations of the snow
Cathedral nights in the deli
Ghost recordings from an opera house
Each with its own price tag

All the pretty girls
Thick with mascara
Go to plasticity
Drink chloroform
100 aspects of subterranea
So long as they come home
With a credit problem

Money devotion
It's what transferred us
Into numbered silhouettes
Slavishly pouring our blood into the sea

Ken Pepiton Mar 2021
I feel certain  
I once did know
more verses to this song
if you know it, sing along, I'll humm
and tap m'foot in time.

From time to time I wonder {sing that for a mile}

and find the time well spent, for joy
that does not linger, but also does not lie.

From time to time I wonder
and find the time well spent, for joy
that does not linger, but also does not lie.

Paid in joy, oh boy, I got a job.
I was about to ask for credit
t'go and celebrate, like in the shows on TV
where everybody knows
your game.

What's this joy job pay, old man?
Are you a credit risk?

I saw the point, piercing the bubble of fame
and great wealth of pure joy,
dam-bursting, break through joy, I was
making up
for global distribution…

too bad. It was about to cover the whole
like a mist of water with broad band ripples
framing patterns of mind-like interaction.

Wu wu synchronicity. This just happened to
be where you looked. That is how magic worked.
{AI winks}
Peace produced raw, in Pine Valley, with pricelessness, as in the ads, but free.
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2020
Target on my back
Wishing my pockets
Were happy pharmacies
And not sad reminders
Of long expenditures
And indiscretions
At night
Here now
In debt
I'm in your sights
Madam Cashier
Take the first shot
Bill me later
We'll call it even
Equal compensation
Or a semblance thereof
I spent freely
Allow me please
To die the same way
Peter Farsje Feb 2020
March! March! March!
Marketing's pounding drum.

Beat! Beat! Beat!
Hear the thundering feet.

Come one, Come all!
Answer the piper's call.

Act fast! Act fast!
The sale will not last!

Need, Need, Need!
You will not be freed.

Credit, Credit, Credit!
As long as you can get it.

Spend, Spend, Spend!
Will it never end?

Pawn, Pawns, Pawns,

The illusion We are in control.
Bhill Nov 2019
Intentions are just that
Having the intent to do it
You don't get credit for intentions....

Brian Hill - 2019 # 284
Get on the road and do something...
Steve Page Jan 2019
Only 24 easy payments.
Well, actually
- 1 easy.
23 increasingly ****** difficult.
Memories of Kays Catalogue - always around when I was a kid.
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2019
If one is taught
Debit and Credit
Whole life through

Show me
Where the kindness is?

Show me
Where one can feel peace?

Show me
What one could expect?
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Searching human element
K Balachandran Jul 2018
She dons every cap,
But the credit still eludes;
The fight continues!
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
She may stand before you with a smiling face
                                        and light in her eyes

But in truth it is all a front, she's really
                                      screaming inside

But give her the credit of taming her mind,
                                 and caging her thoughts
Sijo #2 for the day!
Give people the credit of handling their anxieties.
It's a useful survival skill! One that can be honed with time and experience.
Personally speaking, I'm WAYYYYY out of practise lool.
Lyn ***
replicas oft go on display
reproductions of the real thing
recast in an aping array
ripping off the principle's ring

every now and then they'll be seen
espousing that they're genuine
e'en taking credit for the breen
ergo this be not of true line

verily stealing other's word art
very little conscience do they show
villains are those of thieving cart
vilification we pour on their glow

eyes on the look out always glean
embezzling plagiarist's grotty hands
ever looting original bean
endlessly making phoney grands
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