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Steve Page Jan 24
Only 24 easy payments.
Well, actually
- 1 easy.
23 increasingly ****** difficult.
Memories of Kays Catalogue - always around when I was a kid.
If one is taught
Debit and Credit
Whole life through

Show me
Where the kindness is?

Show me
Where one can feel peace?

Show me
What one could expect?
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Searching human element
K Balachandran Jul 2018
She dons every cap,
But the credit still eludes;
The fight continues!
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
She may stand before you with a smiling face
                                        and light in her eyes

But in truth it is all a front, she's really
                                      screaming inside

But give her the credit of taming her mind,
                                 and caging her thoughts
Sijo #2 for the day!
Give people the credit of handling their anxieties.
It's a useful survival skill! One that can be honed with time and experience.
Personally speaking, I'm WAYYYYY out of practise lool.
Lyn ***
replicas oft go on display
reproductions of the real thing
recast in an aping array
ripping off the principle's ring

every now and then they'll be seen
espousing that they're genuine
e'en taking credit for the breen
ergo this be not of true line

verily stealing other's word art
very little conscience do they show
villains are those of thieving cart
vilification we pour on their glow

eyes on the look out always glean
embezzling plagiarist's grotty hands
ever looting original bean
endlessly making phoney grands
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2018
never was my favorite color  
You were in Pink  
On our first meet
Then, It happened
Feel your presence  
In my first book  
Canvas: Echoes And Reflections  
Long live being eternal.
Genre: Love
Theme: Truth never dies.
JGuberman Sep 2016
Perhaps it's my memory
which troubles me
when I carry it around
like a chip on my shoulder,
waiting to have it carved
into a marble bust of Justice
in the hope that
something good would come of it.
Although in our time
the only thing it becomes
is its own caricature and nothing more.

Perhaps it's my memory
which doggedly trails me wherever I go
even when I wish to lose it in the hills.
I carry it
like a credit card
without an expiration date,
with a limitless line of available credit
extending back through the centuries,
to be summoned
at a moments notice to pay off any debt
no matter how ancient
for a pound of flesh can no longer
be considered good collateral for any loan.
Flesh has become cheap
as has life
and the interest rate is never
high enough to sustain
the sanctity of either anymore.
Graff1980 Sep 2016
Disembodied voices
Sit in a conference call
To convince tellers
To tell people
That credit cards
Are awesome
That it won’t cost them
Much at all
And they can get rewards
Not mentioning
That the percentage
Of interest
Outweighs any rewards
They claim are so great
And if the cardholder is not careful
Heavy debt waits
To chain them to
Financial insecurity
And a job that is cruel
Countering the countenance
Of mankind’s
Desire to be free
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