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Toxic yeti Feb 2019
When you said that you wanted me to your self
I to have the same thought about
You being kept to myself
I want you to
Kiss my flesh
As I kiss yours.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
The love we shared
Was a sham
I loved you
But I think you were
Looking a young thing

My thighs
And lips
Remained un kissed

How I am tired
Of being used
Or abandoned
For another

Check yourself before
You reck yourself.
Toxic yeti Jan 2019
As I get into bed
I kiss a prayer flag
That’s hanging
As if I am saying
I love you my
I drift off to sleep
My body aches
For you my love.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
I know you’re desperate for love
I am not
You have no career
Except to find enlightenment
The only thing we share
Is religion
But I am trying to heal
I am trying to have a career
I am trying to live my life
The drama
That our relationship had caused
Many a thing.
Causes headaches
And heart ache.
Sleepless nights
I cant take it anymore.  
This is a
Dear John to a monk.
Toxic yeti Jan 2019
As I run away
From your murderers
I hide for few days
Then I return to your
Lifeless body
I am saddened
With the loss of my lover and master
I wanted kiss you fair well
But I couldn’t bare
The sight of it
I slowly climb a mountain
To slowly end my life
With the cold
My last breath had your name in it
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
The planet Jupiter
The solar systems pearl
As I see a picture
Of that planet
I am reminded
Of my mother
And her immense love
Love you Jupiter.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
There on a
Wing of a Boeing
Was Garfield
A cat
Walking on the wing
At 30,000ft in the air.  
Am I hallucinating
Or dreaming
Or is the reality??!!
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
As I watch the
Planes take off
With my worker
At the airport
I hope that my soul
Also goes to
The friendly skies.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
Dear Soblang

I am writing this
To tell you
I love you my sweet darling monk
I still desire you
Want to love you
Have my way with you
To pleasure
My beloved

Alas you were
Taken away
Before I could have you
All to myself
By a diseased psychopath

Although the
Very thought
Of you
Gives me butterflies
In my stomach,
And womanhood.

I want you
But you
Are diseased from the
And I can’t
Risk my
Physical well-being.

Maybe in another life.  
We shal meet again
As lovers.
Toxic yeti Nov 2018
A young woman

Looking for some comfort and love.

She approaches her lovers cave

A Yeti

Yes her lover is a yeti.

When walks in to the cave

They hug and kiss


Soon the yeti has his way with the young woman

She loving every minute

They embrace and kiss until they sucomb to sleep.

Tomorrow they resurrect the loving

This continues until autumn.
Toxic yeti Nov 2018
And the Yeti found it too warm
And the young woman thought she had to return home.
The thought saddens her, for she was in love with her savage lover…..
The yeti.
The two ran away into the mountains.
Where it was cooler and less human contact.
There the only thing warm was the Yeti’s embrace and the young woman’s heart.
At night outside of the cave, being kept warm my the yeti
The young woman and her Yeti
While gazing at the stars.
As the Dipper twinkled. The young woman and the Yeti make love.
When it got too cold to bear the Yeti
Takes in her into the cave
The young woman lights a fire
Then the Yeti has his way with the young lady.
She kisses him
As they couple in the warm cave.
The young woman got exited and decided to have her way with her lover
She rides him and they kiss gently yet passionately.
He had to be careful as to not to but her as they embrace.
The Yeti reassured the young woman, that she didn’t have to go back.
She cried and then kissed her skilled lover with joy and passion.
Happy she would spend her life with her love.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
The rebel woman
Rubs her eyes
Careful not to ruin
Her war paint
The straight
Pink lines on her face
As she wakes up.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
I don’t what
Attracted me to you
Or why made you think I am a goddess.
What ever it is
I want you as well.
My pet.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
They meet in a
Web of prayer flags
Near a stupa
A younger woman
And a senior Lama monk
And tenderly kiss
And embrace.
Their love forbidden
Behind the prayer flags.
Toxic yeti Jan 2019
I go the land
Of my ancestors
The Himalayas
To bet with my brethren
And hope to find love
And enlightenment
As the prayer flags fly
I smile.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
Things I hate with a passion
Being told to fit in
I just want to be me

Things I hate with a passion
Being told to grow up ; man up
I just want to be me

Things I hate with a passion
Being told to be white
I want to be tibetan.

Things I hate with a passion
Is people converting me to Christianity
I like being Buddhist.

Things I hate with a passion
Being told that I am theatrical
For my mental illness.

Things I hate with a passion
Being told that
Goths are evil
That’s Bull.
Christianity is a good religion but it does not fit my personality. That’s all.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
I am an angry loner
I am buddhist
I try to not to
Get *******
But it’s hard not to be angry
When the current events
And the news
Work against you
Your people.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
When you first
Said tashi delek
To me
And saw your picture
I though you where the one
That I would be with
That we run away
To Tibet
That we lovingly couple
In our love nest
But that may
Be a day dream.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
As I listen to animal collective
I shut my eyes
And I see a pond
Lotus flowers
Each in the colour of a chakra
Floating in the water.  

As I listen to animal collective
I shut my eyes
Thinking I am drifting
To sleep
But my head rested
On the lap of Buddha
Instead of the pillow

As I listen to animal collective
I imagine that
I am in the land
Of my ancestors
My face
And limbs
being tickled to death
By prayer flags.
I giggle.

As I listen to animal collective
My ears
And conciseness
Race from
My being
And coming with the universe.
Toxic yeti Apr 2019
As the young me see
That horrid video
I see the woman
Skin and bones
I have compassion
For a cannot imagine
Her suffering
Before her end.
Why can’t we see the inner beauty
Instead of outer.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
And undeamed
By your own
Of your

I have been many times.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
The class ended
And Boris wasn’t there
Claudia started to wonder until she got their appartment
The love nest
And notice a note
A love note
Saying that he would be
A little late
Taking advantage of this she cleaned up
Up dark yet sensual
Lipstick on
And got back into her uniform
Got into bed and then took
Off her bottoms
And waited
While she waited
Claudia read some of his books
She did not know that her beloved
Was into gentle yet wierd love making
When Boris walked in she put the book down
Invited and inencisced him to her
In bed.
When Boris came in
He was able to make out with her
And embracing her
Holding her like gold
That’s when he notice that
She was wearing the top
Part of her uniform
He stoped kissing her mouth
And kissed her flower
And then she took him
But the chin
And rapped her legs
Around his hips
And he made love to her
Claudia said quietly that she
Wanted try some of the things
In his books
Boris didn’t get angry
But overjoyed
And they kissed
“I can teach you think about
The art of love,”
He promised.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
As I look
At Tibetan art
In a store
While window shopping
I take a long close look
And I am reminded of us
In our time
When things were so simple
When things were so complicated
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
I am able to
Make images

Am able
To make images
With a pencil

With I kick or punch
I form patterns
And images
With my moves
Yet protecting my self
Alas my back.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
I cry all night
I cry all day
Thinking that you
Will never come back
I soon read the love songs of the
6th Dalai Lama
Then you come in
My heart leaps
I lead you to
My bed
We kiss
I ask you your you name
You say that’s it was karma.
Mine was Jin Mai
We continue to kiss
Passionately and fall on
My bed and on eachother
I can feel your hardness
When you undress eacother
And make love
My gentle soul.
You ask why I was so sad
I sad that
I forced to horrible things
And you didn’t care
You pulled me closer
And kissed me
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
To my fellow
Asper people
You are great
You are creative
You are straight forward
You are intelligent
Not toxic
Nor biohazardous
Or evil.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
She sands
For what is right
What doesn’t **** her makes her
With the black hair
Blowing in her face
The she will stand for
And the protection
Of the innocent
From Tantra and other forms of evil
She is a
Tibetan FBI agent
A shewolf.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
In the shillouettes of the building
At dusk
You will see moon light dolphins
And playing
On the sides
As the Dipper

Is it a painting??!!
What a night.
Toxic yeti Jan 2019
As we kiss
And couple
The joy we share
For eachother
Is surrounded
By a new world
A world of hate.  
What is happening.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
When we both signed
Off on kik
I said that I
Will be thinking
Of you
My darling Yeti
Of a man.
All that I desire that you
Make love to my flesh
With your tounge and mouth.
Toxic yeti Jan 2019
She kept going
Around and around
On the carscell
At the airport
A soft
Fluffy flame like puff
Is beside the girls

She was looking
for her bag
As the flame puff comes around
The girl notices
Scoops up the tiny puff

What luck
A girl finds a puff
A cute puff
As she leaves with her new pet
The puff nuzzles the girl
“What a loving pet”
The girl thought
Then it’s when
The girl names her
The looks at the she puff
And asks

“How can something so loveable come
From an airport?”
About my pet puff ball.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
Do you ever feel
So lonely
That you find yourself  
Talking to your
Baoding *****
In the middle of the night
Sad, huh??!!

I sure have
Felt lonely enough
That I was talking to
My Baoding *****
In the middle of the night
Sad, huh?!!
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
Two blue
Clear Baoding *****
A beautiful blue
As I look at them
As I swirl them
I look closely and
See that they are
Not normal
Stress *****
But parallel universes.  
What a summer.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
It’s Halloween
I am going trick or treating
As a samurai
As usual
I go to the house
On the right said of my
And get old
Flight attendant paraphernalia
I wake up from the dream
The flight attendant stuff
Meant that my
Gardien angel
Was watching me
For I was under a lot of stress.
My gardien angel was one Barbra
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
There near the city
Of Kutcha  
There stands
A beacon tower
Going there
To the top
Of the tower
Every clear night
To gaze at the stars
To find the find
The face of my love
Who died
As we came here
A Tibetan Lama
I hope to see his face
In the stars
Watching me with love
Guiding me with love
How I loved him.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
There was a
Tibetan Lama
Who fell captivated
By a young girl
Whom he meet
From Canada
The Lama and girl
Courseponded on by email
Giving each other promises
Sweet somethings
And pet names
They fell in love.
The Lama
Promised the girl
That they run off to Tibet
To old Lasha
To be  together
But before that could happen
The girl was ghosted and
Found why
Her beloved was
Was harassing others
After she and a friend ganged up and reported
him to the law.
Now there is a hole in everyone’s heart.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
‪There will be no toxic karma ‬
For her in 2019

There will be no toxic love
For her in 2019

There will be no toxic hate nor drama for her in2019

There will be no toxic thoughts
For her in 2019

Just toxic music in 2019.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
Some people
Take to
The bottle
To deal with their loss

Some people
Take to opioids
To relieve themselves
From life’s
And physical pain

Some people
Take their lives
To free themselves
From suffering

I don’t do those
For I have Buddha.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
Gothic dandelions
White perfect
Of seeds
Contrast the black
Background of the night
How I wish I can take a picture.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
Screamed her mother when she saw her new tattoo through the
Shower curtain
Her mother than saw
And recognized the name
Claudia was terrified
When she got dressed and dried
Her parents
Said that karate
And tattoro
Was one thing
But being with that piece of junk
Was it.
She was cut of and disowned
She had to pack up and leave.
She took her stuff
And went to her punk lover’s appointment
When she was welcomed in
She broke down and cried
She told Boris
And that she will be living in with him
And that she had to teach classes at the dojo.
For money.  
“Wasn’t that your dream?!”
The punk asked.
She said yes but was in a sad way.
They kissed
And then
Made slow love
As his way of comforting her rose.
Soon it was time
For Claudia to go to the dojo
To teach little kids and then go to her classes.
She sadly kissed him
And left.
After Boris when with his merger
Means and bought a sliver rose ring
Thinking that would help.
Went it was her turn to be taught
She waved him in
Letting him watch her.
In awe of her beauty
And grace
Soon he left
When she was done
For the day
He grabbed her into an alley
Proposed to her
With the ring
She cried and said yes
The grosem twosome
Then kissed
And felt each other up
In the alley.
Again Claudia loved the feel
Of his piercings
Against her lips and
When he kissed her face.
At least she was loved.
Toxic yeti Jan 2019
As we kiss each other
Feel and embrace each other
I forget about
The world around me
Delev into love
And pleasure.
Toxic yeti Jan 2019
you might be blinded tothe beauty of your pasty skin
there is so much more going on in the background
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
Blue poppies
Little up by the moon
A bright blue
As they glow
But are they covered
In blood.
I was watching forensic files
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
The in the Christmas
Dead of night
There stands
A huge blue
Ice dove
Clear as crystal
Lit up
But it’s on light
The Christmas wonder
For all in the neighbour.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
The butterfly breaks
From its crystal prision
Cause by it’s suffering
Frees her wings
Electric blue wings
The colour of peace.
As a catapiller
It was suffering
Limited in ability
No she is free
To start a new chapter
In her life.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
Them bones
Them bones
We have to
Collect all
The bones
To give them justice
To put them to the rest
That they deserve
Them bones
Them bones.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
Sorry boys
But my heart
Belongs to another
Who I met thousand years ago
At a much simpler time
A Tibetan Lama
We fell in love
And our souls
In sinc
Karmic trying
To fine eachother.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
As the medical examiner
Examines the human
Does he/ she
Notice the deep dark cravases
And ridges  
That some one can
Fall into
Not coming back
As trekking it
Is dangerous.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
You know
What I said that a ran to take off from this planet
Like a Boeing to the moon??!!
I am flying
High like a Boeing
I have found peace
And I have found my freedom
It was a butterfly
Breaking free
For I am me.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
Woke up
Thinking you
My British Yeti
With butterflies in my head
In my heart
In my womanhood
My desires
Woke me up
How I want you
Inside me.
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