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Choden tenzin Jan 2021
I have found someone just as lonely as me
I have found someone just spiritual as me
I have found someone just as beautiful as I am
I have found someone for me
A soul mate my love
Choden tenzin Jan 2021
What I wish to hold your hands
What I wish to kiss you behind some prayer flags
What I wish to make love to you
To feel you
To feel your touch
You sparkling smiling eyes
Be able to to have a love child
With you
My sweet monk.
Choden tenzin Jan 2021
Sweet monk
As I sleep I am
With images
Of you gentle loving face
As I dream of you having
Your way with me
Kissing me
As you do so
Nobody sad that
You were part yeti
The way you love me
So passionately
I want you so
In reality
Choden tenzin Jan 2021
My love
How you want me all to yourself
Your consort
I wish nothing more to see
Your sparkling smiling eyes
As we kiss on the summit of Everest
Or while coupling
So lovingly
In your chambers
My darling Lama
Choden tenzin Jan 2021
My beloved
Did we do this in  a
Past life
In Tibet where I was a common
Girl and you a monk
And fell in love
Made love
And yet my love
Here we are again
In love with eachother
As if time never moved
I wish our dreams of meeting eachother
Come true
My loving yeti monk
Just one more kiss
For old times sake
With you smiling sparkling eyes
Looking up on me as we kiss
Chad Young Jan 2021
*** tries to be celestial
With the most reciprocal feelings.
The intertwining of consciousness
Around pleasuring each other
Until the bodies become one,
No difference is there between
Man and woman,
As they have taken on each other's
Soul and each other's form.
Lucky melanson Jan 2021
I don't just want to be you lover
But a passionate one ineed
As we make out
I want to make you feel good
You bring out the she yeti in me
Jayaji Jan 2021
The true artist does not paint pictures,
the true artists lends themselves to be and become
a paintbrush in the mysterious hand
of life.

The true musician does not play an instrument
but allows that self to be an instrument played
by the breathing space that encircles
all things.

In this way my darling
there is nothing you need to do,
or seek, or find, or become.

No fireworks, no flashing lights,
no grand awakening to understand
that you are not creative,
you are creation.

In this way my darling, wisdom
is the opening into that very vastness,
to be contained by that which has no edge,
and there find, there is no center.

It is to contemplate the Great
Mystery, and at the same time find
the Great Mystery contemplating
Jayaji Jan 2021
Run after yourself.
Chase your own tail.

Catch that which cannot be caught.
Turn towards your own self,
and find that which does not turn. 

When will you see
the walls you *****
around your own heart
keep you imprisoned 
captive by belief? 

In setting the mind free
the heart soars. 
When the heart soars
there are no use for walls. 

What mast can I cast 
a rope towards 
to open the sails
in a windless sea?

To what dock can I stop
and secure a ship 
that is in the middle 
of the ocean? 

What ground can I lay
foot on when everything
is shimmering beneath me? 

This mind is like a bird
without branch to rest. 
Where then does one 
take refuge?
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