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I want you to feel
My lush soft skin
I want you to
Kiss my forbidden
Red velvet rose
I want you to be in side
My velvet rose
And to love me.
Worship me
Acknowledge me
Love me
My love

Eat me
Breath me
Drink me
You yeti

Making love to me
Pleasure me with you tongue
Other parts
As I scatter my self
Around you
As you have you way
With me, my Yeti
I want you to love, pleasure
I hope you’re in the mood
To blow my mind
As I lead you to my bed
As I wear a Latex suit
I unzipped the bottom zippers
So you can
Massage and kiss
my womanhood
And the other regions
Please have your way with me
My Yeti
My loving Yeti
As I scatter
Inviting you
You tattoo my heart
Like no one else
Family/friend or in
This case...lover.
As we make love
My British Yeti
My prayer wheel necklace
Rolls against my *******
As you cuirass them
Loving in your hands.
Woke up
Thinking you
My British Yeti
With butterflies in my head
In my heart
In my womanhood
My desires
Woke me up
How I want you
Inside me.
I as I think of
The next chat
We have
I have question
That might shock you
Would you
Mind climbing Everest
With me
Maybe we can
We can couple in
The safety and comfort
Of our tent.
I won’t go
Monk chasing.
Since you called me
A tantric goddess
I feel like that I
Want to enchant
To put an spell on
For wanting me
I slowly ****** you
As we couple
Ever so slowly.
As you kiss me
My mouth
Andsmother my face
You go southward
Kissing my neck
Collar bone
Kissing my chest
And the to the southern lips
As you massage
And kiss my womanhood
I let out a moan.
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