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Toxic yeti Feb 22
As the artist
Kicks and punches
And strikes the air
With fierce creativity
Their moves
And body
Create a beautiful
Only seen
But the imagination.
Toxic yeti Feb 21
I am able to
Make images

Am able
To make images
With a pencil

With I kick or punch
I form patterns
And images
With my moves
Yet protecting my self
Alas my back.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
In New York
In the Bronx
There was a street fighting
Punk rocker of a young men
Who was attracted
And eyed
An female martial artist
No older
Nor younger than him
When she was walking home she
Noticed him
Not afraid
She approached him
And took his hand
And the two went into an
Alley where they make out
When they kissed
The street punk
Soon realized
That he was in something he never
Knew existed
In love
Her as well.
Ari Oct 2018
These are my people
And these mats are our home.
We connected through the passion
Embedded in our bones.

Everyday we’re here
We’re renewed on our mats.
Theres sweat, tears, and blood on our Gis,
On our rash guards and spats.

We strive to train hard
And always remember
This family we’ve created
We’ll never surrender.

Haruharu Oct 2018
So much work and determination for that moment.

Weeks of training, to predict all the opponent's moves.

Tears of frustration, blisters and bruises all over your body.

Looking at others enjoying food you're not allowed to touch.

Running, with a burning feeling in your chest.

All for that moment, those 4 minutes that can change everything.

Judges lined up, blue and red flags in their hands.

The fear of them not raising your color in the end.

The surrounding sounds go away.

Fighting gear on, nodding to you coach's distant words.

The sweat starts running under your helmet, heart's racing fast, the adrenaline kicks in.

The sign is given, it's time.

The mat feels bigger than it looks.

With shaky legs you walk out, to bow for your opponent.

Facing each other, you'll never forget the eyes of your enemy.

The whistle blows, the moment has arrived. It's time to put the weeks of training into action.

One final deep breath.

Fight. Fight for the time you've sacrificed.

Fight with all your might, to earn that medal around your neck.

Cause in that moment it's worth everything.
Ahmad McWhinnie Mar 2018
To be free, to fly

To jump and prove the lies,

To twist and cry the accomplished,

To finish what couldn't be finished,

To work harder and harder than before,

To fall and burn with pain,

To give up and scream in disdain,

The thrill of tricking pulls you back,

The 540 kick can pound a pack,

Float like a b-twist sting like a hook kick,

Twist, flip, kick combo it's your pick,

But the thrill to trick is unlimited.
Mozes Aug 2016
I study, I’ am a Martial Art
I practice, I’ am a Martial Art
I fight, I’ am myself
Maggie Emmett Apr 2016
(On the death of a daughter)

The death I must pronounce upon
For you, parents, the wait was long
Across this land unjustly tried
Your silence only proof you lied.
In pitch darkness, dragged overland
By Dingo jaws and human hand
Guilty and gaoled, she would have read
In her sixth year, were she not dead
Just six weeks, never spoke a word
Now flies the night, free as a bird
Over deserts ochre and red
On Uluru she rests her head
Wakens and plays in sunlight stark
Darts in rock shadows, cool and dark
In Rainbow Spirit surely trust
She lies lightly in sand and dust.

© M.L.Emmett
In the style of Martial in Epigram 5.34
Refers to the death of Azaria Chamberlain near Uluru (once known as Ayres' Rock)
Entry into John Bray Poetry Prize 2012
Ronjoy Brahma Aug 2015
उन्दै समनिफ्रायनो आंहा सासे मोजां गेलेगिरि जानायनि थांखि आरो मिजिँ दंमोन।
बे मिजिँ खानाय गोरबोनि दुमायनाय मोनसे जिरादआ आंखौ उसु-खुथु खालामबाय थायोमोन।
आं सम सम बेबादिनो गामिनि लोगोफोरजोँ बायदि रोखोमनि गेलेनाय आयदाखौनो गेलेयोमोन।
नाथाय आं जेरावबो रोँद्रायै नङा।
मोनफ्रोम गेलेनाय आयदाखौनो आं मोजांबो मोननो हायोमोन।
नाथाय थेवबो आं बांसिन मोजां मोन्नाय गेलेनाया केरेत् (सौनाय, जोनाय, बारनाय बायदि) मोन।
उन्दै समनिफ्रायनो आं बे रोखोम गेलेनायखौ टि. भि. सेनेमा (सावथुन) फोराव सम सम नायनो खाबु मोन्दोँमोन।
बे इसेल' खाबुआनो आंखौ आरोबाव बांसिन मोजां मोन्नो गोसोखौ होबावदोँमोन।
आंहा बारा बारा सासे मार्टियेल आर्टिस (Martial Artist) गेलेगिरि जानो गोसो थौहाबसिनदोँमोन।
बेबादिनो आं सानसेखालि आमटेकानि फुर्णिमा फोथाराव गेलेग्रा Wushu मुंनि गेलेनायाव गेलेजेन्नायसै।
आरो उनाव आं 2 अक्ट 2010 मायथाइनि नबेम्बर (2/11/2010) आव बेँटलाव थानाय Wushu Assiociation of Chirang आव गावनि माखासे लोगोमफोरजोँ मुं थिसन्नायसै।
नाथाय एसेबां गोसो थासेयावबो आं फुरायै बे गेलेनायखौ गेलेनो मोनाखिसै।
इं 2012 मायथाइआव गोजौ फरायसालिखौ उथ्रिनाय लोगो लोगो बङांइगामियाव लजिँ थानानै फरायनांनायाव नागारनो गोनां जाबाय।
लोगो लोगो आं सान्नायसै आंनि मोनसे मिजिँआनो बायबाय।
मानोना आं फरायनायखौबो खम खालामनो हाया।
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