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Toxic yeti Mar 1
As the full moon
Roses over the mountain tops
In a plum purple sky
Of dusk
There stands Everest
Waiting for me
To climb it.
Toxic yeti Feb 28
Reasons why
Want to climb
Himalayan mountains
To show that
Mentally ill
Are not **** happy
To show that
Emotions are normal
For a mentally ill person
To should the normies
That they themselves
Create stigma and ignorance.
Toxic yeti Feb 22
As the medical examiner
Examines the human
Does he/ she
Notice the deep dark cravases
And ridges  
That some one can
Fall into
Not coming back
As trekking it
Is dangerous.
Toxic yeti Feb 22
Himalayas of
The mind
Waiting to be conquered
It takes day by day
Minute by minute
Hour by hour
Look at them with beauty
And not as an obstacle.
Only then would
You have conquered them.
Toxic yeti Feb 12
I as I think of
The next chat
We have
I have question
That might shock you
Would you
Mind climbing Everest
With me
Maybe we can
We can couple in
The safety and comfort
Of our tent.
I won’t go
Monk chasing.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
I am a mountain babe
They interigue me
Where the normies
Love the beach.

I am a mountain babe
Because it is in my DNA
From thousands of years
It normal for me.

I am a mountain babe
Because I want to climb them
And live amongst
Kmo Jul 2016
Walk with a mountaineer
She will always be near
When feeling fear,
She will comfort you dear

Fly with a mountaineer
She will catch you when you fall,
She will give you all
She will take you high
She will give you the sky

Fall with a mountaineer
She will not let you cry
Promise, she's not telling a lie
Fall in love with a mountaineer

Fall in love with me. <3
Kmo Jul 2016
Meron akong nakita
Dalwang taong masaya
Sa tuktok ng bundok,
magkahawak-kamay pa

Tanong sa sarili, ito ba'y pag-ibig?
Dahil hindi na maitago ang kilig.
Ngunit biglang ginising ng lamig
Pagmulat ng mata
Kasama'y hanap na

Ang nakitang dalawa
Ang totoo ay mag-isa.

— The End —