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Toxic yeti Mar 24
Samayel the arch angel
Falling from grace
To hell
To became
The ruler of hell
We all fall from grace
Time to time.
Toxic yeti Mar 24
As a kid jumps
In the rainy
Having a jolly good time
She is faced
With a friendly
Don’t judge a book by its
Don’t judge a dog
By its breed.
Toxic yeti Mar 24
There was a little
Girl with
A blue dress and blue hair
To her
Pet blue chickadee
That’s the size of a Boeing
Toxic yeti Mar 24
My heart has
Turned blue
Liquidity and
From empty romance
And empty promises
Do take a swim
In my cold heart.
Toxic yeti Mar 24
The news
Says rain
Is cause by
Heavy percipation
But mythology
Tells us that
Rain is caused
By broken hearts.
Toxic yeti Mar 24
There in the night
There was a girl
Sitting on the crescent
To see the constellations
Don’t you wish
You can sit
On the moon to
See the Dipper.
Toxic yeti Mar 23
In the ice age
The people
Chase mammoths
But the chase
And **** unicorns
For their magic
As that winter is
Toxic yeti Mar 23
Two lovers
Come together
To kiss
But do they
Know that
Romance is an emotional time bomb
It’s just a matter of time.
Toxic yeti Mar 23
In a Marilyn Manson concert
There are two bears
Trying to
Out do the singer
To the point
That everything reverberates.  
Even souls.
Toxic yeti Mar 23
People running
Up an excellater
Trying desperately
To catch their
Connecting flights
To their rebirth.
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