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Mrs Timetable Oct 2020
By the power of suggestion
Vested in me
I now pronounce you
Commercial advertisement
First U.S. commercial July 1, 1941 for Bulova Watch  co. $9 for the 10 sec ad and from what I could tell $29 for the watch.
Simon Aug 2020
Trust is not commercial, because trading or exchanging wears upon one's very truth isn't exactly well thought out. It only comes about, when one's very truth isn't (not) exactly commercial. But when trust isn't truth, when one's very wears aren't as thought out as it was to begin with. Scrambling many believes until one most tired (thought out) engagement, began to unscramble back into "trust is not commercial"!
One among us ALL comes across something that never was meant to pan out correctly. Because certainty is a believe meant to unscramble ALL believes back in onto itself! Forcing many priorities too become uncertain of itself....
Gabriel Herrera Jul 2020
Your name became the jingle

I hated from the moment heard

Then found myself singing it

The following morning

So catchy beneath my lips

It tangled into muscle memory

Too weak to loosen the grip

Of horrendous rhythm

Now laughter brews from concern

That it will never leave my mind


I've prepared for these occasions

Firstly, find distractions

As to

Stuffing my mouth

Clouding my mind

But it only stunts

My new nature

To repeat the sweet ring

Your name gives my heart

I cannot part from the joy

It brings to me like

The coolest toy I begged for

But what I know now all too well is that toy

Will become an afterthought

Collect dust on the tallest shelf

I'll never bother reaching

And I'll move on to the next catchy jingle

Let it marinate in my diaphragm

And allow it to eat me up entirely

Leaving me hollow

Only left with bits and pieces of all

The names I sang

To keep me company


I wish I never heard any

Of those **** Jingles
Glenn Currier Jun 2020
It comes in, sparkling and exciting,
with the promise of fun and zest
like a mist dappled with thrills

but it is a false promise
like the allurements of commercials
with smiling faces and a myriad of glitz

it ends in a state of shame
controlled by lords of the dark
and the owners of hell.

I brim over with gratitude for love
and the forces of beauty and mercy
that break the trance -
the spell always ending
with the unlit inglorious state of shame.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
There on a
Wing of a Boeing
Was Garfield
A cat
Walking on the wing
At 30,000ft in the air.  
Am I hallucinating
Or dreaming
Or is the reality??!!
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
As I see a
Boeing jet
Take off
Form the airport
So fat and so happy
I can feel
The freedom
It’s gaining.
How I wish it was me.  

As I see a Boeing jet
At the airport
Still fat and still happy
I feel like a captive
For it is not free
Due to weather and gravity.
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2018
Gimme a break from the long day at work.
A piece of mind that doesn't fly by soon as it starts.
Not of discrimination but of a demanding boss.
Time but a snap of a bar.
Gimme a break from negative interpretation.
In terms of being under appreciated.
A smile that encourages the rest of the day to come that much faster.
The commercial before we continue our regular scheduled programming.
Gimme a break before our stature completely seperates.
If only for a moment.
To savor a taste stumbled upon in bulk.
Complex in the pieces we give of ourselves.
Chocolate covered us wrapped in orange.
Fully appreciated in standout appearance.
The smile brought to my mouth.
Steve Page Feb 2018
How I wish to disappear
completely, to unplug fully,
til I shut down-deep-withdrawn
and there focus on something
that's more internal
and less commercial,
less self-evidently marketable -
something less brand
and more a brand new venture,
out of sight, of mind
and of a sense of duty
to myself,
to the me I left behind -
somewhere less,
somewhere small,
where the music inside
was clearer
and nearer
to the first bars
of the first song
when I first sang along.
Oh, how can I disappear
completely and get myself ready
for my next swan song?
Inspired by the graphic novel 'How to disappear completely' by Si Smith.
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