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Toxic yeti Feb 8
We were
Supposed to run off to
As forbidden lovers
You promised
Me tantric love
And ***
As we passionately made love
You promised happiness
In our Tibet
That I guess will
Be words and intell
That I base my nightly
Dreams on.
Toxic yeti Feb 7
My loving Sublang
These intense feelings
And desire I have
Of your flesh
Inside of mine
You compassionate lips
On mine
Is a karmic tattoo
That haunts me forever
Toxic yeti Feb 7
Every night
I end up with intense
And the idea that
As we kiss
You feel me up
And my forbidden flower
Toxic yeti Feb 7
When I first saw you
I saw another side
Of me as well
I found out that
I had a strong
And loving
Tantric goddess
Inside me
Every time I take a picture
Of yours truly.
Toxic yeti Feb 7
When you first
Said tashi delek
To me
And saw your picture
I though you where the one
That I would be with
That we run away
To Tibet
That we lovingly couple
In our love nest
But that may
Be a day dream.
Toxic yeti Feb 7
I try to talk to you
You ignore me
Do you even
About my
Love and feelings
For you
My love.
Toxic yeti Feb 2
When I wake up
To you kissing my lips
Our bodies against eachother
In an embrace
I can feel your hardness
I let you inside me
The morning coupling.
Toxic yeti Feb 2
As we make love
In your quarters
I caught the scent of
And the sound prayer flags
Flapping in the midnight
As we kiss
And couple
The only sight
Of your compassionate face
The playful sparkle
In your eyes
Fills my heart.
Toxic yeti Feb 2
I open up my legs
And my being
I invite you in
For you
For your love
For your passion
my darling
And you compassion
As we couple.
Toxic yeti Feb 2
As I see you
You’re cute and handsome
With your bald head
Yet your were a monk
It was love at first sight
We talked
I see your picture
I developed feelings
And tantric urges
So intense
I wish you were
With me
Loving me
Being with me
Inside me.
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