Toxic yeti Jan 7
She kept going
Around and around
On the carscell
At the airport
A soft
Fluffy flame like puff
Is beside the girls

She was looking
for her bag
As the flame puff comes around
The girl notices
Scoops up the tiny puff

What luck
A girl finds a puff
A cute puff
As she leaves with her new pet
The puff nuzzles the girl
“What a loving pet”
The girl thought
Then it’s when
The girl names her
The looks at the she puff
And asks

“How can something so loveable come
From an airport?”
About my pet puff ball.
Toxic yeti Jan 7
Aries *** of war
More like the *** of mental problems
For war hurts children

Please Aries
Think of the children
The children
The children

If you thought more
You would help more
Not spread evil.
Toxic yeti Jan 7
I follow the Dipper
To places unknown
Both physical
And emotional

These places are frightening
But I keep looking up
At the Dipper
And I find comfort.
Toxic yeti Jan 7
Every fall this happens
As I leave the house
On all hallos eve
The moon
Does something wonderful

It displays such a show
It stops all trick or treaters
Better the the Dipper
The moon is full
And it changes colour of the rainbow


The colours
Of the moon
Gets more intense
As the evening progresses

I am relaxed
By this
It’s special
For I had a bad day and
It happens every fall

Then the moon flickers
Like a flame
And changes to white
It’s usuall colour
What a night.
Toxic yeti Jan 7
The night
This night
Is my magical night

When most
Dress up as monsters I go
As xena,
Joan of Arc,
A samurai
Or some one from the old days

I relive my past lives
On this night.
Toxic yeti Jan 5
While My former instructor
And I  asked if I could
Play with one of katanas
I then went and licked the blade
Trying not to cute my tounge
Slowly while he watched
He complained
That the sword should be him
I then did the same to him
All over him
But slower and more affectionate
I pleasured him
And loved him.
Soon love poems
Started to come up
When I slept in
When realized Yuan was
With his crime family
I kept writing love poems
And hide them all over the appartment
We were together
I felt the need to go home
Matsumoto promised that we
Would stay in touch
When I got to upper Manhattan
To live with a friend
And mother my children
I took the time to sand him steamy
Love letters.
Which we responded with more steaminess
After a while I wrote back
And never heard from him
Until one of his associates
Wrote back saying that
Oyabun Yuan Matsumoto
Died in peace.
Then I learned that you killed your self
Too much hallucinogenics
I died cherish you as you
But instead fell for my karate instructor
Yet again.
Toxic yeti Jan 5
When we were making out
In the moonlight
All was great
Until you muttered
Something strange in tibetan
I was creeped out and
Ask what you said
You said that you
Were a Buddha
I freaked out some more
Until you said that
My moonlit beauty
Made you achieve enlightenment
I took it as a compliment
We continued to couple
But in the morning
While we made love
You said that you were going to announce your
Achievement to everyone
It only got worse
Soon I missed my period
I wasn’t ******
And I got afraid
So I had to leave
For the sake of the child
So I run away back to the us
Before you came back to me.
I had a woman sneak me to the nearest airport
And I left but ended up in Japan
In the city of Osaka.
Because I need medical attention
To see how many kids I had
multiples were confirmed
As I was leaving
I heard a familiar rough voice
Call out my name
I turned around
It was yuan Matsumoto
He asked me to come with him
After he was looked over
When we were both discharged
yuan took me to his high end
There my old sensei and I talked
I said that I was in Tibet
But he did not get angry
“Let me see, that twirp dragged you?”
I said yes and he gave me a hug
And we made out
Soon we made love
As if you never knew.
I just had one question
That he wasn’t going to cut my heart out
Yuan Matsumoto gently kissed me
Reassuring me that he was only jealous
At the time
I wanted him.
He gave me his mother’s ring
And said that
He was in love with me and wanted me for life.
My yakuza and I kissed deeply.
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