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Mark Toney Nov 4
6/4/2018 - My footle poem phase begins :) A footle is a type of poem that is actually very short. It is a two-line poem that consists of two syllables in each line. It is generally written to be light and witty. It is one of the most simple and yet most difficult poetry types. Simple since it's only two lines and two syllables, but difficult because with those two lines and syllables the author must make enough impact and create an entertaining enough poem that it can be memorable and enjoyed by the readers. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Broken to my heart,
All them feelings that I've lost,
I was frozen in the dark,
A cold sibling of Jack Frost.

Frozen up my thoughts,
Chucked the chills out my spine,
There's a reason I'm called fawtz,
There's a reason I don't cry.

Colder than a Eskimo,
Colder than the snow,
Colder than the freezer I store my skeletons in,
Colder than you'll ever know.

Blast me in a blizzard,
I'll stand up and I'll laugh..
But melt my heart with warmth and love,
And watch me run a mile.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
The yeti woke
Only to find a fair well letter
In stead of
His beloved flower
He read it
It said that her
Love was geshi
And that she will be living with him.
After crying heavily
The yeti went to the monastery
Where his flower now lived
Peeking in the window
He could see
Who was his flower
Becoming someone else’s.
He couldn’t bear to see
The two youngsters
Kiss, talk
And make love.
He disappeared
Far away from his “flower”
Who broke his heart.
The next day
He leaves a fair well note
Of his own
Wondering if she will read it.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
The yeti hear a distant laugh
He recognized the laugh
The laugh of his flower
He went out to
A Poppy field
where they usually
To find his flower
Making love
Coupling witha young monk
The young man had no sadistic intentions in his face
They were in love
Sadden the yeti waited in his cave
For his flower.
When the young woman
Came back
The yeti gently asked her
What it meant
And she said she was trying
To make a family for her savage lover
She was asked if she had feelings for the young man
She kissed the yeti
And told him
That he was the only on in her heart.
There they embrace
And couple
The yeti
Thinking that he would have a
His flower talking about the young monks name
Geshi Thubten
And his plans for talking his flower
To the city of Kuqa. (Kutcha)
And that she would not go with the youngster.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
As they couple
The Yeti and his flower
Did not know
That some one
Was watching them
Particularly the yeti’s flower
But they were in too
Much bliss
The young woman
Noticed the young man
And quietly
Told her skilled lover
That they should
Go back.
To where it is safe
When they were safe
They continued their
Love making
This time the yeti
Had his way with her.
Loving her reassuringly
That he will protect
His flower.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
The Young woman
Took her savage lover
To a lotus pond
To see the flowers
Even at the risk
Of meeting people.
At the pond
The yeti and his flower
Look at the lotus flowers
Eacj lotus was a different colour
While the young
Was fascinated with the lotuses
The yeti was fascinated with his own flower.
There they couple
And kissing
As if they just met
The passion
The pleasure
And the love.  
Excited the young woman
Had her way with her skilled lover.  
She equally skilled.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
One winters night
The yeti and his flower
Tenderly kiss
In the light
Of a full moon
As she sits in his furry and warm
They embrace eachother
Exploring bodies
To keep warm.
The yeti was muscular and furry yet hairy
Where as his flower was soft
As they couple
He enters her
Making her forbidden flower blossom
How he loves his delecate flower.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
It was dark and cold
The young lady
Doesn’t dare to leave
For fear of freezing to death
She couldn’t help with the food
So the Yeti provided
Her with meat
And love.
During one of these winter
The yeti and his flower
Coupled with eachother
Hoping to have their ways with eathother
They embrace
Their tounges danced
As they couple
By the warm fire.
There the two become one.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
When he savage lover
Her skilled lover
Was asleep
The young woman went into the water
To clean herself off
Both physically and emotionally
Then she see her yeti store
From a good night’s sleep
The young woman called to him where she was
Then left the water
She went her unusual lover
And sat on him and kissed
Their tounges softy dance
As she pleasures him
Not for ****** pleasure
But for love.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
The yeti woke up
To find that his flower
Wasn’t there
All he hear was the word ma’re
Being repeated and screamed
He recognized the voice
It was that of his beloved
She was in distress
When he found her
Being ravaged by a monk
This one was young
Trying to kiss her
She fighting him off.
He enraged beat the young man to his death.
Then yeti
Took and carried his flower back to
Their love nest
He took the young woman to the springs
And saw that she was bloodied
Black and blue.
When she stirred
He thought she near death
And stayed with her until she recovered
The first time they couple
The young woman
Was combative
Until she realized who was kissing her.
They were gentle kisses on rough and sadistic.
Then she realized her lover
And let him in
So the can gently couple
“I am sorry for leaving you,”
She wept.
The yeti and his flower kiss
There tounges meet and slowly danced
A comforting dance
As they couple.
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