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Moon falls behind hills
solitary shadows
autumn wind
bits of stars
vague and remote
walking amongst
ancient trees
in a courtyard
in the depths
of a temple
the flicker of lamps
the saffron of robes
the sound of wooden fish
the sound of Namo Amitabha is
quiet like a flower, a grass
a wind, a rain
a sand, a stone
a dream, a season.
The name is karma
Or Elena
I am odd duck
And unique person
Like a fingerprint
I don’t like chess
I am not a computer
Nor am I cold hearted
I love art
And anything that life
Has to offer
I am human
Are you??!!
Possum living Feb 23
Often I feel trapped in worlds opposed to each other

In one, I am a cog in this insidious machine, always painfully aware of my complicity in the assault on the only Earth

But in the other, I am free from the toils of man

I am a Bodhisattva in loving service to our mother in her time of need, vowing to save every last one of her children

Where will I turn today?
Toxic yeti Feb 15
‪When I ‬
See the circular
Diamond in the night

Everything glows
Snow and all

I have an enlightening experience
Abigail Rose Jan 5
So, I’m drawn to your religion
On the basis of aesthetic.
I want to feel the way that
Golden, plump, laughing Buddha
Feels without having to read the stories.
I want to embrace the wu wei--
Whatever that means--
I want to sit criss-crossed
In the long, naples yellow grass
With no ticks.
In the orange afternoon sun
With no nighttime.  
I want to worship at a smoky altar
And feel the arms of
My Goddess wrap around me.
Hear her voice: slow, smooth, but stern.
“Thank you,” for the sacrifice.
I want to be divine--God
Gaze down from the Heavens
And take pride in my light
Like I am your son;
I want to be free of the burden
Of my humanness,
I wish to be free of desire
And so it is the desire which ails me.
And I curse nothing more
Than I curse my hungry heart
And my faulty mind.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
Thuk-jay-che Kuan Yin
For protecting me
Through this life

Thuk-jay-che Kuan Yin
For helping me
To nurture my gifts
And nourish my body

Thuk-jay-che Kuan Yin
For showing me
Why I am on this planet
For bring justice

Thuk-jay-che Kuan Yin
For encouraging me
Through my parents
My creative side
My artistic side.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
As I listen to animal collective
I shut my eyes
And I see a pond
Lotus flowers
Each in the colour of a chakra
Floating in the water.  

As I listen to animal collective
I shut my eyes
Thinking I am drifting
To sleep
But my head rested
On the lap of Buddha
Instead of the pillow

As I listen to animal collective
I imagine that
I am in the land
Of my ancestors
My face
And limbs
being tickled to death
By prayer flags.
I giggle.

As I listen to animal collective
My ears
And conciseness
Race from
My being
And coming with the universe.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
‪I am a Buddhist ‬
Who struggles with self esteem

I am a Buddhist
Who has been abandoned many times for another.

I am Buddhist
Who thinks of death and dying

I am a Buddhist
Who is struggling

I am a Buddhist who
Needs intervention.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
Desire causes suffering
As Buddha said.

When you try to hard
To find love
You suffer

When you want too
Much for Christmas presents
Suffering comes

When you pursue your
Suffering comes a knocking

“When all of your wishes are granted, many of your dreams will be destroyed.”
Said a wise goth rocker.
Toxic yeti Dec 2018
My advice is to you girl
Don’t look in the mirror
You need to be health and happy
***** everyone else

My advice is to you girl
***** the passport
Pursue your DNA
Pursue you chosen spirituality

My advice is to you girl
Is to not to fit in
Don’t be afraid
To step on some
Toes and egos.
Be yourself

My advice is to you girl
Is not to be afraid
To swear
***** the brimstone people
Just say it.
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