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Jul 2021 · 336
Nidhi Jul 2021
They loved me more than you could ever love me in a million years.
Jul 2021 · 1.1k
no strangers
Nidhi Jul 2021
We are more than just strangers
strangers don't just click like magnets
hard to leave
beg for more
crave... crave... crave...
May 2021 · 977
Three Doors
Nidhi May 2021
Everyone says there are three doors
Each one worst than the other
But what if there are more than three doors?
Like 5?
Hell, maybe there are infinity doors.
I'm not sure which one should I pick?
Maybe I should pick that one
May 2021 · 291
Nidhi May 2021
I got a paper cut
but not on my finger
but on my tongue
from licking the sticky part of the envelope
The envelope with the lies you told me
the lies I told myself
the broken promises
the salty tears dripping down
the strong fumes
the kind of fumes that burn your eyes
The nightmares from my head
the cold lips in winter
broken memory
But now  
its time to close the envelope
the cut on my tongue will heal
with no scar
#Deep #poem #heartache #think
Mar 2021 · 142
Release of a trigger
Nidhi Mar 2021
you put your fingers and stretch your eyes like dough
and yell ching chong... ching chong
you slurp our noodles, and you play with our chopsticks
tap tap... tap tap
you say you've been to China
but the only China you went to was China town in California
you take the tiles of Mahjong and run those squares into spehers
rolling those spheres on the cold wooden floor
You take our jade stone
the stone of luck and good health
but what good luck and health are we feeding our soul
you turn our jade to coal
you grab everything we have with your filthy rich hands
filthy and gross
those filthy hands are always wrapped around a gun
one finger on a trigger
with one release
it can take a mans beathe away
and that's exactly what you did...
and took his breath.....
and roam to the next house with a loaded gun
ready to **** the next one
this poem is about how Asians to endure assault every day and nobody should go through this this has to end now. We will get through this together never alone
Mar 2021 · 745
Is it French or Gibberish?
Nidhi Mar 2021
Is it french? or Gibberish?.
the words fumble out of my tongue
words with jagged places
swirled and curved lines
curved like her smile
not her body
though her body is beautiful
but her smile is the only curve that makes my french melt
is it french? or just Gibberish?
Mar 2021 · 1.4k
Orange Marmalade
Nidhi Mar 2021
orange marmalade ribboned on warm toast
reflecting the golden light from the sun
It looks like Cleopatra's prize possession
It is too bright for a ghost to see
And too valuable to be an investment
Orange marmalade
How it swirls in your tongue
Too afraid to swallow it
Oh how I admire the orange marmalade
It's like a slice of happiness
The sun sprinkled on the orange marmalade
You can see all the orange pieces tucked in the marmalade
I love orange marmalade
Mar 2021 · 901
I dont have blue eyes
Nidhi Mar 2021
Oh my eyes are not blue
but when I cry water comes out
as if my eyes were rain clouds filling the ocean
where does the water come from
my eyes are the Sahara desert
there is no water there
it hasn't rained for years
whys it raining now?
Am I creating an ocean?
are the droplets used to grow plants and create life in the ocean?
but my eyes aren't blue
Mar 2021 · 310
The Broom
Nidhi Mar 2021
The broom swifts the tiles effortlessly
it amazes me how graceful it is
the hair just graze the tiles
doesn't hurt the tiles one bit  
The broom leaves the tiles clean
not a speck of dust can be seen
Jan 2021 · 294
The Fire on You
Nidhi Jan 2021
You're afraid of the fire
every time you see it
every time you put your hand out to the fire you pull it away
you pull your fridged hands back inside the handwoven pocket
are you afraid shes different?
why are you afraid of the fire?
why are you afraid of getting burned?
i put my hand gently in her hair
I kiss her soft lips
the fire.... the fire doesn't burn
it feels warm against my umber skin
I don't feel cold in the fire
why are you afraid of the fire?
the fire shares the same oak as us
I love the fire on my skin
Jan 2021 · 227
the bitterness in my tongue
Nidhi Jan 2021
the more i think of you
the bitterness in my tongue  grows
the words glossed over my tongue taste like a citrus peel
the words are rigid
the flavor is strong
I cant seem to get the flavor off my tongue
water wont wash it down
it wont wash the bitter
it just masks the flavor
but my tongue is still bitter
whenever my lips say your name
my tongue goes bitter
Hey its been awhile i've been kinda busy lately :)
Nidhi Aug 2020
I put my right foot in and then my left
the soles of my feet match the soles of the shoes
the shiny bright shoes have a mind of its own
I'm not sure where the shoes will take me
but I'm excited to see
to see whats unexplored of what's left in the world
maybe I will see a beautiful unicorn with luscious long silver hair
or maybe I will smell fields of tulips emerging from the rich soil
maybe my shoes will take an island where people laugh all day and sleep all night
maybe I will dance with the bees
or play with the monkeys
or maybe I will see dragons soaring in the winds talking to the birds
I'm not sure where my shoes will take me
but I can't wait to see where my shoes take me
Jul 2020 · 46
Passed On
Nidhi Jul 2020
you seem to remember me after I passed away
why didn't you love me when I was alive?
Nidhi Jul 2020
Fishes weren't meant to fly
But what's stopping a fish to grow wings
and fly away
Fly away from Mercury Waters
Trees aren't able to walk
But what's stopping a tree to turn it's roots to legs
And walk closer to the sun for comfort
What's stopping you from reaching your dreams
Nidhi Jul 2020
I know im in love with you
I know it because
because I just do
everything feels right when im with you
I feel like...
how can there be words to describe how much I love you
I just know everything will be alright as long as we walk down the path together
I just know nothing can break a magnetic bond
we are like butterflies
we have different wings
but we both love the flowers in the gardens
we never get tired of visiting the garden of flowers
Jun 2020 · 161
Suns Love
Nidhi Jun 2020
The sun is out till dusk
He bathes me with love all day
His soft yellow light touches my skin
The Warm feelings rushes down my body
I can't find the words
I can't find the words to tell her how much I love him
He makes me believe love still exists
Just because he left at dusk to sleep he is never gone he's always there
Hes there even when it rains he's still there
I may not see him but I know he's still there
Jun 2020 · 193
Black Pepper vs. Salt
Nidhi Jun 2020
when you eat black pepper
it burns when eaten raw
the flavor of flames linger in your mouth
you drink water to flush the fire out
but water doesn't wipe out the fire
the fire grows harder
so much rage in a single pepper
bad stigma wraps around black peppers like a cold blanket  
black peppers helps
cholesterol levels, blood sugar control, and brain and gut health
yet it seems many people refuse to grow black pepper
refuse to give it a chance
a chance to breathe
a chance to help you
but you let them down
you put poison in the peppers
killing them off one by one like its a game

salt brings flavor to the food
it makes cookies sweeter
but many salts can bring **** you with
heart attacks
but yet you still let them go
you let them live
even if they can **** you
even if the are a serial killer
why's that?
pepper and salt together makes meals memorable
why don't we stay in a world of flavor instead of war?
Jun 2020 · 140
Love Language
Nidhi Jun 2020
love is a universal language
love can be spoken
and felt
love has no gender
love has no race
no skin color
no stereotypes
yet for some reason we cant love each other
why's that?
Jun 2020 · 59
Music for Rodents
Nidhi Jun 2020
people are singing bitter notes
bitter notes that leave a sting
notes that have no rhythm to dance to
sounding like music to a rodent
how can anyone dance to the music for rodents?
every time that music plays it burns my ear
because the music is filled with lyrics of lies
and everyone is following along
not knowing music can **** people like you
May 2020 · 172
Race for What?
Nidhi May 2020
there's one kind of race
the human race...
but we divided the human race by color
its a race of color
black, brown and  asian vs. white  
its a race of ***
man vs. women
its a race of
LGBTQA+ vs. straight
what's the point of this race
if we know who would live with no guilts
Rest In Peace George Floyd you clearly don't deserve to die
May 2020 · 182
I want to be red
Nidhi May 2020
they say if you mix red and blue I get purple
you only get purple
but I don't want purple
I want red
but they say red is not beautiful they say
but I want red
because red is not purple
everyone is purple
but I want red
red is the colors of roses
red is the color I feel when I'm loved
May 2020 · 81
I won't die
Nidhi May 2020
I won't die
I will always live in the hearts of those who loved me
I will feel the warmth in your hearts
I will never feel alone in your heart
May 2020 · 72
Light at Dark
Nidhi May 2020
In the morning there's sun
And at night there's  stars
You're never alone in the dark
May 2020 · 322
Honey and vinager
Nidhi May 2020
Honey never rots
Just like a soul
Never goes bad
But if you add vinager to honey it's no longer good
But once you hurt a soul with unfelt vinager
He will never be the same
The honey won't go back to being sweet
A soul may never go back to honey
Or at least he will never be the same
May 2020 · 129
Coal Wine
Nidhi May 2020
sip of coal wine swirls in my mouth
reaching each end of my mouth
dancing on my tongue
each sip lingers on my tongue
the bullets shooting from your hands
breaking my bones  
devouring the meat in my skin
and the flavor of coal wine rages in between my lips
Apr 2020 · 177
Love As Music
Nidhi Apr 2020
Your love is what makes my heart
create music for the birds
but once you stop loving me
my heart slows down
slows down
slows down
it would be the time
when no bids would hear the music
you made in my heart
Apr 2020 · 222
The Devil as a Saint
Nidhi Apr 2020
the Devil punishes the ones who do evil
that doesn't make him evil
would that make him a saint
for punishing the ones who do wrong on Earth
is the Devil really a devil
or is the Devil a saint
Apr 2020 · 166
Life as a Rainbow
Nidhi Apr 2020
We say the colors of the rainbow are
red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet
we seem to forget shades of brown, black and grey are part of the rainbow
we throw a blind eye on
shades of black
shades of brown
shades of grey
life is a rainbow of colors
but we refuse to acknowledge
that those shades are what makes the rainbow brighter
Apr 2020 · 104
Droplets Stories
Nidhi Apr 2020
Every water drop fallen from the heavens
tells a story of earth became what it is
some water drops taste like joy
while others taste like agony

Every water drop  fallen from your eyes
tells a story
many of the droplets stories made me cry as well
Apr 2020 · 1.9k
Fair and Lovely
Nidhi Apr 2020
Fair and Lovely
its says it in the word
Fair.. and lovely....
it says it will make me beautiful
by erasing the color marrone and caramel
to match the color of porcelain white
it says that's what makes be beautiful
but why do I have to be white to be beautiful?
why can"t it be called  black opal and loved
why do I need to be white to be beautiful when my skin has so much history behind it
history should not be forgotten
fair and lovely is a cream that claims to make u feel more pretty by whitening your skin just an FYI for people who don't know
Apr 2020 · 86
Love vs. Lust
Nidhi Apr 2020
The difference between lust and love is big
love is when he wraps your hands around your waist
love is when he knows when you are lying
love is when he refuse to let you wake up in the middle of the night to go ***... he just wants to hold your hand
love is when he knows every tear rolling down your face has a story that needs to be left with a happy ending
love is when he notices you are wearing a new shirt you bought
love is when he chooses you over everything
you see lust is different
lust is when he craves your curves
lust is when he craves  your wealth
lust is when he craves the attention he gets from just being with you
you see lust leaves to ashes when he notices you have grey hairs
love can last for a life time
love makes him want to stay with you till you are old
Apr 2020 · 396
Superhero for Saints
Nidhi Apr 2020
When I was a little girl I wanted to be a superhero
she saves the world
leaves no soul behind
defends the saints from the devils
soars through the maze of fear
I can't wait to be a superhero
Thank you to the doctors and nurses helping us through tough times
Apr 2020 · 166
Doves of White
Nidhi Apr 2020
Doves flies everywhere
reminding  us to choose peace over war
yet people are still fighting
fighting in order to be free
free from trenches of fear
The doves are no longer white
but instead the color of charcoal
lets paint the doves white
lets help the ones who suffer
so they can become happy
Mar 2020 · 164
Chain of Fear
Nidhi Mar 2020
They say chain keeps us captive
prevent us leaking from leaky pipes
but in reality its fear
fear is grabbing our hands
yelling at us
saying you are no one
you are stupid
and I agree
we are stupid for believing fear will stop us from doing good things
we are stupid to believe that chains keep us captive
its fear
fear makes the cold metal chain harder to realese
the key to open those chains
is to let go of fear
Mar 2020 · 174
Ocean Water
Nidhi Mar 2020
The ocean water is full of course salt
when the water land in my mouth
i can feel the harsh words flushing in my mouth
while me tongue struggles to breathe
she is a friend to many
an enemy to others  
i love her a lot
and i seem to not be able to let go of her
though the salt annoys my tongue
i still will swim in the ocean
because deep down i still love her
Nidhi Mar 2020
What if mother nature is mad at us?

She told us that
our fumes are poisonous
our water turned from majestic blue to coal seaweed color
her innocent animals are dying from bullets and thorns
plastic flying on branches as if they were nature green leaves

she told us this

And we did not listen to her
we did not
we took her for granted

So she got mad
created something that can destroy the ones who betrayed her
a virus that kills us
making us afraid to leave from the safe box

She is not evil
she is only trying to help the animals live longer
and live with no fear

Venice water is clear as a mirror
for dolphins to swim
for swans to dance
they are living with no fear
she's happy her artwork can't be destroyed
for now

we owe her an apology for the mistakes we created
we must stop the hateful crime
and love the artworks she created
before once again we suffer in pain
Mar 2020 · 108
No Agony
Nidhi Mar 2020
I'm so heart broken
That somebody can stab me
I would feel
no agony
no pain
nothing hurts more than a broken heart
Mar 2020 · 249
Am I drunk?
Nidhi Mar 2020
Am I drunk?
Because I thought you loved me
Only to realized you betrayed me
Your hands are no longer warm as fire
But cold as iron
I refuse to hold walk down in life with a cold hand
Mar 2020 · 255
Beautiful and Deadly
Nidhi Mar 2020
She was a vibrant rose
And he was a  beautiful tulip

but the rose had thorns
piercing deeply into my skin
Her words and actions broke me to pieces

while the blood gushed
the tulip wrapped his arms
healing the wound from a waterfall of blood

both were beautiful but one was deadly
Mar 2020 · 126
Paper like Skin
Nidhi Mar 2020
They say your skin is like paper
You cut it
it will never heal
if you glue paper back together
you can still see the scar
its a scar that bleeds in the inside as well
Mar 2020 · 134
To the monster
Nidhi Mar 2020
My love as died for you long time ago

You seem to always forget who i am

Did you know I loved you before
But I forgot those days
I can’t remember the days I would create ribbons of joy

You have created great pains
So much pain like the trail of tears

You have given me legs to walk
So I will walk away from you and never to visit you back
There seem to be no end in the ocean of tears

But i have hope one day
I will he happy
Mar 2020 · 702
Loving You
Nidhi Mar 2020
The sun maybe setting
But my love for you never die

The moon will never shine dully
As long as our souls are dancing in the moon

When we hug our hearts touch
The rhythm in sync
The rhythm that lights our eyes like fireflies
The rhythm that made us twirl and dance

A touch of your hand warms my heart
A heart once broken healed
A heart once black turns to ruby red

A loving word from your mouth
Cures my mind sickness

I can grab things that are invisible
I can hear music of laughter
I can smell delicious  honey crisp
I can see everything written in your hand
It says I love you I love you too

There is nothing better than loving you

— The End —