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Nidhi 3d
I know im in love with you
I know it because
because I just do
everything feels right when im with you
I feel like...
how can there be words to describe how much I love you
I just know everything will be alright as long as we walk down the path together
I just know nothing can break a magnetic bond
we are like butterflies
we have different wings
but we both love the flowers in the gardens
we never get tired of visiting the garden of flowers
You are like the moon
Pure and opaque..
Can be described as nothing but a giant flake.
Desirable enough to cause many heartbreak.
You are a beautiful dream from which i never wanna wake...
  Jun 24 Nidhi
Faron Hymn Yang
see, she was
she was an ocean.
say, oxygen
oxygen is overrated.

watch, roses
blooming beneath
the caress of brine
blood cells unfolding.

a certain lightness
Nidhi Jun 24
The sun is out till dusk
He bathes me with love all day
His soft yellow light touches my skin
The Warm feelings rushes down my body
I can't find the words
I can't find the words to tell her how much I love him
He makes me believe love still exists
Just because he left at dusk to sleep he is never gone he's always there
Hes there even when it rains he's still there
I may not see him but I know he's still there
  Jun 15 Nidhi
From the ashes
I was walking in
that old betrayer,
I was soaked to the gills,
and my wingtips were
sloshing on every
broken sidewalk.
The wind took my last
match, so smoking was out.
I'd give my liver for
a lighter and two
dimes to rub together.
I think I'll join the
carnival, get on that
tunnel of love and never
get off.
This is in response to Thomas W. Case's Challenge on writing a poem inspired by Tom Waits.
  Jun 14 Nidhi
hiba sajid
I watch the fireflies dance about
and gleam the flora around me
Just like the stars above,
that sparked up the night sky.
Oh what a lovely sight !

The crickets trill in the distance
as if they wanted to be heard.
I inhale the warm breeze that flew towards me,
with a grin so wide,
it made my eyes sparkle.
And all my troubles seemed to disappear
into the enchanting night.
I feel magically light,
as if I'm floating.
And I bemuse myself,
as I float into the mysterious night sky
dancing to the rhythm of the breeze
Oh, what a lovely night!
Nature is therapy
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