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Nidhi Jul 2021
They loved me more than you could ever love me in a million years.
Nidhi Jul 2021
We are more than just strangers
strangers don't just click like magnets
hard to leave
beg for more
crave... crave... crave...
  May 2021 Nidhi
In a world with
pain sorrow suffering
grief corruption mourning
angst yearning loving fighting,
where are the poets who bring us
joy through their delightful writings?
Nidhi May 2021
Everyone says there are three doors
Each one worst than the other
But what if there are more than three doors?
Like 5?
Hell, maybe there are infinity doors.
I'm not sure which one should I pick?
Maybe I should pick that one
  May 2021 Nidhi
Salmabanu Hatim
If rich countries and people learned to share poverty could be erased.
  May 2021 Nidhi
There are clouds under the shining Moon,
For me, they look like mountains.
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