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Nidhi Apr 2020
Fair and Lovely
its says it in the word
Fair.. and lovely....
it says it will make me beautiful
by erasing the color marrone and caramel
to match the color of porcelain white
it says that's what makes be beautiful
but why do I have to be white to be beautiful?
why can"t it be called  black opal and loved
why do I need to be white to be beautiful when my skin has so much history behind it
history should not be forgotten
fair and lovely is a cream that claims to make u feel more pretty by whitening your skin just an FYI for people who don't know
Hugo May 2019
I seek the mystery of the night, I crave the one wearing midnights lace
I need to see the depths of her darkness and become lost in her velvet embrace

I seek truths unseen by normal men, only ever beheld under a sunless sky
To humble myself and plead again and again, her attention a shooting star, still catch it I will try

Her skin dark, with a sheen as though stars are lined underneath
Her eyes all seeing, the secrets they hold and the truth they know
Her lips the lock in which few if any man or woman hold the true key
A blasphemous thought to think there is a flaw in her from head to toe

I am mesmerized by the dark skin of the lady with a lions name
I am trapped by the possibilities of the girl with the gun firing roses
The dark woman, a lioness that no sane person will ever try and tame
I am enchanted, at great risks I must get to know her dispite the threat she poses
Denise Jul 2018
You’re pretty… he says
for a dark-skinned girl
I usually don’t talk to your kind.
am I supposed to feel honor?
you hopped of your pedestal, down to mine?
I will not curve my lips into the half of the crescent moon that you’re expecting
you do not deserve that.
exclusion encumbers me and I am small in your eyes.
Surely you can see that I am a dark girl,  sweet berries ; color of night
the same colors that allowed my ancestors to take flight.
freeing them from *******,
wounds that had them tied, without my hue, we would’ve died.
I am a stone immortal, no work of erosion can seep through my cracks.
the trials of my ancestors drawn on their backs.
so our heads, we never hang down , we are to be found.
scars to be hidden
it is the gas in a run-away car,
that last sip an alcoholic has as their arm and wrist lay dangling at the bar
this is the prestige of my hue
if I’m just pretty? then what could beauty possibly mean to you. a rare blend of  history, struggle and strength.
My head will not hang, not once more
by noose or in self distress, I am history.
No more do I long to sit at a table with you,
in the wake of waiting for your admiration
I have created my own table, in appreciation of your hesitation.
To you my worth will always be in comparison to what’s missing
that being pretty for a dark-skin girl, is a blessing.
Worth far more than bedazzled insults
, convinced I was worth less
they could see it in my eyes, the way I dressed.
The hue that I am is far greater than they told me
accepting  back handed accolades,  that’s the old me.
This house that holds my soul is only almost pretty… they say
if I weren’t so dark I might be worth loving, caring wanting or staying.
My color, a rustic espresso, no cream.
you say I am pretty for a dark- skinned girl …
no I’m pretty and that’s it!
signed a FED UP dark skinned chick
sara galluzzo Jan 2018
I sit disgustingly high on my throne
Looking down at those who don't share the same pigment
A sliver plate was placed in front of me at birth
On it had everything i’d ever need
Financial stability, a house, clothes
Food, parents, education, safety
My heart pumps nothing but racism through my veins
An artery of cruelty and death

I strongly believe that ‘diversity’ equals white genocide
More of them means
Less attention on me  
Confederate flags litter my house
My car, my clothes
A simple reminder of the good ol’ days
Kicking them, Kidnapping them, Killing them  
My life is now
Being waited on hand and foot
My every move watched
My every need taken care of
My husband
As rich and powerful as he is
Through his fragile and egotistical nature
Shows no mercy to me and my kids
I will never struggle to provide for my family
I started my life on the top of the ladder
For my skin is my privilege

Someone is lying….

If i showed you a mere glimpse of my life
And the world’s nearly unbearable
Weight on me
Would you believe it?
I carry a list of illnesses from A to Z
A suicidal uncle who no longer shares
the same air as me
Colour, race, and religion
Hold no limitations to my pain
The day in ,the day out
Cold, Suffering
I will not be constricted to
the rules set on whites
By whites
I am defined by my actions
I stand before you as I am
I am well read and independant
Fiery and calm
I walk my path with integrity pulling my head high
And shoulders back strong

I am made from my experiences
I am not constrained to my personal history  
I was taught this social cancer
But surely, this can always be forgotten  
For my skin is my privilege
And my privilege is being me
Neptune Jul 2015
I choose how I want you tonight,
Naked with a full blown appetite, Let me demonstrate how you turn me into a bad gal,
Your bad gal made of honey,
Sweet rain drops sprinkle the ground,
And I let you and my tongue play around,
Why do we love as If we need to prove a point,
When I'm taking every bit of you that I barely can handle,
Please never stop even when I beg,
Your body is the only thing I want to taste forever,
Incredibly weak when your lips pressures' my prize,
You can take me anyway you fantasize,
But there's no cushion for your pushin,
I'm trouble bustin your pelvic bubble,
Daddy please give me all of you I beg,
You dive deeper than we could swim,
Chocolate melting under chocolate,
You make me quiver with like a prey eyed to be eaten,
My body struck paralyzed to move,
I watch you with tears developing,
It's too heavy to bare,
I can't take this anymore,
But I'm still urging for more you forcefully give,
All night I die over and over,
Taking multiple trips to heaven,
Hawt kisses with long persuasion of endless love stayed content,
We finally take a break catching the sunrise delight us,
It's too hot for us to be cuddling,
But your burning love is worth the sizzle for me.

— The End —