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Novella Arrdea Sep 2018
They may think they know how I feel,
They may think they know my pain,
They may think they know everything,
But they didn't,
They have no idea what I've been dealing with,
They have no idea what I've been struggling with,
Just because I'm a girl and I have darker skin than other girls,
Just because I'm a girl and I have darker skin than boys,
Just because I'm a girl and I have darker skin,
Just because I'm a girl,
Just because I have darker skin,

"Um, why is your skin color looks like the color of an avocado seed?"
My skin looks like the color of an avocado seed cause God gave me this skin tone, that's it,

"Ayyy this is our black girl!"
Even if they said it's just a joke, they said it's a 'special' nickname for me, it's not how I wanted to be called,

"Your skin shows that you didn't take care of your skin,"
It's not that I didn't take care of my skin, it's just the way it is,

"Novella, you're a girl, no guys will interested to you if your skin is black like this,"
And I ain't interested to picky guys,

"Novella, your skin is darker than my skin, you want me to take care of your skin for you? I know you rarely use makeup."
So what if my skin is darker than their skin? It's not because I rarely use makeup, it's not because I don't know how to use makeup, I just don't want to cover myself with those things and I just wanna be thankful with what God already gave me,

"Novella, we're in Indonesia, we're Asian and you look like African-American people, *****,"
What's the difference between Asian and African-American people? We just have different pigments, so basically we all are one race, all humans are in one race,

"Ew black girl! She will never get a boyfriend,"
Ew racist people,

Shout out to anyone who felt the same way that I felt,
Stay strong,
We all will get through this,
I know this isn't easy, but I know you can do it,
Don't let their words creeping into your mind,

With love,
alexa Mar 2018
i get that voicing your opinions and making sure that they're heard is huge thing that has to happen. but it's mostly for today's generation because whenever we try to speak we get talked over. we get backlash. we get " no they're older, wiser. they're right, just let it be. "

but it doesn't matter if you're older. it matters if you're respectful. it matters if you have enough patience to listen to what others have to say before voicing your own thoughts, because they can bring up some good points that make you wrong.

it doesn't matter if you've been on this earth longer or not. it matters if you have enough knowledge to let yourself be wrong.

we are all equal and all have a voice. no matter the age, skin color, heritage, or sexuality.

let us be able to use them.
this is just something that went to being about idiots to this. how, i don't know but it did. have a nice day today, loves :)
Kayla Alexia Nov 2014
There was a time and place where skin color did not matter
Race is only skin deep
It is not a feeling or something that matters
Not black enough
Not white enough
Asking god why no silky straight hair
Asking god why no short ***** curly hair
I am not my hair nor skin color
I am a child that has grown up into a world with labels
Constantly changing who I am by definition
Generations on top of generations are loving each other
Regardless of race
When it is finally time for us
To see the world end and destroy
Love will be love
No matter what race
The word mix wont be in play
Rather just recognized as people
y i k e s Apr 2014
my skin color does not show who i am

i'm white and i do not have a nice den

i'm white and i don't have a good weekly income

in fact, my skin color leads me to be shunned

the idea that i live a good life

is really false, don't believe the hype!

I'm white and i'm not that privileged

and believing this doesn't much help my image

i just want to expose raw fact

that being white isn't a walk in the park, it comes with a lot of problems that are laid out flat.
i've seen so many posts online about 'white privilege' and all that junk and while some posts about it are sadly true, there's a lot of false points being brought up such as saying that 'reverse racism' is not true and that white people have an easier time getting benefits.

these are not true and it really upsets me that some believe they are.

— The End —