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Brewomble Sep 2020
I can’t sleep at night
I’ve got elements I’m facing
And in my dreams I need it most to see this vision that I’m chasing
And if I wander deeper against this grain
Will I split this earth in two,
Maybe I was born in cycle, maybe I am recycled youth
I can’t sleep at night
That’s when the lost come knocking
Sleep is what is needed most
A rest from a view that I am blocking
Resist the temptation to be tired
Because it comes and goes throughout the day -
Sleepless nights, up late wondering when I will stop standing in my own way
But still
Sleepless nights
I can’t sleep
Sleepless nights
Set me free
Sleepless nights
Lie a-wake
Sleepless nights
Stand in my-way
And tomorrow is here but for the moment so I get up to live the day
Another round of forgotten souls harvest the moon’s decay
And these sleepless night keep me from seeing a life from a brighter point of view-
I can’t sleep at night
So the next day is never new.
~Bre Womble
Trinity Rivera Jun 2020
i just wanna take a moment to take off my disguise so you can look into my eyes and see inside my mind. tell me what you see. i bet it was a surprise. i bet you saw hidden cries and things that i’ve denied. there’s a thousand tears welled up my eyes but i’ll never show you, i’ll just let my feelings continue to fly to place that’s s•cked my heart dry. i must advise against it but if you wanna act like spies, go ahead, undo the ties i’ve put in place to keep you from the “prize”. i’m impossible to analyze. let me emphasize, i’m not something to be centralized, at the end of this all you can say is “at least i tried”. everything you see inside, please don’t try and memorize. i don’t want my thoughts supervised, they’re hard enough to hard i feel immobilized. perhaps this is a silent cry; i’ll let you decide.
Nidhi Jun 2020
when you eat black pepper
it burns when eaten raw
the flavor of flames linger in your mouth
you drink water to flush the fire out
but water doesn't wipe out the fire
the fire grows harder
so much rage in a single pepper
bad stigma wraps around black peppers like a cold blanket  
black peppers helps
cholesterol levels, blood sugar control, and brain and gut health
yet it seems many people refuse to grow black pepper
refuse to give it a chance
a chance to breathe
a chance to help you
but you let them down
you put poison in the peppers
killing them off one by one like its a game

salt brings flavor to the food
it makes cookies sweeter
but many salts can bring **** you with
heart attacks
but yet you still let them go
you let them live
even if they can **** you
even if the are a serial killer
why's that?
pepper and salt together makes meals memorable
why don't we stay in a world of flavor instead of war?
Maude Laurent May 2019
See the
Air flashing asteroids
Fire and wind
Outside atmosphere
Inside eyes
Watching the star-dusted trail
Following the burning glow
Wish again,
Luck, a myth of desire,
Fades in time
Clusters of stars
Our galaxy an endless wonder
Calm, but calamity
Black holes
Stolen light
Burning sun
Perfect alignment
Happy fun Friday y'all!!!!!
Maude Laurent May 2019
Howl wolf howl,
Don't wake up the owl
Disturb the peace
The oak tree's sway
The sky is grey
No happy bird chirps
In the darkened day,
Frantic deer run
Field jumping faster
Away from the evil
Away from disaster,
Loud sounds in the distance,
Steps heard,
Visual footprints,
Whirring noises all around
Cutting all the forests down.
The problems of deforestation... help the earth, don't destroy it please
Maude Laurent May 2019
The world is full
Of unwilling
Experimental human beings,
Devotees to the
Slavery of school,
Consuming all assortments
Of meaningless gibberish
In the most confusing of ways,
Wasting energy
To waste energy,
To end up in a
Low paying job
With too many bills
And useless knowledge,
Those fortunate souls
Work hard,
Some go to college
Where they get an expensive piece of paper
That may be on the wall for show
And means that its owner
May be smarter than the average person
Walking down the street,
School doesn't prepare for the future
It only tells of the past,
Creativity and eccentric ways
Are mildly shunned ,
Information is taught for 13 years
And yet few is retained by most,
So are schools systems failing?
It's safe to say they are.

It needs to change.
This is true...
Maude Laurent Apr 2019
Lightly stepping
Towards the light,
Silently quickly
Quickly silent,
Cloud moving
Moving clouded
Sleeping over
Over sleeping

Dreaming dreams daring dreamer
Got most inspiration from the show Jeopardy... wow.
Maude Laurent Apr 2019
You think you know the pain,
The sorrows day to day,
False deception
Hides the truth some way

A slave to reality,
A maid to society,
The mask
Disguises facts
Behind the pearly teeth

Look at the robot,
The perfect machine,
Tell it what to do
Or ignore it,
It has no feeling

If it did
It wouldn't matter,
As long as it didn't talk back
Never voiced what it felt,
Was never itself

If it did
You would throw it away,
After all,
It was worthless,

Maude Laurent Apr 2019
I cry inside,
I can't move,
The tarry, oil black
t         h        o        u         g         h        t       s,
Fill me,
Consume my every motion
No light
No air
Iv'e        r    u   n
out of time,
Ran out of hope,

Then I drown
Swallowed by my depression,
Swallowed by the ocean
Swallowed by my fears.
The title of a song by social repose, also my inspiration. This is about depression and suicide, the dark oil/water in depression, and symbolizes the fear of death, but also the hopelessness one feels while being depressed.
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