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The world is full
Of unwilling
Experimental human beings,
Devotees to the
Slavery of school,
Consuming all assortments
Of meaningless gibberish
In the most confusing of ways,
Wasting energy
To waste energy,
To end up in a
Low paying job
With too many bills
And useless knowledge,
Those fortunate souls
Work hard,
Some go to college
Where they get an expensive piece of paper
That may be on the wall for show
And means that its owner
May be smarter than the average person
Walking down the street,
School doesn't prepare for the future
It only tells of the past,
Creativity and eccentric ways
Are mildly shunned ,
Information is taught for 13 years
And yet few is retained by most,
So are schools systems failing?
It's safe to say they are.

It needs to change.
This is true...
Renee Danes Apr 24
Lightly stepping
Towards the light,
Silently quickly
Quickly silent,
Cloud moving
Moving clouded
Sleeping over
Over sleeping

Dreaming dreams daring dreamer
Got most inspiration from the show Jeopardy... wow.
Renee Danes Apr 22
You think you know the pain,
The sorrows day to day,
False deception
Hides the truth some way

A ***** to reality,
A maid to society,
The mask
Disguises facts
Behind the pearly teeth

Look at the robot,
The perfect machine,
Tell it what to do
Or ignore it,
It has no feeling

If it did
It wouldn't matter,
As long as it didn't talk back
Never voiced what it felt,
Was never itself

If it did
You would throw it away,
After all,
It was worthless,

Renee Danes Apr 18
I cry inside,
I can't move,
The tarry, oil black
t         h        o        u         g         h        t       s,
Fill me,
Consume my every motion
No light
No air
Iv'e        r    u   n
out of time,
Ran out of hope,

Then I drown
Swallowed by my depression,
Swallowed by the ocean
Swallowed by my fears.
The title of a song by social repose, also my inspiration. This is about depression and suicide, the dark oil/water in depression, and symbolizes the fear of death, but also the hopelessness one feels while being depressed.
Renee Danes Apr 16
Blink once,

I see
The stars
Look down
On me,

Blink twice,

Planets form
From nothingness
Endless colors
Cold, warm

Don't blink,

Nothing changes
Stays same
Surrounded fully
In strangeness

Same universe,
Same space,
Same everything.
Last week we saw the first picture of a black hole, is science now determining our future? I hope there is still "space"( ;p) for the magical
Renee Danes Apr 11
I see the universe
In its truest form
Of beauty,
Where I am standing
On the rings of Saturn,
Watching the sunset,
Not being able to breathe,
But embracing the silence
Of the surreal,
The ethereal image
Being projected to my eyes.
There is no explanation for this,
It is less than describable,
And few moments compare
To one such as this.
Within the music lies this new world of beauty...
Renee Danes Apr 11
I inhale the depths
Never wanting to die
Staying alive
Staring at the endless stretch
Of the deepest wonders
Not drowning, but beautiful view
Renee Danes Apr 9
I pictured our time together as a circle,
We were supposed to be endless,
And then we realized a circle does not go on forever,
And neither did we...
Since all 2d circle have a diameter, they are not endless. Spheres aren't either...
Renee Danes Mar 22
I feel as if I were a season,
Changing, but always the same,
And yet different enough
To be frowned upon,
And the same enough to be overlooked,
Trapped in a cycle.
When you think about life and how repetitive it is...
Renee Danes Mar 21
The raindrops
Pass through
Make rainbows for me...


I see you from the sky
Coming from nowhere
With nowhere to go but down,
You ask me, "Why not up?"
I tell your destiny is to help things grow,
Make beauty for the sky,
And supply the creatures on this planet.
I suppose some of you do not listen
That is why we have drought,
But not all of you are rebels,
You live your cycles of evaporation,
As do we,
But you never end,
And we do.
The life of a raindrop
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