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Jun 2020
when you eat black pepper
it burns when eaten raw
the flavor of flames linger in your mouth
you drink water to flush the fire out
but water doesn't wipe out the fire
the fire grows harder
so much rage in a single pepper
bad stigma wraps around black peppers like a cold blanketΒ Β 
black peppers helps
cholesterol levels, blood sugar control, and brain and gut health
yet it seems many people refuse to grow black pepper
refuse to give it a chance
a chance to breathe
a chance to help you
but you let them down
you put poison in the peppers
killing them off one by one like its a game

salt brings flavor to the food
it makes cookies sweeter
but many salts can bring **** you with
heart attacks
but yet you still let them go
you let them live
even if they can **** you
even if the are a serial killer
why's that?
pepper and salt together makes meals memorable
why don't we stay in a world of flavor instead of war?
Written by
Nidhi  17/F
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