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sara Apr 30
Love is patient, love is kind
love is pain, just in disguise.
Sarah Pavlak Apr 24
I hit deliverance going a cool 65.
Some people were up dancing with Saints  
On twin-sized mattresses,
Tying fisherman’s knots,
Suppressing rebellions
At the edges of mouths.
They blew me smoke-ring halos,
Got high enough to see God
In the slits of the blinds,
The dips of collarbones.
With medical shears I sent
My last rights to the spark
Of the telephone wire, asked
If I had been enough, and
Lit up the flare.
Myka Apr 16
I've written and read
poems about the stars
and how they were
so fascinating,
and ultimately,

I've heard stories
about angels and saints;
Their goodness,
nobility and purity,
serving as epitomes
of what Man could
and should be.

But the saints,
they were once sinners
and there are angels
who fell from grace.
Stars that turned
into black holes,
nothing is safe.

Falling is inevitable,
even for the untouchable,
and what we believe to be
unreal and ethereal.
She said, "Not even the stars are safe in the sky."
by Michael R. Burch

your gods have become e-vegetation;
your saints—pale thumbnail icons; to enlarge
their images, right-click; it isn’t hard
to populate your web-site; not to mention

cool sound effects are nice; Sound Blaster cards
can liven up dull sermons, [zing some fire];
your drives need added Zip; you must discard
your balky paternosters: ***!!! Desire!!!

these are the watchwords, catholic; you must
as Yahoo! did, employ a little lust :)
if you want great e-commerce; hire a bard
to spruce up ancient language, shed the dust

of centuries of sameness;
                                            lameness *****;
your gods grew blurred; go 3D; scale; adjust.

Published by Ironwood, Triplopia and Nisqually Delta Review. This poem pokes fun at several stages of "religion," all tied into Eliot's "Fire Sermon," albeit elliptically. (1) The Celts believed that the health of the land was tied to the health of its king. The Fisher King's land was in peril because he had an infirmity (lameness, infertility, it really didn't matter in those days). One bad harvest and it was the king's fault for displeasing the gods. A religious icon (the Grail) could somehow rescue him. Strange logic! (2) The next stage brings us the saints, the Catholic church, etc. Millions are slaughtered, tortured and enslaved in the name of religion. Strange logic! (3) The next stage brings us to Darwin, modernism and "The Waste Land.” Religion is dead. God is dead. Man is a glorified fungus! Long live Darwin! We'll evolve into something better adapted to life on Earth, someday (if we don’t destroy it first). But what do we have now, except a hangover? Strange logic! (4) The current stage of religion is perhaps summed up by this e-mail: the only way religion can compete today is as a form of flashy entertainment. ***** a website before it's too late!  Keywords/Tags: god, gods, religion, saints, icons, images, imagery, update, scale, adjust
Nidhi Apr 6
When I was a little girl I wanted to be a superhero
she saves the world
leaves no soul behind
defends the saints from the devils
soars through the maze of fear
I can't wait to be a superhero
Thank you to the doctors and nurses helping us through tough times
Was a man of the true meaning of love,
Would defy the words of men and god,
In his pursuit to help others be happy,
Hosting illegal weddings for men and women,
Binding them together for life,
Under the cover of night,
In gardens of wealthy friends,
Out of Roman imperial sight..
Once he was caught,
With wrath Claudius was fraught,
14TH of February was the date,
Valentine faced his fate,
Beheaded in front of a crowd,
The people martyred him,
Made him the saint of lovers.
To commemorate this day,
Do just as I say,
He wished for those in love,
Write simple notes as confessions of love,
Give flowers as a token of your affection,
And share your love with everyone dear to you.
farhan Nov 2019
Devil died.
He found himself alone.
In heaven.
Out of the misery and hatred I see all around, I see devil as the least sinner.
Jay M Nov 2019
Shining brightly in the night
In the corners of our minds
Dancing with the dead
Wherever that may be
If there at all
But still you do
Smiling down from the heavens
Passing on your good wisdom
Then walking back among the living
Just for two days
One just for you
The other for the rest
But still you do roam
Lingering to say
Your greetings and farewells
Then ascending
Back to that magical place

- Jay M
November 1st, 2019
Today is the first day of the dead; All Saints Day.
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