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by s.mckeown

Above her soars the limestone web,
spun by Mason's sweat and blood.
the lattice weave, the hem of God,
a sacred knit of glass and lead.

Across the floor, the bin wheels squeak,
She genuflects with brush in hand.
Her callous knees in service bent,
she scrubs across the hallowed span.

Below her brush the nobles lay,
Asleep beneath the sword and mail.
They’re whispered query “What’s thy name?”
Her answer: “Your lady with a mop and pail”.

They feel her hands across their names,
Her brush across their titled crest.
Again the martyrs side by side,
are soothed again to calm and rest.

God might judge their bloodied past,
Or wake them to the wrath to come.
Until that time she’ll tend their sleep
Beneath the Abbey’s sky of stone.
After a vist to Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.
Anais Vionet Mar 2023
Saint Patrick died on March 17th.
So we celebrate the day with green and drink.

Patrick, was kidnapped to Ireland as a slave,
a condition he never fully forgot or forgave.

Patty (as he was known by his friends)  
was a sober, relentless, devout Christian.

As a missionary, he gallivanted methodically, converting heathens
and if he failed to convert you, you weren’t left breathin’.
He could burn you at the steak for ignoring ‘reason’.

To show Christ’s power, he ‘banished’ the snakes,
It’s amazing, the difference a miracle can make.

The year 461 pre-dated laptops and even the Internet,
so, I think it’s time we finally forgive and even forget
the sad, sordid history of Catholic conversion “therapies”
because today we need a reason to drink until we’re green.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Gallivant: “travel for pleasure.”

My roommates and I went to Dublin, Ireland last summer.
In casual conversation we asked how they celebrated Saint Patrick's day and their celebrations are like ours, more or less - a secular overindulgence. But on a deeper level, this holiday, they say, is dedicated to the patron saint of heathen genocide.
Zywa Jan 2023
Who of the great saints

has lived up to all of them:

the Ten Commandments?
"Der Große Katechismus", neunte und zehnte Gebot ("The Large Catechism", nineth and tenth commandment, 1529, Martin Luther)

Collection "Rasping ants"
David Hilburn Jul 2022
Tows of since
Synchronicity is to be married
Working heed, and the beauty in silence
As a reward once lent, is twice carried...?

Tallys and totals
The future has us to fare a new question
That calmly collected, is a sanity we hold...
With a callous before careful hand, we should a blessing...

Marvels in love...
State and sake affluency, the fickle lives
That make you and me, the score of does
A changing season protecting order of or what denies?

Patiently, the run of a lifetime
Spoil in thorough stead, despair to care once more?
For anything more, moving faster than a harmony's light
The tale of destiny, with lips to prove strangers know the words...

Half a mind to open a vanity...
With another's neglect, the truth be golden adage
To a liming hope, the act of redoubt, in all sanity...
With a holy mercy, for anyone who would learn it, a world's rage?

Epitaph to a wishing wind, alive in the senses
We adjust to humanity, with tears come the spite of terror...
Sincerity to follow and act, upon a world of wisdom's ends
That were, the stone of seclusion in a lover's midst, a gain of heirs?
Romance with a right to same, is better off savored with purpose, not a stumbling wind...
Forgiveness comes in easy steps when all your life was beautiful;
It's easy to forgive someone for wrong doing to others.
In easy ways you seem to care for nobody just like they cared,
It's easy.
Forgiveness comes in various ways, just keep noticing troubles.

Upset, the saints still think of days they know as right for human kind,
Enlightened, saved, after the fight for justice they find peace.
What kind of a saint you are?
I ask, what kind of a human?
Complete, all saints know what is right or wrong for everybody.

It's easy to surrender to easy ways and easy times,
It's nonsense to fight for your reasons.
When dreams all collide forming a star,
The one I was forced to understand as once human
Becomes happier.

Forgiveness, coming in ways sometimes mysterious,
it's not the whole world knowing that I have to die
For you to be merrier.

Forgiveness: It's easy to forgive when you don't have to go back to your torments!
Part of my "Natural" collection,  © All rights Reserved Theodora Oniceanu
Dark n Beautiful Nov 2020
The week has to have a weekend
Days have to have a tomorrow
And goodbye to yesterday’s/
In turns will bring the months to an end/

What do we have to face
moving forward setbacks and  more
worried looks in the bystanders eyes..
When all is set and done, we have to say grace
We have to look up every morning and whisper to the skies.

The news broadcaster’s never speak of genuine love,
They only wishes to be littered,
While, begging folks to do their part
The cooing of the dark lonely dove
a symbol that there’s is no more  love in ones heart
during the these stressful day/

Ten o’clock curfew at night,\/
Essentials workers must only be seen at dawn/
No more than ten to twelve people on sight/
And large outstanding gathering must be gone/

Black Friday’s deals, window shopping strolls
Everything seem on hold, the biggest black hole of 2020/
And nothing spoke to me: not even a 60 inch flatscreen TV/

Let’s take a page from the Jewish customs
Bury the dead in the next seventy two hours/
All November traditions is limit/
Thanksgiving Day a Tic, tok

All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Mischief Night, Bonfire Night
Once you take down the statues, of useless figures
Would History of the injustices will be erase/
The world is hurting,
Morgan Starr Oct 2020
My daddy was no saint,
My momma was no sinner.
Both are things that I ain't,
I'm somewhere in the middle.
Somewhere lost between
Heaven and Hell.
Somewhere unforeseen,
A unique blend to compare.
Everyone used to speak
The rhyme of my last name.
A rhyme oh so bleak,
It brought tears to my eyes.
It once went:
A Starr
I are.
A Saint
I ain't.
But now I know,
How far from the truth it fell.
A saint I may not grow,
But how far from the sinner's child I am.
Max Oct 2020
There's a book of saints that has been touched by my fingerprints
But do not worry, it has not been sought open
Not by me
Or any

There's a book of saints and the others have stolen it from me
Translated it in a language that's is unknown to me
That is foreign
One that is on the tip of my tongue but it won't fall from me
Words like that do not belong in a mouth like mine anyway

I've left the notion of rationally a long time ago
Why reason with a stone?
When it will only be used against you as a weapon
The only breath of fresh air I have is my own
And it's dangerously decaying

Flowers bloom in my bedroom
But wilter in my closet
You see sunlight can not find its way in there
And I can't pry it open with my hands
Because every time I try they become flowers

But they are so beautiful
Executes everything so stunningly
That they leave traces of fairy dust
They are the most pleasant thing to see
It makes me want to shower them in gold
Show the world that not all I do is ugly
Or is unnatural

Because isn't it such a nature thing to do?
Bloom in the darkest of places

And isn't it funny?
How choices can be like flowers
Be alive so unapologetic-like
Except they are so fragile
Yet so elegant
Maybe it's morbid for me to compare myself to a flower
Since we all know what happens when winter comes
And I live in a vicious cycle of coldness

Nonetheless, there is no stopping my beating heart when the sun comes
Nor when the rain pours over my love
Drowning me in lavender

Do not worry I have seen what floods can do to fields of flowers
How they swallow up any life and destroy it
Send it to their death without a second thought,
There is horror in this world
That has been left to swim unchecked in these prairies for too long
Ignored and said to be harmless
Ignored when they drowned my fields of violets

So no I will not grow into a rose
I wish for you to follow me with this
Yet words to teach you my language are untranslatable
There's is nothing I can compare to the feeling of making a home out of one outfit
Nothing to make you understand when I say I'm okay I don't need to change
There are no words to transcribe the feeling of being content with your body
And what it can bloom
Ok so this is my favourite. Its is 3/3 of my assigment

Theme: Nature + flower languages + struggling with religion and queerness
aka violets and lavender mean sapphic love and rose means straight love or society expetations

Wrote this after watching Little Women, it gave me such inspiration!
Kolawole Zainab Sep 2020
Check the holy books you preached  many
And swear you haven't breached any

Cogitate the words spilled from your tongue
If truly they could manifest for lifelong

Feel the air you inhale,If truly you merit breathing
Look into the mirror,If sincerely you deserve seeing

Walk in the darkness to find your way
If your pious heart lead not the helpless astray

Pray death never meet your deadly deeds
For the innocents will reap your soiled seeds

Anticipate the leader of the dead bands
Inhumed in the open caskets with your hands

Footprints shall reveal the paths legs treaded
Time shall tell when death killed the dead
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