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Nidhi Jun 7
love is a universal language
love can be spoken
and felt
love has no gender
love has no race
no skin color
no stereotypes
yet for some reason we cant love each other
why's that?
Jackie G Apr 22
Oh how I desire to have you
I've searched all over for you, but couldn't pull out from the crowd.
Imitations of you have given me the experience that was needed to appreciate you.
If I were to have you now
I'd never abuse you
Seems like not only did I lose you.
Others did too!
Love i'd like to say sorry for letting you get away.
There's nothing that can ever amount to you.
The power you hold
Can move mountains.
So Imagine what you do to little old me
With the ability to break down walls built from pain
Forcing out darkness
Healing all wounds
Oh how powerful you are
I desire to have you!
Love love love love love love and more love. Love those around you love yourself. Imagine me knowing you and instead of it saying love it says your name. You are love we are love!!!!! God is love. Lets loveeeeee
erik lubbe Oct 2016
Tell me how can I be sad
When I have you
When I seen your face
When our eyes meet
I go somewhere
To a place of happiness
For where no sadness dwells
And these empty halls have love
Like the one with us
I fell the love withen you
Do you truly fell the same
When you say you love me is it real
Or is it for show
How can I not love you
How can we not fell love
Love always wins
You can't fake love but you can fake "I love you"
Alexandra Ayala Mar 2015
The coldest day is the darkest night,
I'm the darkness and you are the light.
You are the torch that led me to freedom,
From the prison in my own kingdom.
You are my savior, you are my happiness,
A broken man that was filled with sadness.
The symbol of my life is the symbol for my death,
For if you were to die, life wouldn't be worth living.
Our hearts, our souls live and beat as one,
As we keep living, there will be more happiness to come
This was based off when I was writing a love story on another website. This is the first time I wrote something that had to do with love. This is for all those who couldn't put their feelings into words for those they love

— The End —