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sa na a la a
i could never love

a sa la o a oo
a boy as much as you

ta ra ta la ta la
the sun awakes the heavens

ta na ma la a ka
i find my day in your arms

ta ma na a la la a
and my nights sharing your breath

ian ta la na na ian
ian, it was always ian

ta ma sa la
my heart stays true

ta a ma sa la sa la
beneath a beautiful black sky

sa ma na ma na la
i am always true to my love

ta na ba wa la a
but my heart breaks for another

ta ma na ma na
it will always be ian

ta la sa ma chi
or we will weep in china forever.
Nidhi Mar 2020
The sun maybe setting
But my love for you never die

The moon will never shine dully
As long as our souls are dancing in the moon

When we hug our hearts touch
The rhythm in sync
The rhythm that lights our eyes like fireflies
The rhythm that made us twirl and dance

A touch of your hand warms my heart
A heart once broken healed
A heart once black turns to ruby red

A loving word from your mouth
Cures my mind sickness

I can grab things that are invisible
I can hear music of laughter
I can smell delicious  honey crisp
I can see everything written in your hand
It says I love you I love you too

There is nothing better than loving you
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2020
Loving you is like driving
In an open lane.
There are no distractions,
No other obstacles.
Long as I am with you
everything is fine.
Loving you is like having
the radio blast your voice
through the speakers.
Your arms the seat belt that
fits snug around me
Protecting me from ****** harm.
The quirk of your smile
dangling from the air freshener
Loving you is like driving
In an open lane & my lips
are the bumper to the outer edge
of my heart.
My lips follow the guideline
of the lane.
Trailing each curve of the road.
Loving you is like driving
with no destination in mind.
Just as long as I am with you
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2019
some are thin
some are thick
some are sad
some are rad
some are about them
some about you
but mostly all about you
mostly about us
mostly about
the times we book
the times we hook
the times we click
the times we flick
i am not your chick
but why do i stick
to the feeling of warmth
even though i know it is all harm
will i justify your sight
will i see you fight
for this love
crying from above
i wanna get out
but i miss those mouth
i miss those smiles
those eyes
i miss those laugh
those hugs
i miss you

Geary evans Dec 2019
for what I cannot have
for what my heart bleeds for
still looking yes I am
move on you say how can I ?
trying to love you but why you ask
you're the  queen which I seek
still looking for you
Marina Nov 2019
Your presence,
Is all the company I need.

The thought of you
Is all I imagine.
I wanna be kissing you, instead of missing you
Llanerarjay Oct 2019
You have my heart,
And I said that from the start.
From the moment I look at your smiles
You took this poet's heart run for a mile

You make this poet alive,
Inspired to write poetries.
Like an art of saying the truth,
That even a billion of stars can't amount your worth

You make me lose track of time,
From the moment we started talking.
Everytime you make me feel so fine,
Since the first day, I knew I'd love you all the way.

You have my heart
And I said that from the start.
I am still loving you, even we're hundred miles apart,
Because loving a girl like you.
Is the best part of my life.
the summer’s great lizard hides
under a rock,

the summer sings of ending days, of
lonely horizons and crystal seas,

we smoulder in the sunshine
where the clouds flow in their

drifting streams, their ridges like
colossal ledges on the mountains

of the world.
"summer's almost gone, where will we be " is a quote from the group the doors.
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