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starry night Feb 20
loving you is like loving the sky above.
because in any state;

clear blue sky without clouds; draw a smile on my face and made my day instantly

purple-orange ish sunset sky; feels like the feeling of coming back home after a long day, give warmth and hugs to my weary heart

cloudy gray sky; letting me being gloomy and telling me it's okay to cry

starry night sky; accompanied me in the darkest hours, i could stare at and admire for hours, my late-night-talk partner

and after all, loving you is like loving the sky above; something to be admired from afar, unreachable, particularly for me.
"where night is...the integrity
of the voyaging star..."

will flowers blossom soon in this
nearby petal-edged spring? the day

is full of buds, the night carries its ghosts,
the night-lily singing of magnolia and cloud.

in the sweet-breathed sky
the silver stars are like tiny pins,

my love is carved in their reflections,
i see his face in their waters,

our love still lasts, scented like the spring,
promising each other the ghosts of forever,

i could never let him go and now he says
he wants to die by the sea, in my arms,

and we create a new dream, out of night's
shadows, a new beginning before the new end

for all our love and all our hate.
i lie numbed or over-joyed seeking

his tenderness in every crevis waiting
for the kind word, the gentle kiss.

sometimes he gives me love, sometimes his hate -
how tired the world, its hidden ghosts

soaking in the rain, the clouds subdued,
the poem built of the night's sweet edge

enamel-glazed, hypnotic like the stars.
how tired the world- how empty-

and how the poetry spins like a top, full
of the dark sky, the sad farewell,

the pretty ghost.
the silvers of the moon
sing their song of winter,
exhilarating above the black
rock and distant trees, her
fire lights the night like a
street lamp, the shadows
thrown back, muted,
echoing the near-teary darks
of the clouds. i sit on the
window sill, look out,
breathe deep the midnight sky
built of love and winter rose.
Raven Mc Chim Dec 2021
Holding onto the old days that won't repeat
Excepting a magic to happen
But at the end everything goes downhill
Maybe letting go of the old memories doesn't hurt much.
But hoping those memories to repeat is a mere imagination
Memories happen not created
You made me feel that remembering those doesn't hurt.
But here I'm siting alone for seeking your precence
while I stare at the sky filled with stars
Now moon is filling your company
Walking with me and hearing my rants and talks.
Will you come and be with me again. I will take good care of you.
sa na a la a
i could never love

a sa la o a oo
a boy as much as you

ta ra ta la ta la
the sun awakes the heavens

ta na ma la a ka
i find my day in your arms

ta ma na a la la a
and my nights sharing your breath

ian ta la na na ian
ian, it was always ian

ta ma sa la
my heart stays true

ta a ma sa la sa la
beneath a beautiful black sky

sa ma na ma na la
i am always true to my love

ta na ba wa la a
but my heart breaks for another

ta ma na ma na
it will always be ian

ta la sa ma chi
or we will weep in china forever.
Nidhi Mar 2020
The sun maybe setting
But my love for you never die

The moon will never shine dully
As long as our souls are dancing in the moon

When we hug our hearts touch
The rhythm in sync
The rhythm that lights our eyes like fireflies
The rhythm that made us twirl and dance

A touch of your hand warms my heart
A heart once broken healed
A heart once black turns to ruby red

A loving word from your mouth
Cures my mind sickness

I can grab things that are invisible
I can hear music of laughter
I can smell delicious  honey crisp
I can see everything written in your hand
It says I love you I love you too

There is nothing better than loving you
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2020
Loving you is like driving
In an open lane.
There are no distractions,
No other obstacles.
Long as I am with you
everything is fine.
Loving you is like having
the radio blast your voice
through the speakers.
Your arms the seat belt that
fits snug around me
Protecting me from ****** harm.
The quirk of your smile
dangling from the air freshener
Loving you is like driving
In an open lane & my lips
are the bumper to the outer edge
of my heart.
My lips follow the guideline
of the lane.
Trailing each curve of the road.
Loving you is like driving
with no destination in mind.
Just as long as I am with you
Mykarocknrollin Dec 2019
some are thin
some are thick
some are sad
some are rad
some are about them
some about you
but mostly all about you
mostly about us
mostly about
the times we book
the times we hook
the times we click
the times we flick
i am not your chick
but why do i stick
to the feeling of warmth
even though i know it is all harm
will i justify your sight
will i see you fight
for this love
crying from above
i wanna get out
but i miss those mouth
i miss those smiles
those eyes
i miss those laugh
those hugs
i miss you

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