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He's so cute the way he smiles.
He's so cute the way he laughs.
He's so huggable when he's happy
And even when he's sad.
He's so in love with me.
I agree he's the only boy for me.

He's so cute when he sings,
the songs he sings for me.
He's so cute the way he talks,
like he's lighting up my soul.
I'm so in love with him.
He agrees I'm the only boy he needs.

© Copyright Tyler Atherton
I'm in love. And for once in my life he loves me back <3
Sanjna Manoj Apr 2017
Your touch, a shooting star,

The trail left on my skin,

Fading away, yet burning bright.

I am falling.

The Sun gets jealous,

Your graze more scorching,

Fever, do I have fever?

I am burning.

Weight of the world,

Is on your shoulders,

But the weight of your love,

Seems far heavier,

I am aching.

Eyes, coffee with a hint of milk,

Drinking me in,

Addiction, a disease,

I am dying.

Coming alive,

While you laugh,

I am living, living through you.

Loving you.

They said no offense
but he reminds us of you.
Doubt it, i replied.
Then through those doors you stumbled through;
Saying “love is all around,”
and that made me turn around.
A careless glance.
That’s all it took.
For me
to see me,
when i thought
i watched

~ When i first met you
Shai Tibbs Oct 2016
At first he said hi and he treated you with respect, something you never thought you could get.

Suddenly he leaves and for a day you do not see him

You begin to think, I wonder what he is into, how is he doing.

Realizing you've cling to someone you are into but don't truly know what he is about, yet it  doesn't bother you, for it is he you let your guard down hoping one day you can feel what you felt before.

How could you ignore such a feeling.

Then that day comes the day you see him again, in that same building standing in the same line maybe a few people ahead, but he is right in front of you.

He says hi and he treats you with respect, you say hi and do something you regret.

Somehow now he has changed and u wouldn't believe some of the thing he be saying.

Treating you with neglect, giving you disrespect, he just played his cards right just to give you good ****.

Now you question your heart, insecure torn apart. you took a chance but the state he left you in ....
tears and pain from the disconnect ...

Robyn Sep 2016
One day
It'll just be Sunday morning pancakes
Church with our friends
Cleaning the house with the windows open
Music shaking the rafters in our ceiling
We'll make dinner together
You'll kiss me til your lips are raw
And we'll laugh until we cry and make love until bed

One day
It'll just be Monday morning coffee
We'll stay in bed just a little longer
***** the window to smell the rain
I'll make your lunch and kiss you a million times goodbye
Off to school I'll go, little preschool voices, little fingers wave "Hi"
Dinner will be waiting for you
Plate warm, warm welcome
We'll eat and laugh and make love

One day
It'll just be Wednesday evenings together
Doing homework, working late
Your eyes droopy, smile goofy
Giggling sleep away
Falling asleep at your desk
I drag you to bed
And ****** away the day with my fingertips

One day
It'll just be Friday night with us
We'll get Mongolian, we'll see a movie
You smile at me when the lights go down
And squeeze my hand tighter
Popcorn fingers
Sneaking little kisses in the dark
And you make love to me when we get home

One day
It'll just be Saturday mornings, slow
Sleep in late, wake up happy
While we try and get some work done
In between calculator buttons and pencil strokes
You ****** me, again and again
And our work gets postponed over and over
One person
One marriage
One life
One day

It'll just be Sunday morning pancakes
Robyn Feb 2016
If my blood stayed blue
I'd be prettier for you
I'd sacrifice myself
To keep the fighting few

Yet my blood stays red
So I'll lay here in my bed
Writing poetry for us
Because I'll love you till I'm dead
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2015
Continuous awe
Oh the sound of your name.
Oh, how you love me
though I were not without blame.

How perfect your love,
your mercy and your grace.
'Twould seem I am unworthy
to behold such a lovely face.

Yet, still you seem to love me.
In all my imperfectness
in all my blame,
your heart truly wrecks me.

And for the better, I shall never
*be the same
How great is our God? I will continue to sing they praises day and night
Crystina Holency Oct 2015
If only you could see yourself through my eyes,
Then you'll be able to see what you mean to me.
You'll see that I love you dearly, I cherish everything about you.
I love your smile,
The sound of your laughter,
The way your eyes sparkle with happiness,
All your little dumb jokes.
It drives me crazy when I'm away from you,
It drives me crazy when I'm with you,
But I wouldn't have it any other way.
I love everything about you.
Amber K Mar 2015
please continue to breathe into me.
Hold me closer,
because I've never needed you more.
I need to feel your warm,
because my heart seems to be growing colder.
Your arms wrapped around me
feel like a home I've never known.
I never knew my heart could long for someone so much.
I need you here with me now.
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