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Kyle 12h
Poem is the art and emotions of the person writing it;
It is a gift and a friend whom we can lean on anytime.
We read it when we're sad;
And there we can find some inspiration and courage;
To continue our lives bravely and not give up.
We read it when we're angry;
To calm ourselves and think thoroughly.
We write poems to express the feelings and thoughts that we have;
We write poems to give inspirations and to motivate others.
It is maybe just words but through writing and reading poems, we can clearly see and understand the reality ;
All of us maybe read the same poems, but truthfully we read it differently and have different thoughts about it.
But what we have in comparison is that, we read and write poems because it is a cure to us in any emotions that we have and we need it in our lives.
Kyle 13h
It's okay to cry when you're sad;
It's okay to show your weakness and lean on to someone to be glad.
It's okay to put off your mask;
And just be yourself.
It's okay to make mistakes;
And learn from it.
It's okay to get mad and get upset;
It's okay to choose and be kind to yourself first before others.
It's okay to be selfish sometimes;
It's okay to feel lonely and get hurt.
It's okay to admit that you are really not okay;
It's okay to get tired and just rest.
Kyle 2d
Soulless Reaction
When I'm happy;
I smile.
When I'm sad;
I cry.
When I'm angry;
I clench my fist.
But when I'm soulless
I don't have any reaction.
Kyle 2d
I'm dying;
But my heart is still beating.
I'm lifeless;
But I'm still breathing.
I'm crying;
At the same time I'm laughing.
Everything has it's opposite;
And I'm in the opposite side;
Waiting to be found.
Kyle Jul 29
I know it's my fault;
I'm sorry for that.
I'm sorry for everything;
I'm sorry for my pride.
I'm sorry cause my pride broke our friendship;
I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.
I'm full of guilt now;
I know I can't bring the past.
I've already said sorry to you but I didn't accept that it's my fault because of my pride and that's why our friendship broke.
I'm sorry for my pride;
And I know It's my fault;
That's why I'm guilty.
I'm sorry
Kyle Jul 28
I cry because I'm sad
I cry because I'm happy
I cry because I'm angry
I cry because I'm guilty
I cry for every emotions that I have
I cry because my tears are always there to comfort me in any emotions that I have
I cry because crying is my everything
Kyle Jul 28
We use makeup and clothes as an armor.
We use makeup to cover our scars;
We dress up to look confident and strong.
We use it differently;
Some used it to make themselves more beautiful;
Some used it to protect themselves from getting bullied, mock and etc.
Not just by using makeup and clothes as an armor,
But we should also use who we truly are as an armor.
Never forget about your true selves just because you use makeup and clothes as an armor,
But we should also embrace and love ourselves for who we truly are.
Covering up scars and dressing up to look confident and strong is just a quality of our armor ;
But what we really have as an armor is ourselves.
Love and embrace yourself
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