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Nyx Sep 2021
When anxiety comes
It whines and groans
Like a coursing river
The sour feelings grow

Cursing and screaming
Within your head
Doubting your reasons
You're better off dead

Like a pack of wolves
Howling in the night
It only worsens as it’s
Accompanied by moonlight

Frantically run as you may
Not a single thought on track
turning every corner
With each you’re attacked

By nothing but yourself
In your Head, going circles about
Silently you lay there
As your chest bubbles with doubt

Panic isn't all but external
Crying and screams
Sometimes it's quietly
Pulling you apart at the seams

Muted by a clogging
Suffocating feeling in your throat
Scratching and clawing
It won't be long before you choke
Will you croak?
  Feb 2021 Nyx
It’s rare to find
people who

  Nov 2020 Nyx
Sheila Haskins
I’m easy to please when the sun shines
I’m easy to please, good friend of mine
It's easy when there is  nothing to do
My mind not taxed,I'm laughing, relaxed
Dark thoughts confuse me with anger and fear
You may offer comfort; I won’t let you get near
The pressure’s on to keep going,
I know that you’re kind
But all of my doubts interfere with my mind
This rainy day me is a debt that I’m owing
My debt to you, that debt is growing
I’m easy to please when the sun’s in my sky
I want to please you in good times and bad
You are the best friend that I ever had
  Oct 2020 Nyx
Dont talk to strangers
Broke my wings
So I couldn’t


So I stole his soul
So he couldn’t

Nyx Oct 2020
My mind is far too tired for these fundamental games
Worn down by voices repeating whispers that are all the same
Where the villainesses sins are known and the victims are many
It's useless to be virtuous, It isn't worth a penny

Let me walk far away from the crowds of plenty
Where they disregard their morals, if there even are any
A world that use to be 'interesting', thrilling, to say the least
Though overtime the childish endeavors never seem to cease

Aren't you tired of this world, isn't it time to grow up?
Because I've already begun to leave this crooked setup
The rumors, the lies, the backstabbing truths
Its preteen games, that should have been left behind in our youth

There is simply no time, nor the energy to waste on petty things
Nobody worth impressing, there are no prideful kings
No need to interact or associate with those I hate
Nor those who treated me poorly, while using the title of a mate

Who has the energy for all of this these days

Let me Rest.
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