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Nyx Aug 2022
At the end of the day,
You'll always be the first star that I gaze upon when the night finally falls
You and only you
Nyx May 2022
The world grows lonely as the years go by
Where all the people around you begin to die
But not in the sense where they leave this earth
They just seem to move on to places like Perth

Some seem to smile brighter surrounded by glowing lights
Dancing in clubs, from night to night
From drink to drink to pill to pill
Doing lines off the bench, as pupils widen and fill

Lighting cigarettes in cars, Enjoying the green
Filling cars full of smoke, like young kids of eighteen
Eyes reddening and glazing, Fading out of this zone
As the concept of time becomes blackened and unknown

Some are passionate and driven, working harder each day
Building businesses and plans, so they can achieve something great they say
Counting up budgets, preparing their lives.
They are people who will succeed, not just survive

Others are married, having kids, and Starting their happiness off young
Though many think they are making mistakes, but they hold their tongues
Time move on, and people are getting engaged
Whatever feels right to them I think, regardless of their age

As people choose their lifestyles, and none of them suit you well
It's hard to find a crowd that won’t make you feel like hell
The world feels lonely as time passes, You feel like you're all alone
When people don’t message back, or check on you over the phone

People you called friends move on, as do you
But I can’t seem to find a rhythm, I can’t seem not to feel blue
I feel empty on the inside, and envy those who know what to do
Jealous of their smiles, as they always have something new

Feeling lost and outdated, In this forever changing life
Maybe if I begin to work harder, take up partying, or become a wife
Will this feeling go away, Will I stop feeling such strife
As the loneliness eats away at my energy, cutting deeper than a knife

The world will keep on changing
I know at least that is right.
Just some thoughts and feelings I have, as I'm getting older and everybody moves on with their lives and people don't make time or have the energy for you. It can feel so lonely sometimes.
Nyx Sep 2021
When anxiety comes
It whines and groans
Like a coursing river
The sour feelings grow

Cursing and screaming
Within your head
Doubting your reasons
You're better off dead

Like a pack of wolves
Howling in the night
It only worsens as it’s
Accompanied by moonlight

Frantically run as you may
Not a single thought on track
turning every corner
With each you’re attacked

By nothing but yourself
In your Head, going circles about
Silently you lay there
As your chest bubbles with doubt

Panic isn't all but external
Crying and screams
Sometimes it's quietly
Pulling you apart at the seams

Muted by a clogging
Suffocating feeling in your throat
Scratching and clawing
It won't be long before you choke
Will you croak?
  Feb 2021 Nyx
It’s rare to find
people who

  Nov 2020 Nyx
Sheila Haskins
I’m easy to please when the sun shines
I’m easy to please, good friend of mine
It's easy when there is  nothing to do
My mind not taxed,I'm laughing, relaxed
Dark thoughts confuse me with anger and fear
You may offer comfort; I won’t let you get near
The pressure’s on to keep going,
I know that you’re kind
But all of my doubts interfere with my mind
This rainy day me is a debt that I’m owing
My debt to you, that debt is growing
I’m easy to please when the sun’s in my sky
I want to please you in good times and bad
You are the best friend that I ever had
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