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Jan 5 · 152
Present on the Set
RyanMJenkins Jan 5
Please remain present on the set til we abandon ship
spellbound, all characters were within the phantom's grip
the situation flipped - once eye decided on rewriting the script
For the stories of our lives will exist beyond all crypts
And ill be ****** if I dont have a hand in writing it
From sickness to bliss, and other magical shifts
Eye look back with bewilderment -
this life is the wildest gift
Aug 2021 · 645
RyanMJenkins Aug 2021
Poetry to me is both the tree and the seed.
Weight gets taken off my chest and helps me to breathe
Allowing unhealed wounds to get the stitches they need
In dark times the pen connects fueling the necessary release.
I get to write out the vision of my dreams
And speak my peace confidently,
Because poetry saved me

I've been able to address and let go of what pains me, thankfully.
These words strewn together form a much bigger painting. 
I know it reaches beyond me so potentially someone else could read and also find life worth saving.
Cyclically, once again we will all fall like a leaf from a tree.  
Ever-important, you are an integral part of life, a whisper in the wind floating on in the breeze.
Plant those seeds and Watch the growth of Being.
Remember You are profound, deep, and
beautiful - like poetry
Aug 2021 · 1.2k
Floating (11/11/18)
RyanMJenkins Aug 2021
This is me now, coming forth from the clouds.  Recharging in silence, fully-powered I follow sounds.  Taking on a new form - had to once I outgrew the space allowed.  I've truly bloomed since my heart was locked in the dark and hostile underground.
Hades once hated me but never tried to vanquish me.  He tried to force nightmares on his subjects that I would replace with sweet dreams.  His ears would steam from not understanding.  I found the key, and my heart was released. I broke free and floated away with Persephone, happily.  Be wary of intentions behind the pomegranate seeds.  Listen to your heart, that beat lead me to where I needed to be.  True story.
Happy Eleven11
Jul 2021 · 151
Dog Days pt 2
RyanMJenkins Jul 2021
The Pyramids of Giza are aligning with Orion
Oh, Ryan, you need to work on your discipline and timing.
Meditate while the Lion's Gate Portal blows open
Elevate cuz no mere mortal is immune to the potion
Create great change as the spiritual sun is rising
More than a name, this is Sirius, reminding us to stay shining
- And Break chains that have kept us in our own confinements
It aint too late, we are divine beyond our environments
Energy exchange, now we reclaim how our power's spent
Dec 2020 · 87
My calling
RyanMJenkins Dec 2020
Caught between euphoria and anxiety -
With eyes to see, and dismiss as they please..

So let's release these fragmented pieces of stress and live peace
3rd eye bliss exists sitting next to the trees
Lids at rest yet breathing in the scenes
The best quest next is BEing  in your dreams
Lucidity opens the chest to address and heal what you've seen,
While presence presents blessings changing the shape of how you perceive
It all comes to fruition based on the landscape you believe in.
You dont have to take it from me,
But I'm hear and not leaving
Will still explore catacombs til that angel phone call's ringin.
Nov 2020 · 79
RyanMJenkins Nov 2020
November 16 tends to be heavy for me, but I say, not this one.  I didn't really get any quality sleep but I will make the day fun.  Start a new job i was offered 2 weeks ago, after being interviewed hungover on my day of birth.  My only gift to you was consent for cremation being the sun ☀ that was born first.  The new moon last night lifted any remaining curse, and gave power to future spells.  1 2 1 2 you already know the groove being Sagittarius born on 12/12.  Twelve is also the number of years today you have been out of your shell.  Yet I know you've been there for me spiritually when I've slipped and fell. Been twelve years since you left this material plane, but I know you know, eye spoke to you the other day.

I love you.  Thank you for allowing me opportunity to live again. 💜
Jul 2020 · 145
RyanMJenkins Jul 2020
My highs and lows are both deep expressions of soul.  
A veces luna, a veces sol.  
Mind treads the tight rope while corazon strings gold.  
Conozco a Dioses y  Diablos.
With these breaths I am blessed to even own this vessel.
Pero antes de irme, le soplaré a este mundo un beso. 💋💘
Jul 2020 · 74
Highvibe freeflow
RyanMJenkins Jul 2020
Straight gigglin' over how funny life is 😄

Past life ish, that one GaGa succubus,
the world is a stage, we all write this script.
1st learn to play with the shadows of your subconscious
Lucid, I heard the shot - you missed with movement too quick👌
Still learning to astral project so I can vanish, no tricks..but I'll be back i promise, to lift others and pay proper homage to the true soul adventurers of our time - where y'all at? Never mind I see you - sublime, climbing up the 33 vertebrae of the spine, I'll meet you at the top, only one stop for the Divine 😘💓
Feb 2020 · 235
Daymare (pillow talk)
RyanMJenkins Feb 2020
Though my dreams have been borderline terrifying, it's mixed with a magic I can't explain.  I'd often prefer to stay than to wake, and let the story play.  In my dreams I have purpose, even if it is to help save and escape when I am the aimed prey.  I have planted myself in rough terrain, and though I feel the wetness of the rain, I currently lack the passion to push past the concrete shade of gray.  While unconscious I am sometimes robbed of speech and mobility, but awake I am just a shadow's stain.  The sun's rays will hit the next day and we will both forget I am there.  I can honestly say I still prefer the dangers of the night, to the impending daymare.
Let me sleep.
May 2019 · 683
Halls of a Forgotten Temple
RyanMJenkins May 2019
I hereby invite every oz. Of pain I've been evading for years even before the recreations, to come forth, and hit me like a truck.  I understand you may need to switch between reverse and drive a few times, but I am ready.  I need my light again, for there's darkness in every direction I've been heading.  Forever unsteady.  At this point in my life i'd be happy to spend it sitting on the dock of the bay strumming the days away with the ghost of Otis Redding.  I feel like ive been riding a bike, the chain aint on but I'm still pedaling.  Show me a mystery and you will find another kid meddling.  But I dont wanna hang around while the dust settles in.  I want to watch the sun rise and set again.  I want to float beyond the skin I've been living in.  Soul been starving to go to a place I dont know exists.  I'm grateful for my life, but it's getting harder to shake this.  Been stuck in a cocoon phase unable to complete the change because the structure's too thick.  Mind still races while keeping body tethered with bricks.  But I will embrace it with the waves of sound and silence.  There is a way to make it through, and I'm hoping I will find it.  I will slowly stand up, again after hitting the ground.  Maybe enlist the aid of Chris Jericho to help me break these walls down.  I have lost many times but have not yet been fully defeated.  I want to disappear, but a holistic retreat may be what's needed.  Exorcise the traumas we mistakenly call demons.  I'll die before I settle being a cheap cog in the machine.  I just want to wake up again to see the reality of my dreams.  Instead we're haunted by alarm clocks often robbing us of sleep, and memories of truly beautiful scenes...that just happened.  Main character forgot his purpose along with the plot of the movie..why's the audience clappin'?
Apr 2019 · 317
Supernatural Relationship
RyanMJenkins Apr 2019
I dated a ghost once, and after ghosting me for months she wound up getting really possessive.  I could see right through her and felt her intentions were oppressive.  Definitely a freak in the sheet and would promptly wake me from my sleep in the morning at three.  Sometimes raging she would throw so many things and blame it on me.  Not often responsive, she'd let me know where she was through a series of banging. Felt like I'd be talking to myself and going all types of crazy.  She once entered my dream and tried getting violent with me because I was with another lady.  That's when I knew it was time for saging.  Had to have an ancestor guide my pen In the breakup letter because my hands were shaky.   In this moment,finally, from that relationship I'm free.  Next time, maybe a dating site, and not the ******* Ouija.
Feb 2019 · 260
RyanMJenkins Feb 2019
I would like for the old ry to die tonight.
I'm rewriting the script:
The escape artist quits,
having never fully escaped.
Held down by the mask's weight,
I have to cut it free,
to honor past seeds of the family tree.  
So now the last thing I have to face is - reality.
Nov 2018 · 178
10 years
RyanMJenkins Nov 2018
I knew my father's death-date before I knew his birthday.  Felt a hint of shame in saying that, but he wasnt around, nothing to celebrate.  I was under the impression he didn't want me, so I left even the thought of knowing him behind.  I held resentment buired in my heart for a long time, dormant, for he didn't often cross my mind.  When tensions were high as a child sometimes I would get the, " with your father." threats...but what would scare me most about that was leaving my friends.  
  A few myspace messages are all we had, but through it I got to see how you represented yourself.  Warm and caring.  You definitely liked to have fun, but while you were able, you were there for those that needed you for love.  Mom, as I got older, would trip out over the resemblance...but beyond looks; voice&personality.  Your birthday is December 12th, and I get to celebrate it at a rap show with friends in New Orleans.  12/ two one two, the hip-hop in me once breathed in the hip-hop in you.  Today is ten years, wild how fast the time flies.  No longer though do I sit and wonder why.  Feel free to press send on the message from the heaven you settled in.  
   We met for three days when you came to visit ma n me while I was 3.  1+2, 1+2...3, 3.  I must be being watched over by a 33rd degree - angel.  Your loss was painful.  I'm still learning how to heal & study angles from the pool table.   Seriously playful, but I had to learn to pick up self whenever my head would hang low.   Christmas 2008 was planned for...but November 16th brought too much snow.  Yeah, it blows.  But I've already had my sadness overdose.  We were getting close to being close, but your absence in life taught me how to grow.  Taught me how to stay warm when your environment is cold.  Just wish I could hear your thoughts of all you'd want me to know.  Still, energy forever flows, this book is never closed.
           Love you pops
Sep 2018 · 187
P u r g e
RyanMJenkins Sep 2018
They say when depressed you should get some deep rest.  Yet I'm consistently day-dreaming over feelings,
Ready for the next stimulus, rare for anybody to catch me sleeping when it's convenient.  Magician fishing for some closeness, vulnerable to half these ill-advised potions.  Serotonin is potent, but so is the poison from the snake bite in motion.  Funeral Bin Laden style, just toss me in the ocean.  Future 100% uncertain, still going.  Violence stays televised like we're the vain new-age Romans.  Ready to vacation outside the galaxy, the door is open.  Still learning to surf these tall waves of emotion.  
P u r g e, just needed to release, please take your vitamins and find your peace.  Loaded with hypocrisy, imma shut up and take a seat, and let silence speak to me about the reality behind the scenes.  Need to learn more before I can truly teach.  Currently remembering that our energy extends beyond our reach.  We really have and are all that we seek, gotta stop measuring self by day of the work week and instead watch the leaves leave the tree.  There's so much beauty in what's not spoken, nature offers therapy for free.  
Wrote all that, just needed to breathe.
Aug 2018 · 1.3k
Dog Days
RyanMJenkins Aug 2018
Fell through the lion's gate maybe sippin' too much of Mercury's Gatorade.  Head all over the space still forcing construction so the levee won't break.  I barely leave my mind when I get heavy for heaven's sake.  Hard to translate the mental pain when so many seem to exist on different planes.  I reside in light and shadow so I know none of this is strange.  I've taken off the mask but haven't gotten out the stains.  Ego popped up and tried labeling the experience as delirious.  Yet I can't recall E existing with long periods of fearlessness.  I'm releasing repressed emotion B, cheers - here it is.  Time to shed the shell of what was, this is Sirius.
Jul 2018 · 5.0k
RyanMJenkins Jul 2018
I'm all too used to the touch of your absence.  Your mother's wrath in that time can be a death sentence so tragic.  But when you come back, Demeter returns to her senses expressing light magic.   Life springs through the darkness, and flowers race to see who can reach the farthest.  Lovers emerge to nurture their gardens, and soak in sun to thaw out the hearts that hardened.  Birds sing songs highlighting your arrival.  Trees breathe easy seeing what their last set of leaves died for..
Yet when you retreat, mother again takes away her warmth.  The high-flyers no longer soar, and some paths feel too bitter to explore.  Bone-chill zones, a frozen reality stream.  I can't blame anyone for what's a part of me, as we fall into winter's annual dream.
Queen of the Underworld, I appreciate your harmony.  Thank you for teaching me to see the depths of my own duality.  Still, I can't help but wonder how existence would be had you not eaten those pomegranate seeds.  In the darkness of winter I want to curse Hades for his greedy need to leach on life through trickery.  Though to curse him I'd be cursing myself and ive had it with the blasphemy.  Besides I too know what it's like to rely on the dead as your only company.  I ride ebbs and flows of loss and hope, but I know your presence promotes healing.  So again I'll remain as the seasons change, taking layers and peeling.  I've found in light and dark we can succeed in setting our bound spirits free.  Communicator of both worlds, I want to Thank and honor you, Persephone~
RyanMJenkins Oct 2017
Deflate me, break me, rearrange and stake me.  Throw me between the earth's plates and let the quake take me.  Shake me, drag a rake across my face.  Anything to get feeling, blast me into space.

Hang me by interpretations before claiming forgetful.  Squint through your scope attempting to hit soul, but blinded are we giving in to our egos.  It's your fault it's my fault, taunts haunt the physical shell.  I'm acquainted with heaven and still take part in hell.  Attitudes beyond words can cast malicious spells.  Is it coming from a singular source, it's really ******* hard to tell.  I don't even know who to talk to when I'm not feeling well.  Set up traps for self and swiftly fell.  Here I am again, cross-legged at the bottom.  Want nothing more than to transcend and blossom.  Maybe I'll be found as nothing more than a fossil.  No biological functions or need for a role model.  Into the infinite where all things are possible.  It is my intention to let go and heal through astral projection.  Strange how things can seem so hollow in this 3rd dimension.  I want to see past holograms and move forward beyond fear.  Body still warm into the night I disappear.

It feels like all I'm gonna be for Halloween is depressed.  No need for a purchase which at this point is certain debt.  I wanna show my insides, peer past the pigments of flesh.  Is everything coming together or apart, my head is a mess.  Ego got me thinking certain ways as if possessed.  When I only wanna speak from the ***** in my chest.  A costume that shows what you are on the inside, dead.  Dry bones resting on a cobwebbed throne, with crown upside down pressed into my dome.  King of nothing other than this holy temple with holes poked through the face with the sharpest of pencils.  I offer payment for my strangeness in the form of two words, let go.  Took my first breath on the day of the dead, coincidence?  Oh no.  Look through eye holes to the back of my skull.  Pushed as far as I thought I could go, only to know I needed to pull.  Cup was full of luke warm contents.  Why do conversations morph into a blind rage contest?  I jumped into the depths and tried to befriend the loch Ness.  It was conditioned to it's living and saw me as more stress.  I just thought I needed someone with whom I could decompress.  Lesson learned I swam away shouting "blessed!" with no regrets I sat in the cemetery among the lifeless. Only to remind us all about being timeless. 
Take a breath.

We must steam-clean the rugs that we pray on in our dreams
Lest we forget to address the inaudible screams
Tar pit vocals get you stuck on words said
Yet My essence is stronger than my coffee and cigarette breath.
I walk a thin line between wanting to call upon spirit guides, and not wanting to waste their time.
Who is speaking, me or some form of you glued to my mind?
I feel undefined in a world so categorized
Still trying to heal my blindness to the light that shines
Stretch through confines and decompress the spine
I make my way from the grave after ridding stressful expressions through rhyme
Again falling in lines with life
Say goodbye to the plight, and keep the dreams in sight - peace/goodnight

Silence...a moment with self, because from no other can the answers be dealt.  It's nice to get help, but within you is informational untapped wealth.  Can't keep riding down this avenue, for, with what I believe in, in the long run it'd be untrue.  Excuses are for those who refuse to cope.  A life led in that direction without reflection will only stumble to crash from a downhill *****.  Simply existing is genuinely resisting the life that could be.  Slave to the system, and slave to your mind, are you ever going to be free?

Is anybody listening, or rather glistening from contentment?  In a future time don't look back upset with where the years went.  Be true and think through how it is you want the currency spent.  Some people keep kicking in the wrong direction never really ever leaving a dent.  Is this just to vent, or to better human nature?  Chances are, by tomorrow, it won't even be remembered - reminding me again the time is now to savor -  get going creator, show the world your flavors.
A collection from a year ago.  Doom and gloom for the holiday season.
Aug 2017 · 246
3 years back
RyanMJenkins Aug 2017
In my dream, I was at a best friend's house.  I noticed his neighbor's family outside in the backyard and wanted to tell them goodbye, for I'd be moving.  The youngest, was among the most adorable little girls I've ever seen/heard.  She said, "Ryan, come see how many cupcakes taller I got!" I chatted with her more than any other, and she seemed to grow sad and quiet due to me having to relocate.  Next thing I know, I'm in a war zone in what I believe to be the middle East, waiting for the moment when the bullets start flying.  I realize I've been here before.  Armed only with a pistol, it was me and few others in this room that seemed very unsafe...the walls seemed thick, yet there were 3 very big windows.  Holes in the walls accompanied by rattling noises were flooding my senses.  I made eye contact with a nearby "enemy" as he aimed the end of his turret at me.  Immediately I ran to a corner out of his gaze, as bullets whizzed past me, missing my body by mere inches.  Others joined me in that corner, hoping to remain safe.  I felt fear, and reflected on this morning - of me telling my girlfriend that I saw us both getting ready for our wedding.  Just then, in the arms of an older woman immediately in front of me, was this little girl looking so deeply inside my soul.  She seemed so similar to the little girl who wanted to show me how many cupcakes taller she was.. I decided right then to take very deep breaths and provide a sense of calm.  I kept repeating to myself "We're not gonna die today.."

I woke up.
Jun 2017 · 241
RyanMJenkins Jun 2017
I am Thankful for this thunderstorm.
Thankful to be alive.
Thankful to have a functioning body that I get to put to quality use.
Thankful to have people that love me
Thankful to have people to love.
With these fleeting moments of clarity I must emphasize what a beauty it is to exist.
May we all see the depth of this dream and wake up fully energized.  Time to charge batteries,
After getting enlightened by lightning.
Humbled by thunder.
Seeing beyond the trivialities, excited by wonder.
You are now you2.0
Ready or not, forward into the unknown
With soul we have home
Sometimes we get stuck inside our own heads,
But know you are never alone~
May 2017 · 475
May 25 2013 9:02 AM
RyanMJenkins May 2017
30 hours with 45 minutes sleep. Busy day today, much work to do and roll through on a hill that's steep.  Thoughts run deep, intoxicated by events.  Some things are meant to happen, no use in trying to prevent.  I just want to vent, soul exposure.  Thinking about people with whom there may be no closure.  Head in the sky as people and houses fly by.  Acceptance is a choice one must utilize, don't just try.  Pandora's box, you know what will happen when you pry.  Send me some good vibes, my body's feeling low.  Deeply rooted into a sea of cravings and mystery, so I know there's room to grow.  Shaken world superstorm, I thrive on the unknown.  We'll see how it goes, how one will survive.  Count your blessings now, and be happy to see we are alive.  I've had to hide, the person I was to please.  Through this I've accumulated a vast mass of mental fees.  Feel the breeze, it's real and energizing.  Beware of thoughts that breed illness, no matter how hypnotizing.  Realizing new things on a daily basis.  I've pushed myself to extremes, now the nature of everything is making me face it.  A train's coming, slowly I step off the tracks.  It cuts through the land, reminding you it's best not to go back.  Memories are moments, we know they won't last.  Just don't dictate your future, based on what happened in the past.
Apr 2017 · 289
RyanMJenkins Apr 2017
Failure can happen, but no longer do i fear it.  Happiness is across the gap, i can help you clear it.  Love can stain, and I'm about to smear it.  Sometimes when i sing, i wish that you could hear it.
Apr 2017 · 330
April 5th, 2012
RyanMJenkins Apr 2017
the way people follow rules you'd think they were written in sanskrit.
i think it goes hand in hand with lack of intellect.
why people carry themselves the way the do i may never know/
i just want to get away and have a little fun
without proper treatment the pain always stays
we need to get out and take this life for all we have to give.
gonna try and relax now that i'll close out this rhyme.
Feb 2017 · 291
Imaginary Lines
RyanMJenkins Feb 2017
In the vastness of the universe we choose to argue over invisible lines on Earth and who crossed them first.  Forcing beliefs, attempting to separate our dreams.  I'd like to believe that we are all treated equally, but I trust what I see.  Metaphorical and literal walls raised, don't allow the openness to accept ourselves, granting acceptance to others.  We share our hearts by caring, and helping others in times of need.  Yet we tend to get too focused on what's perceived best for me, me, me.
Refugee looks like a human to me.  Together respectful as one, I turns to we, as our inner eye starts to see.
Feb 2017 · 257
Make your wave
RyanMJenkins Feb 2017
I live for a day when we don't work our lives away.  When families and friendships are maintained. (Through the Care-acters they are composed of) When it comes easily to invite the good vibes to stay.  Binge thinking again.  Just remember your time is the most valuable currency you can spend.
Memento Mori "remember that you have to die"
Time to celebrate life.
Don't leave before you arrive.
Wish you would once stop by
To at least say hi
We could ponder a boatload of whys.
But right now go fly, make it to your desired ends.  Am I alright?  I sure can pretend.
Yet the mirror has two ears to lend.
We are but energy, lest we forget.
This is just a reminder.
A friend
Feb 2017 · 751
Been awhile (11/7/16)
RyanMJenkins Feb 2017
The heated metal from the kettle steams the rebel in me.  The panic planted will vanish after a mindful pouring of tea.  Lets replace our hazardous waste with a serene moment of peace.  Funny the way honey laced stardust grace tastes - bringing about a face to please.
..... And release.....
 All of the tension fear and grief.
Stop with the constant judging of self by day of week
Start seeing the Synchronicities in and out of dreams
Visualize&Recognize; how to be still like trees,
Mighty yet stay playing with the rain and the breeze
Understand there is growth in what has been deemed defeat.
So let's bloom with groovy tunes and ascend above the streets.
Zoom into the moon reflectIng light with ease
Thank you for all your time sharing the air to breathe.
Hearts connected to the rhythm where we are beautifully free~
Feb 2017 · 435
RyanMJenkins Feb 2017
Discerning wastes by the way we trace
Erasing bad tastes from our face
Til the internal happiness takes it's place
Fumbling habits were now laced with grace.  
Brighter are the fires we chase
Eyes wider, the wildflowers are looking up
Vitamin d rush,
accompanied by the satisfaction
that happens with this chance to touch.  
So many actions were taken to please,
but now we naturally seek necessity. 
Loving everything endlessly
Catering to our specialties
Waking up inside our pleasant dreams.
Getting to see beyond the scenes, and understand why we can be so easily carried like leaves once free.
Narrating with speculation,
generating all you wanna be.  
Accomplishing with mindful reminders to breathe.  
Beauty is the beast, perceived in a different form.  
What's truth honestly may not be the norm -
but we branch out like the mighty tree
& embrace the storm pouring soulful warmth.  
So peace to you and yours.  
Make great with the way you spend time having been reborn.  
Adorn your temple, with any methods or colors you choose.  
Show care for the confession hidden breathless in a bruise,
and be thankful for the light spectrum expression
highlighting time to still choose.  
With that awareness comes the space ready to take in the lessons and Synchronicities we are blessed with.  
I know I've made a mess of this, testing abilities to clean.  
Release disharmony and leftover negative energy streams.  
Just need room to be, fly swirling within serenity.  
Faith suddenly gleams over the horizon, "Hi Son"
"Hi Sun.  I see you glowing keeping everything flowing.  
Knowing you're watching over me feels healthier
than taking potion.  
Thank you for letting me be at ease with my uncertainty.  
Clouds part, allowing light right through, perfectly
Learning to lessen the level of fear
by looking at self by way of Mirrors,
reflecting back at different angles with messages so moving.
Here we are, allllright, and all one.  
Hands in the shared air, have fun, no need to run.  
Prepare to open to a sea of signs that will stun.
Soak in love of present feeling, heart in sync with mother earth.  
I must say I'm very gracious to have been acquainted with life in this corner of the youniverse.
Feb 2017 · 1.4k
Existential paranoia
RyanMJenkins Feb 2017
Words. Work.
Getting old. ***** shirt.  
Exhaustion remains after washing away stains from dirt.  
Lower back hurts,
..but this mindstate is not where I'll stay.  
Meaningless pay spending my hours when I just want to create and play.  
Heavy body, cat nap after embers hit the ashtray.  Astral stray.  
The most nutritious are sometimes the first to decay.  
Get up just to lay.  
Easy to see darkness when there's no heart in the frame..  

So I'll adjust how I see, and remember to breathe,
because all of life comes to us with ease.  
Gonna physically release just to come back and share my dream
Yes yes, nothing less.  
Do what you love
is all I can confess.  
Limited time, I see that we're blessed
Hope to make the most of mine,
before in peace we rest

Death sentence. Moral Repentance.
In the age of remembrance blinded by pyrotechnics.  
Embody the calisthenics and honor further than aesthetics.  
Depths beyond measurement kissing anti-venom lips.  
Tethered to the weather within our steady blissful trips.  
The clock can tick all it wants but the hands are losing their grip.  Proving nothing to be more beautiful than this present-tense eclipse
Intuition is our intangible compass
Creating a compassionate instance that can't be diminished
I am hear forever to play with the trinkets and parade those that listen
Love is all encompassing, not just a mission
Thoughts come to fruition
Extending what you envision
The Synapse fires like a piston
What you've done indicates your current position.  
Think now my friend.
 You are the sun shining at the podium speaking at the perceived end.  
You are the sum dictating everything yet to come.  
Thank you for praising the vibration connected to one.  
Take a deep breath, smile, and have fun.  
This strong web we've achieved can never be unspun.
Reflect your true self and know we've only just begun~
Feb 2017 · 2.1k
Sleep Paralysis
RyanMJenkins Feb 2017
Hordes of metaphorical oracles awaken me from sleep
Dreams of paralysis, lost inside the deep
Rabbit hole analysis meets a descent so steep
While these Prodding thoughts got me tripping over my own feet
Interpretations or revelations what does it mean?
How long can one last existing inside of this scene?
Wide eyes lids closed coincide with winter snow
shallow breath heavy toll watching bodies decompose
presence felt, identity unknown, an experience to shake the bones.
Straining to take quick control, interpretations from the occipital lobe
lying semi lucid, fear from the cold
vocalizing panicked silence binded in time with mind stuck in molds
To even have witnissed this instance means it's time to grow.
the fire's flowing im slowly blowing my CO2
What do I want, what do I need?
This mission eye must see through
Take this steady ascension into the next lesson
clearing the mirror for a perspective of truth.  
The more that is reflected, the more I see you
Feb 2017 · 536
RyanMJenkins Feb 2017
It's now time to literally sing, time to open up my heart and let my voice ring.  The music is my passion and I wear as if it's an everyday fashion that'll never go out of style.  As for singing in front of people though, it's honestly been awhile.  Gonna give 'em a big smile, let out a joke so my nerves aren't all riled and relieve some tension.  Gotta give it my all, but that really goes without mention.
Just a memory
Feb 2017 · 275
RyanMJenkins Feb 2017
I see things everyday to potentially get me ******, I want to change it but what hurts the most is rarely do I really feel missed.  Bliss gets whisked away, and though I try to get by my mind goes into disarray.  I want to go out and play, have some fun outside of this hole, but not much is ever really under my control. I binge and cringe at how my past actions could've left me.   Girls and friends came and went, and there were times I felt like a deadbeat.  From what I wasn't told, 22 really is old. But I feel so much older. Words are actions too, and they can crush you like a boulder. I'm almost always cold and want something to warm my soul before this world chips too much at my head for it to take it's toll.  I always want to know but I get ever more aware how much the truth really hurts.  I guess it's best to take it when it comes in little spurts so you can at least prepare yourself for the road up ahead.  Maybe it's miniscule, to you, things that were said.  For me it was more than trivial, and boom, another scar to my head.  I don't wanna give you the wrong idea but so much of our everyday is left unclear and what's worse than feeling of fear is the probability of the actions behind it.  In life I have learned the hard way though that whatever happens, there'll be a day I won't mind it.
Jan 2017 · 842
Awoken, to be dreaming
RyanMJenkins Jan 2017
Watch the video for this word splurge here:

Once upon a new day's coming of age,
We see beyond the mirages of these planes.  Knowing that as a component, Eye am the brave mage with energy off the page - Setting stages with graceful patience Paying attention to the placement of the arrangements."
Even though we want to rage against the machine
One must remember we can be lucid in this dream
Ah yes, the God of your Being, casting & crafting the current reality you're seeing.
Recently We've seemed to have lost touch with our delicate sense of feeling
So why not, Jump into our true emotions to induce our own potions of healing
25 percent, at 552 pm.
Our temples came from distant galaxies
So Ain't No use in getting worn down following drowning crowns spoutting fallacies
I mean..
The Stardust carbon rush in this body may be temporary
But what if I told you you've existed since the dawn of eternity?
Would you feel like you could give up some of that tight-gripped uncertainty?
Realise the lessons, blessings, and signs from what didn't go "perfectly"?
We tend to get hung up on our heads
And take it all personally,
And in doing so forget our powers other-worldly

A little bitta insight keeps us mindful
Backwards down the line
My bright flame was quite low. Right now though my soul glows, so to wherever there is lifeflow, peace.

For this moment's first time
Let the connection begin again
Show your color's intention and let some self love sink in, take it to the brink of your existence - Switching perspectives via timetravel on synaptic memory highways positioned, to tune into an opportunity to listen.  You will always be in the right place, so long as you can learn to believe.  
At the depths of my own mortality I was reminded I can still smile and breathe
Once we clear the cloudiness
All is illuminated to see
The star's light's mighty bright tonight yet
Pollutants still roam free
Some might call that a travesty, duality, or something in between
I know of both light and dark
I feel former in the latter as we speak.  My heart strings our tied in writing spells called poetry.. Which has saved me inside times of need.
Add 1 more little release,
To help me better be
In this moment
I am able, I am grateful, and at ease

A little bitta insight keeps us mindful
Backwards down the line
My bright flame was quite low.
Right now though my soul glows, so to wherever there is lifeflow, peace.

Let's fly and rise higher than our skies.  Really try, for there is purpose where there's life.  Sure the body will but the memories won't die.  Communicate to a source of the design, keeping the prized wide-eyed alive
A toast of tea to everything, and I choose to sea life as divine.  Those seeking control will scratch and hold as you climb.  Stuck in an old mold as the unconscious mind's bind prevents the sight to ask why.  
They still have the the power to heal and make right.  Left with nothing but a reflection behind closed eyes.  One with experience keeping the beat of heart as a platform for the next line's rhyme.  I'm just a thought, brought to you by you, and this scene is just another peak on this ride knowing a drop will come soon.  There's been such a growing number of those I know told "RIP", but maybe they're the ones waking up from the dream.  Maybe the only change is how we perceive.  Our weather patterns can freeze or be a gentle warm breeze.  No matter the conditions we choose to live in, may we all rise in peace.

*A little bitta insight keeps us mindful
Backwards down the line
My bright flame was quite low.
Right now though my soul glows, so to wherever there is lifeflow, peace.
RyanMJenkins Dec 2016
I like to sometimes hide in the shadows to get away from the madness
Eye Keep it bright within my dark confines
Reducing my use for all this plastic
Tragic happenstance organized dances
Charades parade through town all funking day
Never risking change.  Maybe the day we die some will finally ask why, but imma do my part in seeking past my thresholds to tune into my subconscious and really give it a listen, cuz I can't rest with saying I tried.
The room breathes with me, a pillow-like comfortablility in my being.  Then everything fades into the loud quiet of the evening.  Stains were given a new chance at life, dancing on the surface, waiting to be uncovered.  Above body Being hovered, I watched it look down with the kind of warmth from a lover
It touched me so.  Streams of realities bleed before my face and my only concern is these thoughts don't last long enough to chase.  So I wait.  With my slumped over, patient grace.  The beauty of the taste washes over my shores.  Didn't even come to dinner and I was still blessed with a plate fully-adorned
I welcome the shakes, tingles, and sensations
I am creator and I send off thoughts like payment.  Placing with direct intent, something miraculous is about to happen and I don't even know of it yet.  Star fuel in our chests, happy for the last and next breath....but what about this one...
Golden.  It is fullness, it is whole.  It is a feeling so deep that all that can vibe with it is soul
Maybe try tapping into the body's rhythms, to calm the water enough to bring forth the wisdom.
Through my rollercoaster of ups and downs I've picked up pieces stood ground at the places of my landing.  I feel hollow, getting my owl song on before my flight of understanding

I think I am now who I once was

Once upon a time slumping over dreadful decline
Walking blurred lines with heart's arteries tongue-tied
Half mind human took chance on the divine

Tethered in time, to stay, awake

Currently Lucid with Lucy
Listening to a Remix reflecting the times spent with self touching something sacred
Earned every feather flapped but I can't say it was painless
Let every shooting star tear my armor apart
Let it guide me to weave beyond these holographic 3D parts
Throw my dart into infinity, who's to guess where it lands first?  Birds eyes see I've fallen into limitations without finding the right high perch

A new way to take me back,
To the years of tears still held in the mask
It's gonna collapse cuz these man made creations sabotage the freedom to truly be.  What is truly me..?
Good grief.
He caught the spacecase, ****** his own brain to marvel over the sediment the drain couldn't take

Rest in peace to old demons seeking to conquer me.  My illumination exposed the old bones and that we should love the pieces equally
Fragments of who we used to be in air we used to breathe.  Now resurface intertwined in this cosmic web of everything.

Losing traces of self on the shelves of my music library
Full of care acting carelessly,
But with awareness we can remember not to move even when signaled to
Let loose from the bioboots
Creating reality watching the paneling become unglued

I am now who I choose to be

All that's remembered from my dream this morning are shooting stars.   Now before you lay to the deep you can rest easy seeing that star trail's descent.  One more breath you will be where you're headed.  God bless the restless with chests of stress.  May we forgive, but never forget.  Let the symbols come, I am ready to secrete the yesterweek's dmt to see whether or not this is really a 8dream.  Envisioning healing.  Pain pulses keep my head reeling.  But to take something from this, I am aware, I am feeling.

Remember you are dreaming

*Wake up~
Nov 2016 · 310
Sideways 8
RyanMJenkins Nov 2016
8 years.  No collective cheers or beers shared.  Together enduring the same weather I can only wonder how we'd've faired.  I think we woulda been a strong team, the likes of which could not be compared.  All a fantasy, the reality is you're still a part of me.  Can't say I think about you constantly, but more in the last 8 than the previous 18.  One quick passing dream, imagining a table sitting you and me, first time seeing you in 23.  We so often speak rest in peace, but I hope you currently think less of what could be than me.  Sometiiiiiimes I think you are around.  Little things in my life that ring so profound.  But I wanna hear the sound of words to me through your essence.  I ask today for you to give me a sign of your presence.  Help me become aware of my lessons.  Still learning to ease myself when within there is tension.  I miss you and the relationship we almost had.  I send my love, rise in peace dad.

I still remember 8 years past.  Friends scooped me up in a parents SUV and we smoked hash in the back.  A silent memorial cuz words were hard to grasp.  But here I am still trying to improve not losing self, only the mask.  Thank you for keeping me on track. One day may we collaborate and spend time to love and laugh.  One love~
Oct 2016 · 476
RyanMJenkins Oct 2016
I get to look at self, through messages you conveyed
A higher meaning that resonates with each song played
So I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks
Before I walk the plank to take another dip in this think tank


When I was just a little me I noticed those around living unhappily.
It was something I knew I never wanted to be
But now I sit, blindsided by my misery
Drearily demeaning, cigarette breathing
Heating up the glass til it cracks
With no admittance, cuz that requires taking off the mask.
Haphazardly grappling, maybe it's better to be bashing the image
Livin with a grimace, wondering how long until this timeline is finished.
Dinner was delicious but I'm sick of eating the dead.
Makes you wonder how that haunted biology ***** with your head.
Quit my job, and now I rarely leave the house.  Quiet as a mouse until ego decides to come around.  No verbal notions but words bounce off my skull.  How did I decide to let my light get this dull?  The reservoir is full, but the pollutants keep it from being used.
Much like a body that's been abused and refuses to stand despite having the chance.
A delicate dance between what's real and what's not.  You behavior can directly grow or shrink blood clots.  Lost the plot in a Milwaukee pothole, only realized now I had forgotten.  Healthy seeds were dropped
But I stopped taking care of self and grew some tainted crops.  Just wanna talk to pops, and other like minds that will cry realizing their own props to the stage subconsciously set.  Blessed to have made it to this point, but on the opposite side of the coin we're closer to death.  Cousin of sleep cousin of sleep, haven't found any happiness even inside my dreams.  Inaudible screams, beam into my brain.  The house has been extra noisey lately that or I'm going insane.  I fear not.
Forward into the unknown
We'll find home even if we go it alone.
So long as you remember you're more than your bones.
"Do you feel better now?"
I don't know
Sep 2016 · 312
RyanMJenkins Sep 2016
..and then the sky went black.  Hordes run from the downpour thinkin' mother nature's on the attack.  She's got your back, time to fend for hers.  You can choose the claws or the tune of the cat purr~
RyanMJenkins Aug 2016
Symptoms from this mechanism grind time, low on drive
One wonders if the operator remembers how to feel alive
Dissect my mighty molecules or drop me from the sky
Ill be forced to attempt to reconnect otherwise have to learn how to fly

I almost want to cry
Feeling so alone with a trying mind
Wondering why my dad had to die
The lack of never having that almost breaks through my shell to the inside.
But Maybe I need to fall apart
Break the rib cage away to expose an already pained and vulnerable heart
There comes a time when we all must depart
Some shattered den with frayed wire ends beg to see a new start
Smile sank below the surface and slowly fades into the dark
Barely breathing treading water waiting for a shark.

Will these teeth be my friend or help me to meet a salty sea end? 
Now conjuring up questions like, If we indeed are eternal, what is there then to defend?
It's almost crushing knowing there is an inner guidance.
I want what I never had, signed up for life before reading the fine print.
Emotional glimpse, seeing your face behind my closed-eye timelessness.
I bare witness, but can anyone else see you beyond the physical finish?
I'm trying so hard to listen.  
Self-defeating prophecies take away all that has been given.
Cynical shoulder demon got me too scared to make decisions
Downwind tailspins find me coming after the fool in the mirror with a head on collision.  
I guess stress showed up to the test
I have to reassess my vision, and take pride in my mission.
It's my purpose to serve words to the unheard before we bleed with further division.
Just then a tear started to glisten, fishing incessantly for my soul.
A drop full of reflection makes me wanna lay on the floor and relinquish all control.  I tend not to let my emotions of what my ego perceives as weakness take hold.  But if it never rains how the funk will I ever grow?  This changing stranger had high vibes in the sunshine but now I feel so deeply low.  

Buried below the cold snow meat coat is a shine that's been trying to show.  
Will the world ever see it's light? 
Another beautiful, heartbreaking mystery, I speak to mirror man again stating simply, "who knows."
When just then in my head,
"It'll be alright."
Jun 2016 · 667
RyanMJenkins Jun 2016
Don't be scared, many thrive on your fear.  Rather than oppose their agenda they'd prefer you disappear.   Hard to reach a clear point when they keep us foggy with beer and glamorous dramatic sporting events to cheer.  Bloodlines are tied to America's smeared reflection.   Attention on major media is a forced perspective injection.  Ill intentions under false pretenses.  Double standards give minorities the maximum sentence, while the privileged sit smiling at the chance of repentance.   They'll work you for life to justify your existence.   Years fly by and the flame of soul gets diminished.  Simply questioning why is a revolutionary act, yet too many minds paper chasing in attempt to flaunt stacks.  It's the American dream, you have to be asleep to believe.  The kingmakers have never witnissed the conditions we've seen.  The financially burdened are flown overseas, dropping bombs on the innocent, hearing pained children scream.  War is the ultimate greed, a disastrous dance.  Still we stand in Afghanistan protecting poppy plants.  ****** epidemic is rising, friends of ours have died from trying.  The pills being pushed are multiplying and it's big pharma that has been supplying.   Another commercial,  overdose from overstimulation. Glued to electronics the TV America is nothing more than simulation.  High expectations with low wages drowning in debt, the idea of slavery has just taken a new concept.  We take orders from those that rationalize death.  School never taught you how to deal with your head.  Or that peace can be achieved with focus on breath.  Work harder, and maybe there's an increase in pay.  But I don't expect much from a nation built on the backs of slaves.  So I come to you now, with a heart full of faith.  I claim no religion but there's still time to be saved.  My purpose is to show you, your own beacon of light.  America was never great but together we can make it right.  Show sone love to your neighbors, beyond all borders.  You are a self-governing entity capable of declining orders.  So how you gonna exist, within fear or love?  I'll do my best exemplfying the latter so we can adopt a pattern of rising above.
Jun 2016 · 471
letter to Aes
RyanMJenkins Jun 2016
My partner and I had tickets to the show last night in Chicago.  After 7days in the hospital my girlfriend's 89 year old grandma was to come home with hospice care to follow.  Instead of a splendid concert experience I  knew I had to be there for her fam to ease the tough pill to swallow.  Grandma Monica shed the shell, saw it bagged up and hollow.  I was able to provide hugs and love, along with the opportunity to speak about the flow of energy.   I like to remind myself and others to speak to the "deceased" for in my own scope it's been therapeutic for me. Haven't been this heavy in a long time.  The rain and gray are beautiful,  relaxed in the lack of sunshine.  I've visualized our meeting many times, I look up to you being a fellow sayer of rhymes.  I appreciate the way you've spent your mind.  It wasn't until a couple days ago I realized one of the impossible inserts may have been signed.  Thank you for your shine, highlighting the design of divine. The life you've made manifest helps others feel breaths inside their chests.  Two legends yesterday were laid to rest, so now I look at myself and decide to clean my mess.
Gotta reconnect with my descendant sandwich before the organic ingredients are digested and appear to vanish.  To those I want to know, you are one of my favorite artists.   I laugh but could totally see some sort of apprentice partnership.  Doesn't look like I'll make it this tour...and one of my cats just puked, gonna go skip aesop rocks in my ripped up Lugz boots.
Much love,
Jun 2016 · 621
purging burdens
RyanMJenkins Jun 2016
Another day, another existential crisis
Stress releases cortisol which leaves the body lifeless
Working on my posture, getting twisted in fine print
Spending moments for money doesn't feed the idea of timeless
Baking in the sun, not having fun, I quit.
Not sure exactly when it was that my mind split
I refuse to die without expressing my gift
Or curse, to disperse words even when they hurt in bursts.  A surging splurge that can take away my energy.
Not sure if I'm my best friend or worst enemy
Coincidentally the mental fees are a mix between too heavy and really aint ****.
But it's been a long time since I believed in coincidence.  Time to change the skit - redirect focus from the cobweb tombs to flowers in full bloom.  I am one with the sun but currently resonate with the moon.  This distance is true, but I'll come back and love loudly again sometime soon.  Better make it now, why wear a head full of dread when a smile is more profound?  Better make it now.
May 2016 · 788
RyanMJenkins May 2016
New details have arisen, so much to process.
Right turn at Words, haven't been this lost yet
With anger comes regret, a downhill ***** tailspin
Feelings have changed, eyes have been opened.
Madre, I just want you to know your worth.  
Your kids cherish you, and we thank you for raising us since birth.  Let go of those that engulf you in hurt.  It's the worst at first, but the sun stays persistent.   You have a light inside you that I'll fight to not see diminshed.
You will rise to heights we've only seen in dreams.  I am there with a big hug the next time you close your eyes and breathe.
Despite being separated by a slew of states;
Our bond is beyond worldly,  depths reminding me to appreciate.
Pain is temporary, love is eternal
I'll be coming to Virginia through the next wormhole.  I'm still learning about taking risks and how to be, but just remember your smiling face is one I love to see.
Apr 2016 · 297
RyanMJenkins Apr 2016
Hey world, I think I'm losing my mind.  Ill thoughts take me for violent rides.  It's cool, I know it doesn't make sense.  Depressed?  I thought so, but I have known to be wrong.  Same song different chords.  Found out this morning mikey died a day after an intervention.  Pretty sure Bobby's funeral was a year ago.  I'm a mason jar, not sure what I'm holding.  Drop me on the floor.  At work trying to keep myself together, feel stupid for sharing.  Pressed d.
My words/poetry that typically seem oh so uplifting are for me for you, so I don't pretend to be some sort of guru - I'm so far from perfect it sometimes disgusts me.
God, I'm blessed to be so ******* ugly
Apr 2016 · 470
duraytion 5
RyanMJenkins Apr 2016
Low in the depths of tar-pit lungs
Teeter tottering on words stilll unsung
Dreading bother thinking I can't add up to the sum
Treading water with the head above to breathe by the beat of the drum
Reflecting all of life even when the thought of existence stung
Already rebirthed a few times at 25 years young
And I'm not done
I know it's just my heart by all the switching of the rhythms
Haven't yet lost sight of land, therefore I must keep swimming
Slipping through ripples of time, knowing we're only just beginning.
Blessed to have seen the sun set but now darkness reigns king.
Serve the mind for entrapment, where are you taking me?  No, wait hold up where are you taking me?
A cold cell mold confine hell-bent on destruction
As soul sits with patience until we're ready for instruction

Is this life a cavernous abyss, or buoyant brilliance stuffed with unfolding bliss?
Loosening our grips throwing caution to the wind
For at our rest date we can smile about all we actually did

Vining my way through a period of construction.
Acquisition with reduction
ThisCurrent position holds no grin
When ya gotta weak spine slumped so thin caught in the midst of a mental tailspin intertwining the connections as another whirlwind - lesson
Holes were punched in for memory's retention.
Acknowledging the unknown came with clairvoyant introspection
And conscious intention management
Be aware of body language and how you translate it
Moments sink like the rock that skipped over lake waves.  
Dare to act now and not be afraid
Be an aid to humanity and ultimately yourself for we are the space within everything once the oneness has been felt
The weather has helped.
...And so in it I delve
for ive already slipped through hell
and honestly im quite glad I fell
Flames fueled us enough to embrace our hold
While Rain soaks the soul for us to flower and grow
Rise up from below to experience the mighty breeze blow
Your trials through the dirt allow the light to show

Apollo wants to see your glow
Let go and tap into the flow, present tense beauty forward into the unknown

But if you don't break out of your shell how are you to ever know?

Is this life a cavernous abyss, or buoyant brilliance stuffed with unfolding bliss?
Loosening our grips throwing caution to the wind
For at our rest date we can smile about all we actually did

(€€Fool you will never be good enough,
Should have stayed in school
Remain obedient to your masters
Your ocean is really a pool
Your attempts to peer past the hollowgram Have been deemed uncool
Get back in line and enjoy life as a tool€€

Sir you got me a all wrong,
Let'***** the brakes for a second
Pull off onto the shoulder for a moment to be reflective.
Your energy is scattered, the gears are wearing thin.  When's the last time you sat alone and sought answers from within?
No matter, there is time now to begin.
Conscious living is by no means an accident
I appreciate the time you've already spent
But I must ask
What is the tale of your means to an end?
The answer is rhetorical, but I am here for you as a friend.
Mar 2016 · 665
RyanMJenkins Mar 2016
Life is school, this is silly.  
I was always excited for recess,
Born to be Wild like homeboy Free *****
Dustin checked in to eventually check out.
He knew there was so much more that our existence was about.
Went into the wild under the guidance of Rafiki

Nemo found himself at Free Thought Academy

Lion King was seen  weeping only tears of joy
At first roar of his cub, darling baby boy
He knew to nourish this being's mind, body, and soul.  So he gained deep wisdom in the art of breath control.  After this recognition, he taught his practice for free.  Nowadays everything is fluid and the kingdom thrives with ease.
Mar 2016 · 361
Heart gardens
RyanMJenkins Mar 2016
The bumble went numb
To the jumbled rumble of the drum
Soaked in *** with no soul in the strum
Planet turned to crumbs among the willfully dumb,
Who believed that transcending plateaus of  followers ******* the rule of thumb

The humble *** was labeled ****.
Yet he knew inside his heart was home, which is something we could learn from.
Embracing his gentle internal hum
Fear was something to which he would not succumb

Ultimately he shifted energies of countless who never knew his name
Here he is still smiling beyond the grave, wishing well to all, on every unfolding plane.
Conditioned Systems train to judge what's sane,
But he was aware that heart resonates higher than the brain.
Glass with no stain saintly praises humanity
& Through this kindness we've changed,
Blessed is thee who believes in this lucid dream
Forever writing down lifetimes on a page.
Stay gracious and I promise love will remain
Now may the garden of your heart feel the sun and the rain

*Thank you~
RyanMJenkins Feb 2016
You don't need crutches when you have wings

I do believe people are always changing, for better or worse - ever fascinating.  I'm no saint, and I strive only to be, the me better than the individual I used to see.  Our fractals react to every train of thought on the track.  Once we live with intent our cells fully-optimized will reflect.  Beyond our body, we are being.  We are the space between our sub-atomic particles resonating. Now how do you want your vibe to sound?  We transcend to new peaks when we allow our feet to leave the ground.
Let's choose to grow beyond the person we were yesterday, or even 3 hours ago,
                           *1 second

Eyes closed, purge the mold, develop sensations and unravel the soul~

Talk to those without something physical to hold.. if you don't already.  Send out intent with the individual in your mind's gaze, and don't wait until you're ready.  The action has been healing for me, and in a way, helps me see our timelessness.  Years have passed since yesterday, but the presence within is here to stay.  May seem cliche but I am who I am because of the love at play.  
                     Thank you
 Forever blessed, moving forward with my eyes closed.  Walls fall, allowing my light inside to be exposed.  When was the last time I granted myself permission to be vulnerable?  This life is a limited-time offer and our body is returnable.  
Eventual satisfaction guarantee, for every star explodes, only to create galaxies.  Look to the sky tonight to feel grounded.  When you feel the effortless love, you are always surrounded.  Waves talk, but the depths listen.  I honor you, fellow cosmonaut, and appreciate your mission
Feb 2016 · 577
Rabbit Whole
RyanMJenkins Feb 2016
How can one understand the philosophy of these systemic chronological oddities?
Possibly my position on the path postures me to reach beyond the math to fall asleep.
The division just doesn't add up to me with the black hole of immeasurable probabilities
And so I must subtract laps on this lapse, and get back on track.  We all have the facts but haven't yet seen beyond the grasp of the mask.
Skip across the subject and skim inside the water.  Let go of the words that float, for clenched fists prove to be a bother.  
Ripples in the being speak to the entity of new ways to branch out the offer
All along the watchtower you've been waiting for yourself at the harbour.
Happy to see you decided to stretch the frequencies farther, genuinely smiling at the horizon.
Sometimes I think about my father, in my mind I then hear "Hi son"
This is currently Ryan, the thunder and the lightning
I am Lion delighted for the opportunity to be enlightening.  
This is me, when I exist beyond the body.  I was once stuck in front of the mirror while my soul waited in the lobby.
Wasting time gauging myself by opinions and consuming jobbies.
Now I freestyle life, and it's blossomed into my full-time hobby.

Image insecurities replace beauty with impurity
Open your lungs fully, then graciously exhale with me.
Address yourself with light and do so gently
Express what you feel inside even if it's just venting.

Refreshed, we sort this mess with inventive intention.  Perplexed, reading between the ledger lines of divine intervention.
Imagining that we indeed are the water we drink and the air we breathe..  Makes me want to Use the given limbs to stand mighty like the tree, yet, still sway softly with the breeze.  I've finally realized all of life comes to me with ease.
Inevitably enveloping are the vibrations of everything.  The magnetic field you posses, poses pictures of your surroundings.  Be sure to nurture seedlings to see the dawn of a new spring.  Positive affirmations promote productivity. So let's really mean what we speak - as this becomes reality.  Pay attention to thoughts and dreams, because there we spend our energy. 

Equipped with a beat in my chest, eye wear wings of patience as this existence rapidly manifests.
Let's rock the fashion of passion on the sleeve, infinitely blessed.

*Serendipiditous stardust woven with a love that can make a galaxy combust, you will make it.  I honor you and hope that you place faith in your trust.  Aware, you're now Lucid in this life, it is you - create it~
Jan 2016 · 655
Eye think therefore I am
RyanMJenkins Jan 2016
It's time to finally start implementing the secret, and I'm gonna share with you a few known pieces;
We are one, connected with limitless potential and passion.  Visualize abundance through the Law of Attraction.
Carl Jung once said, "What you resist, persists."
Once the focus shifts, we realize this:
Life is fun, and filled with bliss.
It's no hocus pocus but it is magic.  
"Your wish is my command" said the Genie to Aladdin.  
Good feelings attract the same and you wear it as your fashion.  
The universe answers, and through you it exists.
Low vibrational states create 'mistakes' and remind you of all that you miss.
The space between our atoms are filled with intention.
Everything you see, is indeed your reflection.
The attitude of gratitude brings you more reason to feel blessed.  Envision what you want and believe it with that pumping ***** in your chest.  
Thoughts are energy and shape our physical world.
Create the script and watch your prosperous path unfurl
Watch 'The Secret' and research yourself to start living the life you've only ever imagined
RyanMJenkins Jan 2016
Sometimes I wonder if we are really all listening
Or just too distracted with the African diamonds glistening
Sold to you by Zales, yet every kiss begins with Kay.  
Fat and lazy fast food crazy
Chasing highs blinded thinking they really have it their way

The devices in our possession finally allow us to progress as one people.  We can connect with others oceans away and together rid the world of evil.  The destructive misuse of power is felt when we see the segregation.  Responsibility has been shed for more tax cuts, when some live unsure they will make it.  Fabricated stories facilitate war - on drugs, ideas, and our collective growth.  
So I must ask
When these tragedies happen, who actually benefits the most?  Making sure to add "terrorist acts" under a potential insurance claim just days before buildings imploded to dust rather than be eaten by flames, or severed with a plane.  The man who did this was named Larry Silverstein.  Interviews after he seemed cold, devoid of soul, and mean.  Arms dealers, oil companies, and bank executives, carry out these plots that are now repetitive.  Play with the heartstrings of one's own people, that think they can veil everything but I know we're not feeble, and in all these other places we're beginning to feel.
Cheney's Halliburton rebuilds nations after war decimates the ground.  Yes, let's let our pockets pay any amount, grind ourselves 45 hours a week so with our taxes they can play around.  Still staying stiff in the position promising your wishes will come true.  But again the scapegoat ***** your hope of political action bringing something new.  
While blowing ourselves away the frame becomes unglued.  This cancer is man made and he wants to redesign you. Analyzes with the force of a brute. Built tall walls with his flaws that only allows the seven deadly sins in.  Will he in his mind ever decide to see the sun again?  Can he really say that to himself he is a friend?  Meanwhile a governor of Flint, Michigan is okaying lead be let in to the water system, 9,000 now are poisoned.  We're talking families complete with children.  Speaking on topics like this, I do not have fun.  But the divine needs to shine wherever necessary.  If we don't speak now we could head into a reality that's only more scary.  No more families buried until they carry out their long lives.  I will honor Mother Nature and the life she provides.  As the Amazon depletes, the air needs more trees.  Less chemicals drifting into our systems as we eat and breathe.  Fearlessly pure we become free.  With eyes on the skies we leave our feet, articulated honest advancement.  Through conscious choice and proper management.  
No one owns you or where the lands currently sit, but you'll probably hear different from the government.  

We are all one, and life will go on.
Sun shines on our land every day at dawn
Balances created keep our hearts in motion
Close your eyes and see the focal point of your devotion.  Music gave me a way to see inside there lies the potion - to take my emotion and share the reflections to other oceans
Jan 2016 · 428
Through the windowpain
RyanMJenkins Jan 2016
Refreshed, I exist in this mindstate
With a new zest for a blank page
After walking out of hell's gate -
Never looking back
The vision that was fading to black
Quickly became engulfed by flames
Realizing my disposition to get on track
The angels whispered to me through music,
Again putting meaning behind the name.
Kept my fire indoors strumming guitar chords knowing someday soon it will rain.
The darkness and breaking through the shell is any plant's only chance of gain
Sifting through dirt and various sediment let's the entity rise up above the pain.
Seeing the light for the first time still vibrating with a single thought that only growth and connection is ingrained.

What borders your windowpanes were once trees
Releasing oxygen for us to breathe
They ask only for carbon dioxide when we exhale to feed
So enrich your red blood cells and release the chemical compound we don't even need

There is balance, within give and take
Work and break, earth and quake
Low pressure and high stakes
The cloudy skies and the shifty snakes
Accelerated pace and a soft pressure on the breaks
For we are all being guided.
With the wind We are reminded,
To see fullness and not let ourselves be mindless
The space within our atoms tells me we are timeless
Free from the measurements that could adequately define this.

You will find bliss
The flame is only your passion
I see dry leaves blowing down the street and I call it fall fashion
Mirrors inside every being around me
Taught me to see that only within was I clashin'

Now is the time to take this mental paint and create something everlasting
RyanMJenkins Dec 2015
It is the birth day de mi padre,
I lay, grateful for the conversations before we had to part ways.
Inside of myself I see your face,
Calm, still, and happy fills my summer headspace
The void used to be a bruise to me, and I bumped it all the time.  Subconsciously moreso, but it brought me to my rhymes.  Thanks for helping me realize all will be alright.  It's now 111, I'm seeing special signs.  The beginning only begins once you let it in your mind.  One can never be defined, but my bias helps allow me to see the depth in your eyes.  Eternally a part of the design, reminding spines that they're intricate & divine.  Thank you for your choices, and the genesis it bred.  Thank you for the time, and the warm thoughts to blanket my head.  In the end, it came down to what was said.  I can rest in bed smiling because the timing was perfect, for had you waited to say anything then it would have never been worded.  There stands Mars, staring at the stars.  Inebriated and contemplating just how far you really are.  Imagination fills the dark, in my pocket there's a spark, and when ya wanna speak it will go straight into my heart.
I long left the cage made of rage when I decided to turn the page in order to set the stage.  Unfortunately sometimes it takes a tragedy for us to come of age.  Blessed in the ways we can seize the current day.  Jump in, the water's great, and here comes another wave,~  Underneath the splash crashes I heard my name, it was you, telling me everything is okay - and to float back up and become a mirror for those already saved.  I miss you, and wish you could stay.  I remain a child longing, with a mystery to taste.  So here eye am, unafraid, and destined to forever play among the blades of grass.  Appreciate what was, but know there is no home within the past.  Release the anxious worry over how long on this earth we're going to last.  Over-exerted circuits in the brain retire too fast - which doesn't allow the proper growth to know patience.  Ascension is not always painless.  I once was a patient desperately waiting to be seen.  dabbling around chemistry with a head full of steam.  Then I let go and a black hole swallowed those walls whole, along with the notion that we had no control.  Now I row, straight into my dream with intention.  Hoping to see you there for some sort of healthy lesson.  Apologies to my surroundings for the jumbled mess of stresses.  Embracing it all and cutting away the self to delve with introspection.  Abundantly grateful to exist, and find solace in these confessions.

I love you, Happy birthday Dad, rest easy
12/12/70 - 11/16/08
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