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Mar 2016
The bumble went numb
To the jumbled rumble of the drum
Soaked in *** with no soul in the strum
Planet turned to crumbs among the willfully dumb,
Who believed that transcending plateaus ofΒ Β followers ******* the rule of thumb

The humble *** was labeled ****.
Yet he knew inside his heart was home, which is something we could learn from.
Embracing his gentle internal hum
Fear was something to which he would not succumb

Ultimately he shifted energies of countless who never knew his name
Here he is still smiling beyond the grave, wishing well to all, on every unfolding plane.
Conditioned Systems train to judge what's sane,
But he was aware that heart resonates higher than the brain.
Glass with no stain saintly praises humanity
& Through this kindness we've changed,
Blessed is thee who believes in this lucid dream
Forever writing down lifetimes on a page.
Stay gracious and I promise love will remain
Now may the garden of your heart feel the sun and the rain

*Thank you~
Written by
RyanMJenkins  29/M/MKE,WI
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