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RyanMJenkins Jan 5
Please remain present on the set til we abandon ship
spellbound, all characters were within the phantom's grip
the situation flipped - once eye decided on rewriting the script
For the stories of our lives will exist beyond all crypts
And ill be ****** if I dont have a hand in writing it
From sickness to bliss, and other magical shifts
Eye look back with bewilderment -
this life is the wildest gift
RyanMJenkins Aug 2021
Poetry to me is both the tree and the seed.
Weight gets taken off my chest and helps me to breathe
Allowing unhealed wounds to get the stitches they need
In dark times the pen connects fueling the necessary release.
I get to write out the vision of my dreams
And speak my peace confidently,
Because poetry saved me

I've been able to address and let go of what pains me, thankfully.
These words strewn together form a much bigger painting. 
I know it reaches beyond me so potentially someone else could read and also find life worth saving.
Cyclically, once again we will all fall like a leaf from a tree.  
Ever-important, you are an integral part of life, a whisper in the wind floating on in the breeze.
Plant those seeds and Watch the growth of Being.
Remember You are profound, deep, and
beautiful - like poetry
RyanMJenkins Aug 2021
This is me now, coming forth from the clouds.  Recharging in silence, fully-powered I follow sounds.  Taking on a new form - had to once I outgrew the space allowed.  I've truly bloomed since my heart was locked in the dark and hostile underground.
Hades once hated me but never tried to vanquish me.  He tried to force nightmares on his subjects that I would replace with sweet dreams.  His ears would steam from not understanding.  I found the key, and my heart was released. I broke free and floated away with Persephone, happily.  Be wary of intentions behind the pomegranate seeds.  Listen to your heart, that beat lead me to where I needed to be.  True story.
Happy Eleven11
RyanMJenkins Jul 2021
The Pyramids of Giza are aligning with Orion
Oh, Ryan, you need to work on your discipline and timing.
Meditate while the Lion's Gate Portal blows open
Elevate cuz no mere mortal is immune to the potion
Create great change as the spiritual sun is rising
More than a name, this is Sirius, reminding us to stay shining
- And Break chains that have kept us in our own confinements
It aint too late, we are divine beyond our environments
Energy exchange, now we reclaim how our power's spent
RyanMJenkins Dec 2020
Caught between euphoria and anxiety -
With eyes to see, and dismiss as they please..

So let's release these fragmented pieces of stress and live peace
3rd eye bliss exists sitting next to the trees
Lids at rest yet breathing in the scenes
The best quest next is BEing  in your dreams
Lucidity opens the chest to address and heal what you've seen,
While presence presents blessings changing the shape of how you perceive
It all comes to fruition based on the landscape you believe in.
You dont have to take it from me,
But I'm hear and not leaving
Will still explore catacombs til that angel phone call's ringin.
RyanMJenkins Nov 2020
November 16 tends to be heavy for me, but I say, not this one.  I didn't really get any quality sleep but I will make the day fun.  Start a new job i was offered 2 weeks ago, after being interviewed hungover on my day of birth.  My only gift to you was consent for cremation being the sun ☀ that was born first.  The new moon last night lifted any remaining curse, and gave power to future spells.  1 2 1 2 you already know the groove being Sagittarius born on 12/12.  Twelve is also the number of years today you have been out of your shell.  Yet I know you've been there for me spiritually when I've slipped and fell. Been twelve years since you left this material plane, but I know you know, eye spoke to you the other day.

I love you.  Thank you for allowing me opportunity to live again. 💜
RyanMJenkins Jul 2020
My highs and lows are both deep expressions of soul.  
A veces luna, a veces sol.  
Mind treads the tight rope while corazon strings gold.  
Conozco a Dioses y  Diablos.
With these breaths I am blessed to even own this vessel.
Pero antes de irme, le soplaré a este mundo un beso. 💋💘
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