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L Blythe Mar 2019
............I remember the sound of your voice.
    Your breath on my cheek both warm and chilled as you whispered
              "Just one more............"
                      I shiver.
This was for all the girls out there who have felt helpless
Scarlet Rose Jun 2018
Your eyes stay dry
But I can feel tears
Kept inside your soul
Hiding behind your brown eyes

Come lay your head
Against my chest
Feel the pumping
Of the heart that beats for you

Let me hold you
Wrapped in my arms
Until the sadness
Is set free from your spirit

Let tears fall steadily
Heavy and scorching
Until your soul is calm
And you find your home in my arms
No gust of hurricane or thunder clap
Can frighten me like just your single tear.
At once you cry and pain falls in my lap,
Afraid myself I can’t comfort your fear.

I have so many words but none will do.
Each tear you cry causes two of my own.
I would give everything I have to you,
Afraid you’d still feel in my arms, alone.

Of all the things in life I’m mindful of,
Each moment I’m alive I want to try
Reminding you you’ll always have my love,
So that you never ever have to cry.

If I fail and today brings you sorrow,
I’ll stay close to dry your tears tomorrow.
rosecoloredpoet May 2018
Inside you there's a soul
So beautiful yet so torn
Baby let me love away the pain
Being with you is the only thing that's keeping me sane
We'll get through all of this together
You should know that I'm here for you whenever
Because you're my priority
Let's grant eachother serenity
Pastell dichter Nov 2017
For the broken
For the lost
For the confused

I’m here

For those who need a hand to hold
For those curled up in a ball on the floor
For the scared

I’m here

I will hold your hand
I will help you up
I will stand up for you

I’m here
I’m here for anyone who needs help
sweet mercy Aug 2017
stayin' with you
Tho it's tough,
Tho it's rough,
In times you feel like youre not enough,
I am here.

but if you will put down
A wall in between
I'll give it you
Through liberty,
And your serenity,
I am here.

That's not for eternity?
Is it?
Stayin' even if this is lame
Even if nothing's gonna be the same,
I am here.
RyanMJenkins Feb 2016
You don't need crutches when you have wings

I do believe people are always changing, for better or worse - ever fascinating.  I'm no saint, and I strive only to be, the me better than the individual I used to see.  Our fractals react to every train of thought on the track.  Once we live with intent our cells fully-optimized will reflect.  Beyond our body, we are being.  We are the space between our sub-atomic particles resonating. Now how do you want your vibe to sound?  We transcend to new peaks when we allow our feet to leave the ground.
Let's choose to grow beyond the person we were yesterday, or even 3 hours ago,
                           *1 second

Eyes closed, purge the mold, develop sensations and unravel the soul~

Talk to those without something physical to hold.. if you don't already.  Send out intent with the individual in your mind's gaze, and don't wait until you're ready.  The action has been healing for me, and in a way, helps me see our timelessness.  Years have passed since yesterday, but the presence within is here to stay.  May seem cliche but I am who I am because of the love at play.  
                     Thank you
 Forever blessed, moving forward with my eyes closed.  Walls fall, allowing my light inside to be exposed.  When was the last time I granted myself permission to be vulnerable?  This life is a limited-time offer and our body is returnable.  
Eventual satisfaction guarantee, for every star explodes, only to create galaxies.  Look to the sky tonight to feel grounded.  When you feel the effortless love, you are always surrounded.  Waves talk, but the depths listen.  I honor you, fellow cosmonaut, and appreciate your mission
Pastell dichter Dec 2015
What can you say?
When you love someone
Who hurts themselves

            I'm here for you.

                I love you.

                    It will be okay.
i love you sweetheart
Anna Fox Oct 2015
I'm by your side through fire and flame
There's nothing I hate more than seeing you in pain
There's no way I'll leave you
Not in a million years
I'll be with you through all the tears
You can talk to me whenever youre sad
Whenever you're happy
Whenever you're mad
I'm by your side.
My bestfriend just stole my laptop and typed this out to make me feel better and I think it is amazing and it makes me so happy.

— The End —